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  1. I absolutely love variety in the wyverns and manaketes (I think my favorite wyvern designs would have to be the wyverns from Bern because they vary so much but they all look so good) Thank you! ALSO the funniest part about that is my friend group has said the same thing, they've compared my main character and Iko to Toothless and Hiccup and I see the similarities haha!
  2. Ahh! Thank you so much, I really tried to go with a cipher inspired style with that piece, I'm really glad you enjoy it! Also nope, it wasn't intentional ^^; Its a bad habit with my art style and I've been trying to break it.
  3. That's true! I may just end up giving her little legs somewhere down the line but since these designs are early I'm unsure as to what I'll change at the current moment but I can say that her brother does indeed have little arms. Perhaps its just a weird age thing like how Tiki's dragon form changed but honestly I'm not opposed to giving Iko little arms to match her brother. (Iko on the left and her unnamed brother on the right) Also thank you :)!
  4. True true, not all dragons are the exact same so I just wanted to with something pretty cute and simple, also I was taking inspiration from Fae as well but I think that much is obvious. Thank you though! I've been drawing for a while and have finally gotten to place where I can actually genuinely enjoy my art so support means a lot to me! I believe in you to develop your style, remember that art is for fun and you don't have to please anyone as long as you enjoy it yourself ^^
  5. I do! I want to make another post showing all of my characters thus far and the plot synopsis sometime in the future :)! (For now most of my characters are just written down in a little notepad of mine)
  6. Thank you! I'm actually unsure on a name at the current moment and I'm not sure what medium I'd use to tell the story (unsure if I want to write it as a story with chapters or some sort of web comic ect.) but I could most likely post under the literature section here on the forums if I really wanted too ^^
  7. Since some people enjoyed my last little post I made I figured I'd post some more stuff I have :)! I'm not exactly sure if sharing strictly original character content here is allowed (and if it isn't I'll delete the thread) but I wanted to share my little lass Iko just for fun! If this does nicely I may post more things relating to my original FE story, I'd also love feedback and ideas! Her story takes place during the events of Binding Blade Iko is a young half-manakete who fled the Nabata Desert in fear of the increasing threats from Bern. She escapes to different country where my story takes place but its still in progress so I don't have much story aside from that. Now time for her design origins and powers! Even though these kind of dragons don't exist in canon I thought it'd be interesting for her to be powered by the moon or have some sort of affiliation with it, it also explains why she has a similar appearance to a bat. Shes half-manakete so she ages normally (shes probably around 14-15) Here are some of my favorite drawings I've done of her (Yes that is my icon on the right :)!) I honestly just really wanted to share her because she is one of my favorite characters I own and I hope you all enjoy ^^
  8. I may actually get around to that today! Thank you for both the compliment and the cool idea!
  9. Oooh, I've actually never seen this post but this is really neat! Thank you though ^^ perhaps I should look more into the hints we do have and put something together sometime.
  10. Honestly a pretty neat guess if I do say so!
  11. Thank you so much! And thank you for the design pointer, I kind of forgot about that fact but hey at least its unique haha!
  12. The last time I viewed the wiki he was classified as an earth dragon but I could be wrong and that may have changed My bad. ^^;
  13. I remembered I had these sketches lying around and decided I'd redraw them, who knows maybe someone would get a kick out of them so why not post them! Please forgive me for any formatting errors as it is my first time posting here. Now I'll go on and explain my thought process behind designing these two! I'll start with Cethleann, since we haven't really seen a "light dragon" throughout the series I based her main appearance off of some divine dragons we see in other games as well as The Wind Caller and The Immaculate one (due to them being related), as for the whole idea of her teeth being flat was mostly due to the whole "Flayn likes fish" thing, plus it makes her look less menacing compared to most dragons which personally fits for me. As for Cichol, he takes most of his inspiration from the earth dragons from the earlier games which explains his lack of wings and tough looking scales. I still wanted to keep the whole design motif of the Immaculate one in his design because it just felt right to me. The first two sketches were from March of this year but the revamped sketches can be seen in this image here which was drawn today!
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