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  1. So in chapter 28, there's a base conversation alluding to the triangle attack that the three pegasus units can perform. Here's the text of that conversation: That line that I have bolded is uncannily similar to this line from Starship troopers. And both lines are spoken by callous captains of an elite military troop. So my question is: How late am I to this reference? Am I the last one to notice this? Sorry, I was an adult when I finally watched that film.
  2. Re-recruit as in, what, going up and using the talk command? Your information is also at least partially false, since an A support with Lethe is impossible by chapter 19. You recruit jill in chapter 12, and it takes 10 chapters to reach A with Lethe. That's why most sources on the internet say that B is okay in Lethe's case (since it's the highest possible at that point), which I can personally verify is not true through my own playthrough. B support with Lethe will not prevent defect. Jill was able to attack her father, just not use the talk command or end her turn within melee range of her father. That difference between attacking and talking should explain why 50% of the answers I've found online are "huh, MY Jill didn't defect, so it must have been THIS reason" and they make something up.
  3. I assume shoving and rescuing ike to get him from place to place is allowed. Though I'm not clear on how the meatshielding rule works. Enemies like to prioritize unarmed units, and you can un-arm a unit by just unequipping their weapon in this game. Also, are healing staves, Volke (stealing), and Reyson allowed?
  4. The solution to this will always be compulsory voting. And I suppose an infrastructure that ensures everybody who wants to vote, and is legally elligible, can. We're having a few issues there. Unless you can find the magic spell that gets people to suddenly give a shit, compulsory voting is the fastest way to get better representation in general elections. It's not just the US, either. Brexit was decided on by just 26% of eligible voters, which is very similar to the 27% of Americans that got Trump into office. Although technically, those voters didn't get Trump into office, a bunch of anonymous electors did, but the electoral college doesn't need to be the star of every crisis of democracy does it?
  5. So I haven't played nearly as many games in the last couple months. School and work are ramping up, and I've invested myself in other projects. Normally I don't talk about a game until I've finished it, but all I've been playing in September is Fire Emblem Path of Radiance, which I haven't played through start to finish since almost ten years ago. It's still awesome. Even when I have to reset 45 minutes of progress over a death, it's still a fun, well designed fire emblem game. I'm currently up to chapter 23 on Hard mode and it's a great difficulty. Just hard enough that you have to check enemy stats, but not so ridiculous that you have to scan non-boss enemies for skills or plan your defense around two or more killer weapons. It's also a 1RN game, so missing at 80+ is quite common and promps you to make backup plans. My units very rarely picked up the ORKO, always coming up a few points of damage short with steel weapons, so forging felt vital. Enemies keep up with you, not always in stats, but certainly in level, and that lets you keep leveling up into the late game. Supports are...better but still not great mechanically. Plus it's a breath of fresh air that reinforcements aren't freaking ambush spawns. Yes reinforcement placement can be right in the middle of a map, but you've always got a whole turn to shift your attention. Maps like 17-2 are designed precisely to sandwhich the player between a squad of tough enemies and a new group of reinforcements behind you. Your plans get upended and it keeps the map engaging even when you're steamrolling enemies with mounted units. This game also has my favorite system of stealing weapons/items, as well. I have to say this game feels satisfyingly balanced. Yeah there's some holdover bad design from previous games: Sword and bow locked units still suck. Laguz guages favor some units over others arbitrarily but you get the demi band like four chapters after your first laguz units so it's never a huge deal. Effective weaponry is now 2x might instead of 3x, and I think that should be the standard. It's just things like armorslayers have too little MT and way too much Weight to consider using outside of late game scenarios. Turning Con into your strength stat is brilliant. Finally speed isn't the best stat on principle. You can "graduate" to heavier weapons as it goes up. The forging system is excellent. Bonus exp gives you a reason to play efficiently, and it also lets you make any unit viable if you felt like it. Except Sothe, he's never good no matter how much you put into him. I guess it's a shame there's no ranking system, or post game mode like in Sacred Stones. The base activities are a great way of separating the combat from the auxilliary stuff. The data transfer is kind of cool, but it requires a whole other game to take advantage of. Setting up a super optimized file for data transfer on easy mode where there's so much exp sounds like a fun way to replay the game, but I've heard easy mode difficulty transfers tend to fail? Actually there's a lot of things I've heard that are blatantly false about this game. Despite its international release, this may be the worst documented of the fire emblem games, especially on the (good) fire emblem wiki. For instance I always heard that if Jill has a B support with Lethe before chapter 20, she won't defect. But mine did, which forced me to reset. Some of the AI behaviors are bizarre too, like Naesala in Chapter 19. Sometimes he comes right at you early on, other times you've got to lure him over with a high res unit. It's obnoxiously inconsistent design when dealing with an enemy as powerful as the final boss in a game where bosses pretty much never move. What were they thinking there? PoR and SS were my favorite fire emblems growing up, and I have to say this one aged way better than Sacred Stones in terms of gameplay. Story's pretty great too. You can definitely tell the dialogue wasn't written with the intention of being spoken. It's wordy, but probably the most lore-heavy in the series up to that point. Ike is an excellent conduit through which to experience that world, and the clash between working class mercenaries, haughty taughty nobles, and marginalized laguz is always an engaging read. Most of the meh writing comes through in optional Info conversations.
  6. Assuming a new guy gets confirmed, that means 5 out of 9 sitting supreme court justices have been appointed by presidents who lost the popular vote. Stunning how much the electoral college had failed us in just one generation. It's nights like tonight I'm reminded of every time I've been told the election results won't matter. Every time somebody told me their third party vote was "safe". That they wanted to keep their "voter integrity". That stayed home because they didn't get their egos massaged just right by Hillary. Tonight goes out to you guys. Can we, for just one night, not blame a woman for her own cancer-ridden death? It wasn't hubris, if the only alternative was giving up. She did the right thing, regardless of the unforeseen consequences. I've spent a decade feeling anxious about today, but I refuse to blame her for it
  7. You know I actually like the idea of a Thurmond Rule. But it doesn't mean jack shit until somebody signs that into law.
  8. More than anything, Learn about the Game Pass. Most people getting the Series S are planning on utilizing the subscription service, even though it's going up in price from 15$ to 25$ a month. It's still a steal unless you game very infrequently. The Series S has no disc drive, so you can't exactly go to Gamestop and dive into those Xbox 360/One bargain bins to pad out your collection. Game Pass is hundreds of games, plus access to their online. Among the list of games in the OP, it already has Rare Replay, Halo Master Chief Collection, and Battletoads. The only thing I don't like about Game Pass is that while a ton of games are added constantly, a lot of them also leave, and without warning as far as I know. All movie/tv subscription services do that too, when something isn't popular enough, but it can still be heartbreaking if it's something you never found time to get around to. Edit: okay it looks like they do warn you which games are leaving in the same news post where they tell you which games are being added and when
  9. Yesterday I made a joke to a friend that the fireball magic in the trailer looks like just using a gun in Devil May Cry. And today I learned that a DMC developer was hired by Square recently. And that rumors claimed it was to work on FF16. I don't think those rumors have yet been confirmed, but it's interesting to think about. I'm definitely behind on this past decade's shift to action game for this series. This year I finished Lightning Returns, but I'm still two games (15 and 7 remake) away from being up to date. Not counting MMOs, since I avoid MMOs on principle
  10. We did it, everyone. We pressed the button to do the thing.
  11. Sorry, when new resources come out I tend to hoard until a year or two later where I splurge them in a fit of boredom. I have 7000 grails. It's only a matter of time.
  12. Shinon with the double bow is hype. One of my favorite characters in the series. But that voice makes him sound Ike's age.
  13. I'm crossing my fingers for a Crash Bandicoot 4 switch version announcement. Because I really want to play that game but don't want to be in a position where I'm waiting for a port that never comes when I could have played it on release on PS4. I'd be willing to wait for next year, just make it happen.
  14. Magi-citation needed. I don't recall those stones as ever being called crystals. Now hold on, just because Materia are glowy rocks don't make them crystals. I imagine they look the way they look because of graphical limitations at the time. But high-key on the time compression. Man, I'm glad that, of all the plot elements from 1 they could put in each game, they didn't pick time travel. Because 8 was a head scratcher. There's some nostalgic Final Fantasy fan service in there (at an era where games didn't really do that), but no crystals Yeah, absolutely. FF7 remake went over pretty well I...don't expect that will last through its sequel(s) as we dive deeper and deeper into the Nomuraverse, so I hope 16 is just a great, standalone game with no drama. Also really looking forward to them sticking to medieval fantasy and not relying on modern day/sci-fi elements as a crutch. It's a bold choice.
  15. Wow it feels like we've gone back in time. In an interview, Squeenix stated interest in returning to the series roots with the next numbered entry. The next Final Fantasy game brings back the one plot element that used to unite the series: Crystals. We haven't seen them since FF5. Or Bravely Default if that counts. Will we be collecting elemental crystals to save the world? The trailer also includes a new renditions on the final fantasy 1 theme. This game seems a touch too gritty for my taste, but it definitely has my attention.
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