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  1. Disliking mean you're saying it does not suit your personal preferences, i hate fish and even a 5-Star fish fillet from the best french restaurant in the world won't make me like it, but obviously that doesn't mean the 5-Star fish fillet wasn't made with skill and that it is, in technical terms, a well-made meal. Viewing it as bad means you are assigning flaws into what you are criticizing something for what it is, where you are arguing that your poor experience with that something comes from fault of the "something" itself and not your own biases and preferences. For example, there are two forks with four tines, but one of them is broken missing one of the tines, the fork missing one of the tines is an issue and makes that fork objectively worse than the one that isn't missing any of its tines because that fork will do a better job at doing what it was made to do, it will function. Function is the key verb here, when you are judging something on whether it is good or bad, you are judging whether it functions at what it sets out to do well. Of course, whether you view something as good or bad will still be subjective, but it is subjective that is born from what is at least an attempt at separating your biases and personal preferences from your judgement. You should probably refrain from mentioning people only the two of us know in this server full of people who won't understand what you're talking about. But to respond regardless, WtW himself outside of some instances (Like say, EWBs) rarely if ever argues with the intent on changing the mind of the person he's arguing with, he himself has admitted he rarely thinks people he argues with are willing to have their minds changed. So i don't think you should use him as an example perhaps.
  2. Ok so i've been hanging out on this thread for a while and decided to finally drop my own take on Fates. Ottservia, do i agree with you that some of the criticism lobbed at Fates is bad or unfair? Yes i do, the game definitely has many detractors who go out of their way to make the game look as bad as possible. Do i agree that there is good stuff in Fates? Well, yeah, the Support conversations between the royal families (Barring weird shit like Leo's A-Rank with Camilla) do a good job at selling how much they care about each other, Support convos in the game are generally hit or miss but i won't deny that when they hit they hit. And there are definitely moments in the core narrative that i believe are well-handled. Do i agree that authorial intent should be respected and that Fates is no exception? Yes, A is A and should not be judged or criticized just because it is A and not B. Do i agree that complete subjectivity is a bad thing for media discussion and that no one should be able to just say whatever and excuse it as "It's subjective", as well as the fact that there is a difference between disliking something and viewing it as bad? Yes, definitely yes, that kind of argument is cancer. But do i necessarily agree that all of this suddenly makes Fates' core narrative good or makes its problems go away? No. A point that has been brought up here is contrivance, and i'll agree that yes all stories are contrived and that contrivances in themselves don't hurt a story, but i don't agree with the idea that this excuses all elements that are contrived because at the end of the day, a story like Fates ends up being driven not by character motivation or even its themes as you focus so much on, but on random events strung along together. And on the topic of themes, do i find your arguments that Fates' story is at partially about trust and that that explains some of the plot elements? Yes, but i don't necessarily believe it excuses these plot elements either. To go on a tangent, i once was talking to someone on Discord about Star Wars and the prequel trilogy and how all of the stilted and dry acting from Anakin's actor is intentional by Lucas because of the themes of the story, and at the end of the day we both had the same conclusion: Having themes and having the themes be consistent isn't enough to make a story good, and if a story needs to sacrifice technical aspects of itself to explore these themes without making said sacrifice meaningful, then that means the themes weren't explored well. Because at the end of the day, all stories have themes, and more than half of stories in the world probably have the themes be consistent with themselves, but that in itself won't make the story necessarily good. And most importantly Ottservia, i feel that when it comes to arguing your points, even the points you think are good, you act far too pushy, it makes those you are arguing with think of you as being aggressive and brash, when im sure that's not how you intend to come off as.
  3. It was a rherorical question of course. And my point is that you don't know the writers and can't pretend you do, and while i don't take issues with people criticizing a story so, not being able to separate the artist from the art and implying the artist is just lazy is where i start to find it disrespectful. Speaking as someone who does consider Fates' writing to be bad, i respect artists, even ones who make what i consider to be bad art, making something such as a lenghty three-part story and actually finishing it is still an effort i find commendable from anyone even if i won't find the actual story to be good in any capacity. And i am bothered by when said work put into said story is disregarded. I don't think Fates' story is good, i just think calling the writers lazy is a shitty move.
  4. Calling Micaiah a "Mary Sue" (A term that means nothing and is worthless) is pretty much dead these days though, fandoms' opinions on certain things tends to shift through the years. I rarely if ever see people complaining about Micaiah being a "Mary Sue" in any FE-focused discussion space today. If anything Micaiah seems to be one of the more well-liked Lords these days, as whenever i see her writing is brought up it is often done so in praise for her being so unconvential compared to most other Lords in the series.
  5. Question: Do you actually know Fates' writers IRL and have any hard-proof evidence that yes they didn't put any effort into it that can not just be summed up as "This is badly-written so it must be that the writers were lazy"?
  6. No one has to prove you anything because this isn't science, it's a videogame, it's art. Its inherent quality can't be measured the same way you can measure say, the quality of a tool created for a very specific physical task.
  7. I can understand what you mean, i don't dislike golden endings in games with multiple endings, but they do feel unsatisfying to me when they're basically just like any other ending instead of being particularly different in any way in how they're implemented. It's why i have some issues with how perfect some of the Neutral Endings in the Megami Tensei games tend to be, and even those are still implemented a little better for me than something like Revelations since at least with the Megami Tensei Neutral Endings you often need to choose the right dialogue options and in some games juggle Chaos and Law points so you don't lean too heavily into one extreme. With Revelations it's literally just "Here are Options A, B and C, C is the best one by the way so there's no reason to ever pick A or B".
  8. Pardon me if im getting my info wrong, but wasn't Three Houses written by Koei staff (With IS staff supervising and giving feedback obviously)? The story i heard in specific was that IS wanted to make a multi-route game, so when working with Koei they wrote a rough and simple outline for a "Basic" route and basically asked Koei writers to come up with interesting alternative scenarios for said simple outline to make up the routes. And that the outline of the "Basic" route would go on to be the basis for the Silver Snow route.
  9. FE8's campaign i feel does very well with what little volume it has. It's definitely one of the tighter narratives, character motivations are clear, no fluff chapters or meaningless detours, the conflict and stakes are well-established and consistent. Another thing that i feel helps it is that while none of the main players in the story (At least in the story itself and not counting things such as support conversations) are super complex or get massive amounts of development, they're all still shown to have clear distinct roles in the story that are befitting of their characterization, this applies to both heroes and villains alike, no one specific character feels extraneous in any capacity.
  10. While it's understandable to be frustrated by how much you think a story is flawed and/or how much you wish it was different, i don't understand how Fates is necessarily different in this regard. All Fire Emblem games' stories and really all stories in general could, theoretically, be better, because at the end of the day, there is no cap or limit to how good stories can possibly be. So at the end of the day every story any man has ever written could be made better and Fates isn't really an unique case of this. All FE games could have had "The best story in the series" if they were all written better. Again, im not trying to say you should just feel differently about Fates' writing, more so im trying to say that i think it would be better for you (And anyone really) to not really focus on and get hung up on what-could-have-beens and "potential" that stories could have had and judge Fates, and all stories, as they are. Of course you don't have to stop disliking Fates even after that but i do feel it makes it easier to talk about things with a clear mind and good faith.
  11. Apologies if i am misunderstanding the point of your post, but i personally don't understand why you would look for or expect messages of hard work and effort in a superhero story instead of say, a sport story or something of the like. Superhero stories, most often, don't have the characters work for their powers because the powers aren't there to be a gift or a positive thing, but rather as something neutral, which is where the superhero and supervillain dynamic prevalent in so many stories comes from, that when you are in a special circumstances that gives you power no one else has, the question becomes of whether you use it for good or for evil. Which is again, why it doesn't make a lot of sense to write a traditional superhero story with themes of hard work and effort, as most of them are trying to tell the stories about people in special circumstances and how these special circumstances affect and influence them, said special circumstances being something that can't really be replicated most of the time. What im trying to say with this rambling is, well, that from the very concept most superhero stories were never meant to be tales of hard work and effort and are often far more so about agency and morality, about doing right with what you have regardless of what that even is, be it god-like superpowers or fighting skills you acquired on your own. So i don't really ever expect them to focus on hard work or effort as themes.
  12. I like the artstyle in all eras, the distinction and variety really helps set said eras apart from each other i feel, well, except NES Gaiden, NES Gaiden's art is blegh (At least the FE1 art can be funny). Though when it comes to my favorite i'd probably have to say Sachiko Wada's art. Also tangential but IS let Mayo be the artist for a mainline FE game already please, it's clear she's a giant fan of the franchise and would love to do it and that she has the skills for it.
  13. I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion but based on previous FE discussion-focused places i assume it is: "Moral Gray" and "Realism" when it comes to Fire Emblem are both very overvalued. When it comes to the topic of "Moral Gray", i feel the FE fandom overlooks the fact that usually when it comes to villains' and antagonists' motivations and actions (Since they are the types of characters most talked about when this topic comes up from past experieces), the most important thing is that said motivations and actions complement the greater picture of what the story is about. Which also extends i feel to how the FE fandom talks about characters in all honesty, too much talking about characters and individual story elements in a vacuum and not about how said characters and elements fit into the greater puzzle. When it comes to "Realism", i don't feel that people should just shut up because it's fantasy or anything like that, but i do feel people should understand that verisimilitude is completely personal. And that what can be considered "Realistic" for one person could very easily not apply to someone else, and also that sometimes disregarding the "Plausible" and "Realistic" can work better depending on the story.
  14. Hello, i am Murozaki, i have been a Fire Emblem fan for quite a few years by now, having started with Awakening from way back when it released in 2012. Ever since then in the last eight years i have played most Fire Emblem games and have watched gameplay of the few that i couldn't. My favorite games in the series are Thracia 776, Sacred Stones, Shadow Dragon, New Mystery of the Emblem and Awakening. Some of my favorite characters in the franchise are Eliwood, Lyon, Micaiah and Seteth. Besides Fire Emblem i am also a big fan of the Touhou Project series (My favorite characters being Miko, Eiki and Reimu and my favorite game being Perfect Cherry Blossom); Of the manga series One Piece, Gintama and 3-Gatsu no Lion; The Ace Attorney series of games; The Pretty Cure magical girl anime franchise; Mecha anime with personal favorites being Mobile Suit Gundam 0080, Armored Trooper Votoms and Brave Police J-Decker; And recently i have started getting into Tokusatsu superhero shows, mostly Ultraman and Kamen Rider, i haven't seen a lot but so far from the shows i've finished Kamen Rider W is my favorite. It is nice to meet you all, i am looking forward to my time here.
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