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  1. I've been thinking about how there was an unused item in the game, specifically, the Demonstone, and how it could have affected the final product. For anyone unsure of what I'm saying, the Demonstone is indeed an unused item. Its weapon data is identical to the "Dark Breath" weapon Idunn uses at the end of the game, indicating that it was meant to be used by her. However, the Demonstone also grants its user boosts to both Atk and its defensive parameters, which isn't unusual for Dragonstones in the series. If Idunn was supposed to have the same stats she has in the final release on top of the Demonstone, I dare say that it might have led to a similar situation to Ashnard, where only certain units would have been able to defeat her, including your Lord and your Manakete unit. Crunching the numbers, and I could be wrong, Druids could go toe to toe with her as well, under this assumption, but would require max magic and Apocalypse. Then I'm remembering that there was some hearsay in regards to the prototype. Apparently, Idunn was supposed to be accompanied by "Dark Dragons," with droppable Dragonstones, in the final battle. I'm also remembering that "Dark Dragon," in regards to Binding Blade, is a mistranslation of the kind of Dragon that Idunn is for the whole game, Demon Dragon. What I'm wondering is that, if true, were these Dragonstones supposed to be the same kind of Dragonstone originally intended for use by Idunn? And if so, considering the fact that the Demon Dragon has the unique ability to create War Dragons, could these "Dark Dragons" speculated to have accompanied Idunn in the final battle have been literal copies of Idunn herself, made by her? Kinda terrifying to think about, to be honest.
  2. I'm thinking she's always been female. Keep in mind, the description she's given in Genealogy of the Holy War highly closely how she looks in FE13, as well as Tiki (her daughter) and Nagi (who is most likely her avatar). That being said, I think she's sometimes thought of as male because of the vessel she may be possessing at the time.
  3. Sorry for getting around to this just now. I went to see it dubbed. And, yaaaass. And it was nice to hear some of the veteran voices that haven't been heard in anime for a while. This was NOT the first time Steve Blum played a firefighter, for example. I've also been keeping up with its performance a little bit. Night 2 of its preview (which had the sub) saw it reaching #3 on the daily box office charts (beaten out by only It Chapter 2 and Hustlers before getting unseated a day later), and it has so far got around $1.35Million (on estimate) in the US alone. And now, it's one of about 32 animated films in consideration for an Oscar nomination.
  4. Good man. I for one basically didn't feel the adrenaline wearing off until about a few hours later.
  5. Actually, and I said this already, SAO is basically another take on the kind of story, IIRC, first seen in Japanese media in the .hack series. Incidentally, .hack was made by Bamco, too.
  6. My childhood involved various shows on weekday mornings. Stingray, The New Adventures of Gigantor, RoboCop the Animated Series, Inspector Gadget, Transformers Beast Wars, Pokémon, Recess, Disney's The Legend of Tarzan, and Digimon. Afternoons often involved Power Rangers, DCAU, Spider-Man, X-Men, Animaniacs, Thundercats, Hanna Barbara's Godzilla, SWAT Kats, sometimes DuckTales, sometimes Darkwing Duck, Voltron, Sailor Moon, Gundam, Zoids, Pokémon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Cardcaptor Sakura, Hamtaro, Monster Rancher, Transformers Armada, and Dragon Ball. Prime Time was Dexter's Lab, Cow & Chicken, Johnny Bravo, Ed Edd n Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Weekenders, Teacher's Pet, and Dave the Barbarian. Saturdays were Power Rangers, Pokémon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, The Ripping Friends, The Mon Cole Knights (don't know if that's the spelling), Medabots, Big Guy & Rusty, Transformers Beast Machines, Transformers Car Robots, Ozzy and Drix, Da Boom Crew, Batman Beyond, Zeta, Static Shock, Ultraman, Funky Cops, Fighting Foodons, Kirby Right Back At Ya, TMNT 2000's, Ultimate Muscle, Shaman King, and X-Men Evolution. Yeah, I have a good memory. And, obviously, not all of these were on at the same time. Not to mention arranged by how soon they came to mind.
  7. Will know that, outside of Twitter, that particular piece is called "The Breeze Feels So Good, Doesn't it Simon?" on other sites where the artist posted that picture.
  8. Will see it. Here it is, BTW. Not the only source, though. I believe DeviantArt and Instagram have higher resolutions, if this resolution isn't good enough.
  9. Will know that a piece of said fanart makes up my current avvie.
  10. Didn't commission a fanart image crossing over Gurren Lagann with Xenoblade 1 to at least some extent.
  11. If it helps, not much effort is really needed to get a lot of Rupees. Since the game itself gives you plenty over time. Treasure chests and all.
  12. Now I'm thinking that you just went straight into the game without reading the game's instruction manual. I'm saying this because the game's manual literally tells players about Crazy Tracy and her revival potions.
  13. Ask "are either of you related to Crymaria Levin or Klaus Walz, by any chance?"
  14. I would recommend Shooter Melia and Engineer Seven, myself. I mean, you can go to Crazy Tracy for revival potions after beating the Bottle Grotto in the original and DX versions. So...
  15. Is going to be avoid hair salons for the time being. Are you doing it for cosplay? Or just feeling like it?
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