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  1. On the main site in the Thracia 776 page, if you click on prototype info it wrongly links you to fe4's one instead. I only happened upon fe5's one through a link on the wiki. https://serenesforest.net/thracia-776/general/prototype-information/
  2. http://ifs.nog.cc/noblenep.hp.infoseek.co.jp/fe4kaiwa/fe4kaiwaboss2.html VS Seliph Hilda: You're Seliph, I take it! Grr... It's all your fault that Bloom and Ishtore... I won't forgive you! Missing dialogue for the Hilda vs Seliph quote from the battle conversations.
  3. I noticed quite a while ago how some of the various bits were missing, so I provided these translations for them. They were done by raikun56 on reddit, so he's the one who deserves all the credit. I figured that I should leave a link to it on this topic.
  4. Missing dialogue for the Mackily Soldier event from chapter 2.
  5. http://ifs.nog.cc/noblenep.hp.infoseek.co.jp/fe4kaiwa/fe4kaiwaedtop.html (2) If Julia is dead ◆ Lover □ If Lana, Larcei, Tine, or Nanna ■ If Fee, Patty, or Lene □ Lover: Lord Seliph, I’ll do whatever it takes to be of service to you. I know I can’t replace Lady Julia, but I want you to depend on me. ■ Lover: I’ll do whatever it takes, Lord Seliph, whatever it takes to help you out. Hey, I know no one can replace Lady Julia, but there’s gotta be something I can do. Seliph: Thanks, _____. I don’t know what I’d do without you. (2) If Coirpre/Charlot are dead (Does not matter if Leif and Altena are alive or dead) Hannibal: King Seliph. You’ve done a lot for me, but I think it’s time for me to take my leave. Seliph: Are you headed to Thracia too, general? Hannibal: I don’t want to return to a land without Coirpre. But I must think of the people. Seliph: I understand how you feel... and thank you for everything. Please take care. (2) If his successor returns alone Lewyn: Your mission is a hard one. We must bring together those that hate one another, and build a country of peace. (3) If no lover, Diarmuid dies Nanna: Lord Seliph, I’ve decided to go to Agustria. I still feel empty, but... I can’t just keep crying forever. Seliph: I see... if you could, please help out King Ares. Nanna: Of course. My mother Lachesis was the younger sister of King Eldigan. And she adored the king more than anyone. I have inherited the wills of both my mother and King Eldigan. I intend to unify Agustria, even if it takes me my entire life. (2) If he succeeds Yngvi (Febail and Patty dead or inheriting their father’s nation) Lester: Lord Seliph, we will be returning to Yngvi. Seliph: Yeah, it will be a huge load of my mind if you’re the one succeeding Yngvi, Lester. Lester: I would have liked it if Duchess Brigid’s children could have taken over, but it’s a bit late for that. I’ll rebuild Yngvi in honor of my mother Edain. And I take an oath of allegiance to you, Seliph, King of Grannvale. If he has been paired up Lover: And what about our oaths, Lester? Lester: I remember them, of course. Lover: Good, that’s the Lester I know. Lester: You know, you can be pretty scary _____. If Larcei, Nanna, Tine: Oh, now you’ve said it, hehe... If Fee, Lene, Daisy: Ah, how awful! If that’s how you’re gonna be, I don’t know you anymore! Hmph! (2) Does not return to father’s nation, lover dies Seliph: Lana, I didn’t think it would come to this... Lana: I’m sorry. But I loved _____, and for now, he’s all I can think about. Seliph: I see... then will you be returning to Yngvi...? Lana: Yes. Farewell, Lord Seliph. (3) Does not return to father’s nation, no lover, Lester dies Seliph: Lana... I’m sorry... Lana: ... Seliph: You must be angry at me... Lana: I mean, Lord Seliph, you... no, enough of that. I will be returning to Yngvi. Farewell, Lord Seliph... Seliph: Lana... (1) Daughter succeeds (If Lewyn’s son is dead) _____: It’s been fun, Lord Seliph. I will be returning to Silesse with my father. You’ve done quite a lot for me. I won’t forget what I owe. Lewyn: No, _____, I won’t be going to Silesse. You will be the one governing. _____: Eh? Why? The fighting’s over, let’s go home together! Lewyn: My role is over, done with. Just like the other countries, Silesse needs to change. And for that, it needs the strength of young minds like yours. _____: I... don’t get it. Silesse needs... no, I need you, father. Please, please, I’m begging you. Please return to Silesse with me! Lewyn: _____... Please... no more trouble, just let me rest... _____: ...Father...
  6. http://ifs.nog.cc/noblenep.hp.infoseek.co.jp/fe4kaiwa/fe4kaiwakoibito2.html Lovers’ Return (Second Generation) Seliph and Leif get a Lord title to their names. I'm Home compilation Male Units: Seliph: I'm back, _____. I see you waited for me. Arthur/Amid: Huh? _____? You waited for me? Ares: Did I keep you waiting, _____? Oifey: Did you wait for me, _____? Coirpre/Charlot: Hey, I'm back _____. Were you waiting for me? Shannan: _____. You're here. Were you waiting for me? Scáthach/Dalvin: Oh? Well if it isn't _____. Did I keep you waiting? Ced/Hawk: _____... You were waiting? Diarmuid/Tristan: Hey, what's up, _____? Were you waiting for me? Febail/Asaello: _____...? ...You really... waited...? Iuchar: Oh, _____! I see you were waiting for me! Iucharba: Hey! Well if it ain't _____. Did you come all the way here to see me? What a warm welcome. Leif: _____!? ...What are you doing here? ...Are you here for me? Lester/Deimne: Huh? What's wrong, _____? Waiting for someone? Female Units: Tine/Linda: _____, I have humbly made my return. I’m not going anywhere. You didn’t really have to wait for me. Nanna/Jeanne: _____...!? Am I right in assuming you were waiting for me? Patty/Daisy: Hi honey, I'm home! Wait. _____? You were waiting for me? Well whaddaya know! Fee/Hermina: I’m back! Huh, _____? What’s up? I didn’t think you’d be here to greet me. Julia: _____? ...You’re here for me? Larcei/Creidne: Eh? _____? What’s gotten into you? You were waiting for me? Lana/Muirne: I’m back, _____. Were you waiting all this time? Lene/Laylea: Oh, _____. Were you waiting for me to come back? You sure know how to make a girl happy. Welcome Back compilation Male Units: Seliph: That’s right, _____. I was worried about you. Arthur/Amid: Y-yeah... I was, actually. You’re important to me. Ares: Yeah, no more crazy adventures. Just stay by my side! Oifey: Yep. Are you injured? Please don’t push yourself. Coirpre/Charlot: Yeah, glad to see you too _____. All things aside, I'm glad you're safe. Shannan: Hmm, don’t push yourself too hard. Scáthach/Dalvin: Pretty much. Are you hurt? Injured? Don’t worry me too much, eh? Ced/Hawk: Yeah, because I don’t want to lose you... Diarmuid/Tristan: Yeah, you were taking so long I was getting worried. Febail/Asaello: M-maybe... Iuchar: Of course I was, _____? You’re my everything, err, I mean... Iucharba: I was... and it’s good to see you in one piece, _____. Leif: Yes, I was waiting for you. I’m glad you’re alright... Lester/Deimne: That’s right. I’m glad you’re safe. Female Units: Tine/Linda: Indeed. I was awaiting your return. I mean, you... worry me sometimes... Nanna/Jeanne: Welcome back, _____. I was praying for you. Patty/Daisy: Yep, course I was! Glad to see you sweetums! ❤️ Fee/Hermina: Yeah, I was getting a tad lonely... welcome back, _____. Julia: ...I was feeling a little lonely... so I waited... Larcei/Creidne: Yes... I was worried about you... Lana/Muirne: Yes, welcome back _____... Lene/Laylea: Fufu, of course I was. ❤️ Welcome back, dear...
  7. Ced: Through modification, this video will show off events you usually wouldn't be able to see in normal gameplay. Fee: If you don't like hacking or spoilers, you have been warned! Ced: By the way, these events I'm talking about... Fee: They exist in the data, but they're impossible to trigger. Ced: Fee, why are you stealing my lines? Fee: Oh, sorry, bro. I couldn't help myself... But who cares about that! It's the same no matter who provides exposition... Ced: I hardly appear in the game as it is... Fee: Well then, let's get this started. ❤️ Ced: Fee, that was supposed to be my line too! Quan: Sigurd, I'm glad to see you're alive! Sigurd: Quan? What are you doing here...? Quan: I heard about your battle with Verdane, and just couldn’t sit still. Let me join your cause. Sigurd: Are you sure you can leave Leonster unattended? I heard Thracia had its sights on it. Quan: You heard right. That’s why I only took Finn with me. I’ve entrusted the rest of my Lance Ritter with father. Sigurd: I see... Sorry Quan, I didn’t mean to drag you into this. Quan: What are you talking about, Sigurd? This is our oath. Sigurd: Huh...? Quan: Remember? When we were kids? You, me, and Eldigan. We met in Belhalla’s military academy. Then, we got to know one another, talked about our dreams, and swore an oath to help one another out of any predicament we might find ourselves in. Sigurd: That’s right... I haven’t forgotten... Quan: If it's me and you, those Verdane Barbarians don't stand a chance. We'll make short work of them. Sigurd, don’t forget it. I swore an oath, and I will never let you throw down your life in this paltry war. ____________________________________________ Quan: Haha, and I guess it is a request from Ethlyn. I love her. I can't stand to be away from her. Sigurd: Fufu, I see, so that's the real reason. Ethlyn's a pretty lucky gal. You don't come across a man like you every day. Quan: Don't tease me, Sigurd. C'mon, let's get going. The real battle's only just begun. Midir: Lord Azelle... Azelle: Oh, Midir, it's been so long. Midir: I'm so sorry about what happened to Lady Edain. I was with her, and yet... Azelle: It's not your fault. You don't have to hang yourself up on it. Midir: But Lady Edain was so dear to you, and I... Azelle: She was important to you too, wasn't she? Midir: What!? Azelle: I know it's hard, for both of us... But Midir, for now, we need to work together to get her back. Midir: As you wish, Lord Azelle. Alec: Lady Ethlyn, please, let's stop fighting. Once we enter Verdane, the fighting will only get worse. Ethlyn: Oh, Alec, it's been so long. Thank you for worrying about me. I'll be just fine. I mean, I used to be such a tomboy even your father was concerned about me. Alec: But... Ethlyn: I've been good friends with Edain since I was a child. I worry for her just as you worry for me. If she's going through hard times, I must rush to her side as fast as I can. Alec: ...You really take after Lord Sigurd. Especially how you never back down on your word. Fine, we'll do our best to protect you. But please don't do anything too unreasonable. Ethlyn: Thank you. I'll be careful, Alec. Naoise: We'll be fighting in Verdane from here on. Be on your guard, Alec. Alec: Hey now, don't be so stiff. I mean, look at you. You're always way too serious in everything you do. Naoise: A knight should always serve his lord, resolved for death at every passing moment. Alec: Oh, enough of that! Look here, Lord Sigurd doesn't want us to die for his cause. You know that as well as I do. If you seriously want to be loyal to him, you have to survive no matter what. Naoise: ...I didn't need you to tell me that! Quit worrying about me, or else you'll be the one dropping dead, Alec. Jamke: Why! Why did it have to be like this Edain!? Edain: Oh no. Jamke!? I'm so sorry! Jamke: No, no Edain! Don't get any closer to me! Alec: It's finally time, Naoise. Naoise: Yeah. Alec: You've done a lot for me, you know that? Naoise: That goes both ways... Alec: It was fun. Naoise: It was... Alec: You take care, okay? Naoise: You too. Leif: Hmm... That woman over there... She's a Thracian Dracoknight! But, her eyes look so sad... Arvis: Seliph... Julia is in your hands... please... forg... (TL note: He doesn't get to finish saying 'forgive me.') Finn: Lene, were you waiting for me? Lene: Fufu, of course I was. ❤️ Welcome back, dear... Lene: Oh, Finn. Were you waiting for me to come back? You sure know how to make a girl happy. Finn: Yeah, I worry about you when you're away... please stay with me. Hannibal: Patty, you were waiting for this old man? Patty: Yep, course I was! Glad to see you sweetums! ❤️ Patty: Hi honey, I'm home! Wait. Hannibal? You were waiting for me? Well whaddaya know! Hannibal: Please, don't push yourself too hard. I don't want to lose you. Coirpre: Hey, I'm back Altena. Were you waiting for me? Altena: Yes, I grow anxious when you're not around... Altena: Coirpre!? You were seriously waiting for me? Coirpre: Yeah, glad to see you too Altena. All things aside, I'm glad you're safe. Ced: So, how was it? Fee: There weren't many of them, but I'm pretty sure I've never seen them before. Ced: Why was Naoise and Alec's conversation removed, I wonder. Fee: Right, right, Naoise barely has any conversations anyway. But I was pretty surprised that Hannibal and Altena had lovers' dialogue. They're not supposed to be able to form those relationships... Ced: Precisely. Fee: By the way, bro. Ced: Hm? What's wrong, Fee? Fee: We used hacks to force supports with Hannibal, but aren't you curious to see if they effect the ending? Ced: That definitely bugs me. Fee: Let me be blunt. There are no endings where Altena, Finn, or Hannibal return home with their lovers. Their ending will always be the same—saying they returned to Thracia. It makes no mention of their lover. Ced: I see. That's a shame. Fee: Well, even for the characters that do have romance options, when the female character is the one succeeding a country or dukedom, the male character's ending make no mention of lovers either. I think we should have been expecting Hannibal's and Finn's bios to follow suit. Just like Julia, Altena is set to return to her motherland regardless of who she does or doesn't end up with. Ced: I see. But Fee, there's something else that's bothering me. Fee: What's up? Ced: Do the endings of the people you pair them up with change at all? Fee: In this experiment, we paired Altena with Coirpre, and as we've said with male characters, his ending was unchanged. Ced: I guess that makes sense. Fee: However, not for Patty and Lene. Ced: What? Fee: You should probably take a look at them yourself. Ced: R-right. Then play the— Fee: Clip. ❤️ Ced: (She did it again.) Seliph: Patty? Are you crying? Patty: Yeah, I'm crying. *Sob* *Sob* Seliph: You liked Hannibal that much? Patty: I did. I really loved him, Lord Seliph. What should I do? Seliph: I... don't have an answer. But you know, Patty, you've got to live strong. Life has its share of sorrows, but you can't lose to them. Patty: Yeah... I'll try. There's just one thing I want to ask you. Could you lend me your chest for a bit? For now, I need somewhere to cry my eyes out. Seliph: Patty... Seliph: You're going to Velthomer, aren't you Lene. Please take care. Lene: Yeah. But if I ever get lonely, could I drop by Belhalla to play? Seliph: Of course you can, anytime you want. Lene: I've been feeling pretty down ever since Finn died. (The red text at the top says, "Hold up, he ain't dead!!") Seliph: I get how you feel. But we need to move forward. Velthomer depends on us. We both have to do our best. Lene: Yeah, leave it to me. Ced: Fee... remind me. When did Finn die? Fee: He's perfectly healthy. Finn: Did you need me for something? Ced: F-Finn!? No, it's nothing. Finn: I see... pardon me then. Ced: That one got me. Fee: Yes, where did he come from? Now, getting this back on track, it looks like even if Finn or Hannibal have a lover, those lovers will be mourning them in the ending. That's kinda sad... Ced: Patty's can be taken a few ways. They danced around the subject. But Lene's, on the other hand... Fee: He's dead. End of story. Ced: Well, we got it through hacking, after all. Let's just be happy the game didn't bug out on us. Fee: Yep! You're right! Took the words straight out of my mouth! Ced: T-then, it's about time to say goodbye. Fee: Thank you for sticking with us for so long! Ced: Thank you, and good— Fee: Good bye!
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