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  1. Well i actually like the designs of most of the halloween banner units, especially Rhea, and I'm trying to save orbs so i only went for the free summons off the new heroes banner. Here's how that went: Halloween banner: got Rhea in 30 something orbs, pretty amazing luck! New Heroes banner: spent all 5 free summons, got Ascended Fjorn in my very last free ticket lol. This is some incredible luck ngl, but now i fear next time i do try to summon seriously it may not go so well.
  2. is pawns of locki worth investing into? sure, i know it is, but right now my score is zero and i doubt i can get to 40000 points for the 1 orb it awards. does the score carry over to the next mode or are they independent runs each time? the games are too long and it seems a worse grind than even tempest trials are.
  3. I wasn't planning on pulling on anything, but Deirdre's revival banner dropped today and i just couldn't ignore it. with about 143 orbs i thought it was fine to see if i go down to a 100. and so: 2 Deirdre 1 Annette I keep dreaming i can one day +10 her, but i'll have to wait until she shows up again in some form of seasonal alt since revival banners are about once a year. for now, i'm only focused on her legendary.
  4. in a vacuum, her art is actually pretty imo. the problem is her original art fits her better i think, embla is just such a mute, silent design with really nothing going for it. I really think this could have turned out better with a different nation/realm's design, perhaps Nifl. Also, this has to be the most disinterested response from people towards a resplendent that i have ever seen. it feels like you can probably count her fans in one hand, and still have fingers to spare.
  5. This makes a bit curious. Forums are kind of ancient things now, did you think to join a discord group or reddit instead? not saying this place is a bad choice, it's just nowadays i feel like forums don't really register in people's minds anymore. and welcome, i hope you enjoy your time here and we get the chance to chat about the games some time.
  6. if you're a Tellius fan, you're in good company here. The most popular series in franchise i think, no? Either that or Three House, because recency bias. but congrats on making the your membership official now, hope you enjoy your stay here.
  7. so i find that B!Micaiah refine pretty underwhelming. The stat gains are always welcome as is the follow-up effect, but that just doesn't impress. I guess it's the very minimum to be expected given how her regular alt has it too, but it feels like her regular alt is actually stronger for some reason. Alm i'm ok with, but disappointed with no changes to his A personal. funny enough i feel like may be infantry units are due for some canto already. and Camilla fans will have some fun i guess, pretty interesting refine on her. looking at new Julia, I do sometimes wonder what IS thinks about whenever they do seasonals
  8. went back to break my pity on the Scions banner. At 4.25%, the roll of misfortune threw out an Azelle. wish it could have at least being some one useful, idk, V!Palla or B!Alm, or a F!Julia to at least stay on theme. I think about the most impressive thing about this guy is his duel skill, so may be i can make use of that in some way.
  9. ~123 orbs going into the Descendants banner, pulling for Julia only because, hey, your favorites are your favorites and that's just life. well, life is trash some times. 1x Laegjarn 1x Laevatain 1x kid Tiki. 4x Orbs left. i don't care what anyone says, i will never believe that it is easier to pull 3 special 4*s at 2.x% instead of a single 5* at 4% pity, even if it happened to me. i should know better than to pull on seasonals by now, just miserable.
  10. Alright, so new Julia. This banner didn't treat her kindly by giving her just some throw away generic tome like so many generic seasonal weapons tend to be, so what would you guys recommend replacing her tome with? I know that about the best thing you can get from the generic pool is a Blade tome, but may be you guys know of something else i don't. tbh, i don't even know if i'll pull her with my small amount of orbs, but i'm being positive right here. It can happen.
  11. oh god Julia looks absolutely awesome i can't wait to dump all my orbs for her why you do this to me now IS i'm not ready at all what's wrong with you you're supposed to go with three houses or awakening or some other super popular series not with the one with the most characters i like WHY also, THE HARMONIZED DUO IS ALL GUYS. GUYS!!! this is the biggest shock i have ever gotten from this game ngl
  12. had 75 ~ 77 orbs on hand on my free account. i was saving, but decided to just roll on and try my luck on the legendary banner. pulled Thrasir (-spd) on about 40 orbs, then Micaiah showed up about 14 orbs later! with only 14 orbs left, i just put them all in to see if a morgan or lilina would show up, but nothing else. But this was a success regardless, Micaiah's stats are terrible (+hp/-atk) but i'll use fruit on her some day in the far future. I still can't believe i won the 1/3 rate, really some luck; the game does have that some times.
  13. Oh, are you a fan too? great taste man, great taste, it's a great show (the movie is sooo good). and yeah i definitely feel like she won this CYL. I mean we all already knew GK was going to be the most busted/strongest/unique, and i think he scores in most of those points including fantastic art that gives me strong granblue fantasy vibes, but Marianne, i mean, she did not actually get a preferred skill did she? just the special, but it will definitely need some experimenting. Oh and i finally realized something that i felt was off about her art - the special combat piece. The coloring/shading is so harsh it just doesn't go with what i have seen previously of her (summer hilda/normal marianne), like really harsh. Otherwise i don't feel her art is bad like so many are saying every where i look, i actually think is fine or good, but now i may have preferred the art be done by the artist who did her normal alt at least. If anything though, that leaves the possibility a future time-skip version may be given to a different artist. Anyways, Eirika fan club, i hope you're taking new members, because you just got one.
  14. Those two should have been sent to the special 4* pool, like seriously; pulling them is just painful. At least mamori is one i like, and gatrie like you say seems to have useful fodder, though atm i wish i had another far save candidate rather than near save (i have pirate surtr and b!ector for that). Also, free pulled a Lavatein out of somewhere in the more recent banners. That's my first copy of her, but she's obviously very dated now, shame.
  15. man, the powercreep is hard on this one it feels like. I was really hoping this batch would be unique, and well i think they managed that, except for Marth being a sword again. I do like his design, and in the right set up he'll probably do pretty well but he is the unit i'm least excited about. Eirika -- god, she looks so lovely! that ponytail is really cute; to quote a certain some one from one my favorite anime "that ponytail you had whenever looked so good it was criminal" . In a sense she's just female Ephraim since they're sharing a design, but i do think she owns it and i'm happy with that. I'll love to +10 this girl some day. Obviously, i don't care if the lance niche is overcrowded, i didn't have a favorite cavalry lance unit, but i do now lol. Marianne -- I"m happy, she's not the predictable stuff everyone was waiting for and i think she's certainly got her own niche, i'll definitely experiment with her. Easy pick for me. I'm also happy with her design, i think they could have done better, but given what we got, i think it's fine. I'm even ok with that weird giant lizard of death that's popping in during her attacks. Gravekeeper - Congratulations everyone, you got what you wanted! definitely the most unique and out there of the bunch, and the art is just a lot of fun imo. Not looking forward to the potential headaches this guy might bring on enemy teams, but well. I'll definitely pick one up to play with. And oh great, time to go flower harvesting again, yay. I'll rather wish the powercreep would slow down. Also, all these unique specials. I can't really say if they'll busted or underwhelming, or if some of this units might only be fodder, but i hope they're good rather than not. Like Marianne is supposed to be a dancer but then her dance is on her special? weird. And is Marth's special buff every one at all times or only when fully charged? again, weird.
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