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  1. well i finished my run w/ the following: unbound blade+ spd rally res+ aether brazen atk/spd windsweep joint drive atk not the c skill i would have preferred. NCD did show up but i opted for windsweep because of a certain very popular colorless beast unit running around lately.....i also didnt see a better special, assist, or a-skill show up. honestly a little depressing. i think it at least gives me a different option to her default build
  2. good point, i just never thought about building her before or how to use her, but pm1 also suggested DC, Time's Pulse, & ninja katana. I do have DC fodder, but not spurn or time;s pulse. i picked brazen atk/spd because honestly nothing better has shown up so far.
  3. ah. well, i already missed out on time's pulse, and spurn and DC have not shown up, or ninja katana. are specific levels where those are more likely to appear or is the rng the same everywhere?
  4. Waiting for the weekend for my arena run, but honestly can't think of a good counter for fedelgard. I don't have armor smashing units, I suppose i could level up Brave eliwood? I'm really hoping Claude and Lilina can carry me through this.
  5. So Hall of Forms, I have this Mareeta build up so far: Unbound Blade+ Blue Flame Brazen Atk/Spd 4 Special Spiral Joint Drive Atk Suggestions for anything else? I have plenty of Torches to burn, and multiple forma souls. Also, potentially, Saias builds? I have this so far: Wargod's Tome Close Defense (ward?) Null C-Disrupt I have focused mostly in Mareeta and honestly have had only vague ideas as to what to pick, I have two copies and her base kit is already really good. I don't know if Spurn would be a better pick over Special Spiral or even her native Close Call, for example, or what a good C skill would be, Time's Pulse did show up once and I thought of going for a special spammer build but unfortunately it conflicted with Brazen Atk/Spd showing up at the same time, and I just couldn't pass that one up (and Kestral Stance wasn't that inspiring of an A-Skill anyways).
  6. Well count me on the F!edelgard hate camp. I hit two of them on my arena run for last week. None of them had merges, or i can't remember it, but the first team was fairly ugly, with a +10 L!Chrom, +10 Ashnard, and +7 L!Dimitri. I lost half my team on both times i faced her, having to sacrifice units to chip her down. My L!Lilina unfortunately barely damages her; at least she was able to one-shot the L!Chrom, surprisingly enough. My other units are usually Marianne, Lachesis, and L!Claude, but I swapped out Claude for my own F!edelgard exactly because I expected to see her on opposing teams and hoped to slow and chip her enough for Lilina to finish her. Not looking forward to the inevetiable double, triple, or perhaps even four-of edelgard teams, so i just plan on picking the easy matches and aim to stay at least on rank 18.
  7. how do flowers work? Like, is it better to add a few at a time, or is the quantity required for each increment the same all the time? In other words, is there any method to save/do this cheaper? Also, is there a more efficient method to get flowers, or just play every mode and try to get everything?
  8. Some times there are those units who you are just not meant to have. Last year, i think i probably spent over 160 orbs on Bridal Micaiah, and she never showed up. This year, i had 65 orbs on hand, went all in, and still got nothing. The wolf lady did show up, she was my alternate target, but still. I've made my peace with this unit, time to just move on.
  9. they're horrible tbh, but of course its where they put their most enticing units a lot of the times. I mean i did want a Say'ri so i'm not too bothered by her and Roy as I said i'm happy with, but 200 orbs just drains you, i reached 4.75% rate before Shanna showed up. Not kidding I think i saw like dozens of Soleil show up too, I'm sick of looking at her sprite, which is already one of the worst to begin with. Who are you aiming for? And my luck today was actually really good; went back to the Fallen banner. I still wanted Momo, hopefully two because i'm interested on Menace for another of my units, and from a 3% rate I pulled both copies I wanted in 5 circles! It's like the universe is trying to balance itself or something. I did shoot 15 orbs at Catria to see if my luck would hold but nope, but still great overall. From here only Bride Ninian is something I want and Summer is generally my least favorite seasonals, so i can save for CYL5 on August. That's the plan.......
  10. had some of the worst luck i ever had on the bridal banner. 200 orbs for 1 5* focus, Shanna. I love the art and she's the one I wanted, but it's just too much. Got pity broken by Shannan and Say'ri, both of which i don't know what to think. I'm sure Say'ri is probably not bad, at least she's got close call, but Shannan is dated i'm sure. Also got a Lucina and my first Brave Roy as 4* specials, actually pretty happy with Roy since I didn't get him on CYL rerun banner we had last month. Well at least my Shanna is +Spd, which is really nice since her special looks at that.
  11. So i decided to be that guy. I added all one of my F!Edelgard copies to my arena defense team, as my lead unit no less. I wish good luck to all facing my lvl 1 monster. Any one else using her on your defense team, arena or AR? in arena you only get feathers for anything you ever win, so does any one ever try to actually put together a strong team for this mode?
  12. Trying not to spend orbs, but i do want Mo-Mo so i decided to try one summoning circle on the fallen banner: two green orbs: great, great; all I need is one! first orb: Anette -- that's NOT the 5 star i want! 2nd orb: generic 4* figures. I mean i didn't have Anatte so that's good, but reality is i probably won't ever use here. well.
  13. gamepress already did an april's fools article about this with a FEH x Genshin Impact crossover, actually pretty entertaining: https://gamepress.gg/feheroes/collabs-in-heroes but personally, i wouldn't like crossovers in FEH. yeah i'm surprised too that this has not happened yet given it's Japanese and pretty much all Japanese games i find on my phone seem to love doing anime crossovers (One-punch man, Goblin Slayer, RE: Zero, Overlord appear to be the most popular), but I guess that must be NIntendo's policy to not mix their properties with outside ones. I'm pretty sure if something does happen it will first be with other NIntendo titles, Pokemon or may be Zelda. But again, i'm not a fan of the idea. If anything, I personally want to see first what exactly they plan to do with the book 5 designs. Reginn showing up on a mech armor is already breaking their world flavor pretty hard, how far will they take it? Will future resplendent units show up piloting this mech armors? What about guns? Reginn actually fires missiles from her suit. Will they out right introduce robots, perhaps showing up as ancient golems constructed by some other ancient race that inhabited Reginn's homeland (i don't know what the name of this country their fighting now is, or how to spell it) in a distant past? The ancient Askr already had air ships. This would pretty much go end up more Final Fantasy than FE, but if you did go that route, then no other game series would really seem out place, like Trails, Y's, or FF itself. In the end it seems IS is just going to play dumb and ignore these details, but that's one giant elephant in the room flavor-wise imo. If we did see crossovers, i wouldn't mind seeing Octopath Traveler or Odin Sphere.
  14. Made my run on the Remix banner. Wanted F!Byleth for Ruptured Sky, so i pretty much sniped red about half way in. Luck hates me, and gave me 2 Ryomas one after the other before i managed to pull my one and only copy of Byleth for the banner. I ended up picking up a Robin on my second circle and sparked Gunthra. Not the worst run.
  15. MInd telling me where I can find this brave colorless dagger? I mean if it's generic, if you're talking Lynja then yeah, not what i have been wishing for unfortunately. May be one day.. what I really wish to see is IS giving older units guaranteed follow-ups of some sort. The power creep has really left them far behind, and their refines don't help much either at times, I was really disappointed when Quan's refine came out, Eldigan's and Deirdre's refines are also pretty lacking, just to name a few. I wish they would put in more effort like they did when they did M!Morgan's or Micaiah's, for example. Is there any point in inheriting Duel skills? I have seen people use B Duel Infantry for example in units like Ninian and Brave Lucina.Outside of using those units for arena, i would think using something like Fury would be better if you're looking to raise their stats, if you don't care to run a more focused skill like Solos or L&D. Does any one ever use these for AR? What would you say is the best 2-turn cooldown Special for offensive use? I generally use Moonbow on my units because i feel it is more effective than Glimmer, but I just realized Ruptured Sky is also a generic Special with a 2-turn cd. Also do you think it is more efficient to run a 2 CD special for more frequent activation over something more specific to a unit like Bonfire or Iceberg?
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