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  1. far as i'm concerned this is the best case scenario, and by far the most logical way for cipher to ever get localised
  2. so they shouldn't refer to each other by the honourific "lord" because.... they refer to each other by an honourific whose most common and efficient english translation is "lord". ok sure whatever you see, fe4's script is extremely conscious of social class, and among the royal, noble and knightly members of its class this is heavily reflected in their speech and modes of address. they all refer to each other with the exact socially appropriate honourific given their standings relative to each other. yes, siggy, lex and azel are all of the same social rank, but that's kind of the point of their honourific addresses toward each other: they're all part of high society and there's a social expectation to refer to each other in respectful, honourific terms. the only times the honourifics come off are if they're really buddy-buddy with each other (e.g. sigurd with quan or eldigan, or azel with lex or taillte) or if they don't respect each other (e.g. chagall with literally everyone). omitting these honorifics would be tone-deaf and in defiance of this and indicate familarity and/or disrespect that's just not there at all. sure, it might fly in a game with a more cartoonish tone like fe13, where a knight punches her lord in the face and it's laughed off. i don't even mean that as a slight against fe13 for once; this is just an area in which fe4 is fundamentally different. it might not be important but it's still a useful part of how the game sets the tone of the relationships of its countries and kings basically, the lord/lady honourifics are not going anywhere. they were in the jp script, so they are remaining here
  3. actually, i have a bit of a question. would it be possible for you to provide some directions on how to call models and classes such as these into being present in gameplay, for the benefit of those who might like to reproduce your findings and maybe document them in greater detail? i for one am pretty curious and would love to poke around with the generic herons and adult!sanaki in particular in greater detail, but i haven't the foggiest idea of how to go about it. i'd appreciate if you could give some insight into how you pulled these off. what little i'm able to do with action replays is starting to wear a little thin, even if it's hilarious
  4. okay, no. no. that is not how this shit works! you can like a localisation and still be interested in how a work was originally presented! they are not mutually exclusive! if you seriously think that such low-level, pedantic namewank over people's personal preferences is reason enough to declare that absolutely nobody has ever cared about the original text, i have some very bad news for you like, we get it. "hurr hurr localisation is the devil and bill trinen is a witch". you've made your totally unnuanced point perfectly clear a million times already
  5. because of the first rule of animu: Tsunderes Tsell Tshitloads
  6. just checked. yeah, if fae dies, her slot is freed up (though come on, fae is too good and pure to be killed off no matter how serious business a playthrough you're doing)
  7. http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/interview/2266/fire-emblem-path-of-radiance-interview i'm not going to mince words here. you're welcome to be critical of official localisation name change decisions, but if you seriously think that they're in any way actively disrespectful toward intsys or done without their consent, you're a fucking idiot and you need to learn how localisations actually work
  8. it's iconic because it's a shite, tone-deaf line translation that undermines what's supposed to be a serious scene. as amusing as i find it, it's one of the many reasons that this translation exists at all while we're on the subject, fun fact
  9. alternatively: sacrifice him to blume at the end of chapter 7. ovo's cavalry at the start of chapter 8 might even be able to do the job eventually with their range and wta. imo it's not all that difficult to sacrifice shanan to the Balmung Glitch Gods, and just about any scenario where you put One Man against Overwhelming Odds will probably do it eventually
  10. that's definitely not going to happen, since it veers too far into actively changing gameplay outside of correcting glitches for my tastes. besides, the balmung transfer glitch isn't particularly hard to execute
  11. every playable unit except nyna has the exact same death quote in the original. tomas and dolph should be displaying it as well
  12. thanks much. it's just as i thought: pretty typical missing line break shenanigans. should be fairly easy to correct (incidentally, just for my own reference, noticed another issue pop up: oifey's farewell skips the part with his wife. i get the feeling that that's the sort of thing dds should attend to, lest i break it even more)
  13. could i have your save file, so i can take a look at this? i think i've got an idea of what happened here, but i'd like to test out the save file to make sure
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