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  1. Well, never lead it be said that the Impeachment removed nobody from office.
  2. I think they were handled fantastically in Three Houses. Definitely the best new gameplay idea from that game. Authority basically served as a gateway to huge stat additions and gambits, and the gambits themselves are great too since you can knock down groups of enemies and allow yourself one turn of free positioning for squishy units. I also love the non-combat gambits, allowing units with low charm to still contribute. Integrating Charm in to gambit accuracy and avoid was a great idea, though I wish there was some way to further reduce an enemy's gambit hit past 30, since those gambits are murder on Maddening. You could have avoided the attack altogether, but losing a unit wasn't ultimately your fault with such a low rate. Just bad luck, like getting nailed by a random 2% crit. I also like the narrative implications of battalions. That instead of a big army clash being your 12 guys against 30 bad guys, it's twelve platoons commanded by your units. Now army clashes are believable with the larger scale, and I've been asking for better attention to scale in Fire Emblem for many years. I wouldn't be too hasty to dump them onto just any Fire Emblem game though. 2x2 and 3x3 monster battles are probably not going to be a standard moving forward. Three Houses is a game where the customization of units was the key focus of the game. I don't expect later entries will require feature so many layers of customization, so in order to un-complicate Fire Emblem, you gotta make cuts somewhere. Or just be more responsible about your game's depth and introduce new elements gradually rather than all at once. The first week of Three Houses was kind of a mad house with players not understanding basic mechanics because there's just so much to absorb on the customization side. I look forward to a day where units can be one thing with unique strengths rather than a blank slate ready to be turned into the most optimal physical or magical class. Perhaps instead of equipping a battalion that you've purchased like any weapon, every unit leads a battalion unique to them that grows in its own way. Providing relevant stat boosts, gambits, or even personal skills unique to them. Maybe introducing them at a slightly later stage of the game where the stakes and scale of the conflict have been raised and your units aren't just village small frys but major commanders of an army.
  3. I guess I'm skeptical of the claim because I don't think people suddenly turn out in droves to vote once it becomes more convenient. Opportunity to vote is a factor, yes. Especially with voter suppression efforts like when you show up to vote on that one day of the year and are told the rules have changed overnight and you need your birth certificate. But getting people to vote is a difficult and illusive thing. As shitty as the world is, I haven't noticed any of my mid 20s friends suddenly feel like voting. And every time I ask why somebody doesn't vote in this thread, everybody's universal response is always "my vote doesn't matter, it's a solid blue/red state". Unless Bernie clinches the nomination somehow, our country is in no explicit danger of abolishing the electoral college in the next four years. And even if we did do that, I don't expect those stay at home voters will prove their will to do the right thing when the world decides their vote matters. Now that the burden of the election is in so many more hands somebody will take care of it, right? My expectation is that they will continue to stay home. Same for voters in states with the added convenience of having their ballot mailed to them. Expecting otherwise is just too optimistic. Or superstitious in the case of the GOP's viewpoint. I'd be happy to be proven wrong though. I looked at some voter turnout numbers by state, particularly at the states who vote exclusively through mail rather than it just being an option. Those states are Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, and Utah. And I guess one could conclude that their turnout numbers are above average on average? Washington, Oregon, and Colorado being on the high side but also Hawaii with the absolute lowest numbers nationwide, and Utah (the only red state in that list) being painfully average with huge upswings only in general elections, not midterms which secretly also matter. Colorado also feels like a bad test case since it only very recently stopped being a swing state. Swing states have high turnouts because that's the only part of the country presidents campaign in (something that WILL change if the electoral college got abolished). McConnell says the threat posed by added mail options is the added cost of having them. And idiot moderates will think about that for a second and say "yeah that sounds about right" and support the traditional style of voting. But I just don't see what the GOP is afraid of. If there are numbers to support their fears, I can't find them.
  4. I didn't know it at the time, but I hear congressmen were trying to sneak in nationwide mail in ballot standards to the COVID relief bill, but it didn't take. I've always wondered why Republicans push back so hard against postal voting. Their base is far more likely to even know how to send snail mail, and I'm sure older voters would appreciate that convenience anyway. Although I guess those ballots are easier than letters, since postage and addressing is taken care of on the envelope it comes with. Pretty much all of the remaining primaries are pushed back to June for understandable reasons. Campaigning and debates are cancelled too. I think expectations to safely hold a public election in May/June may prove too optimistic at this rate. How will we finish this little contest? Georgia is prepping for a postal-only primary in May, and if other states follow suit, we may see some permanent shifts in policy for later elections.
  5. I miss the old VA, tbh. Morgana just...annunciates too much for an animal. And makes me think somebody's soul is trapped in an owl rather than Feh being just one example of what owls are like in Askr.
  6. Let's see, with four summoning tickets...that's 135 orbs for a focus unit of your choice. That's a sweet deal, since you may be lucky enough to get other stuff you wanted from those 40 units you summoned. I guess what surprises me most is that this feature is not tied to Feh Pass.
  7. Baby Marth and Baby Ceada? What are they doing here, and not in Mario Kart?
  8. I think the idea could ultimately work if not for the body types, but yeah, you'd still be doing those characters a huge disservice if you ignored the unique ways each of them moves. It also creates its own complications, for instance Twintelle's animations would be incompatible with similar human characters when her weapons spring from her hair and you also have her literal arms exist and have to be doing something in every single animation. The workload would just be way higher than Koopalings and Hero. Character specific special abilities also would go un-utilized. Then again, not all of those unique skills are sensational. Ribbon Girl's triple jump ability is a big deal in the context of ARMS, but in Smash Bros multiple aerial jumps is something many other fighters are capable of. I don't envy them making the choice of which character to include. They're all stellar character designs, and I think sticking to the details of how fights play out in their game can result in an extremely different feeling character. In some ways I'm worried it'll be just another "look how good their attack range is!" sort of inclusion with no unique gimmicks or properties. Questions like whether you really get to have two attacks active at once or what happens if your punch collides with an opponent's hitbox are extremely interesting to me. As well as whether the character should have three types of arms to swap between manually or if each individual move pulls out a specific weapon so that as many as possible get represented. For example, D-Smash could be slamming two of the Hammer type of weapon on either side of them at close range rather than firing the hammer like you do in the actual game.
  9. My degenerate Switch library? Ha, if you thought Byleth was extra-
  10. I figured California might have been first. And that's just statewide. My county got the same orders on March 16th/17th as I recall.
  11. Lo, my friends. For I shall go down in history as the only one who resisted the temptations of Burger King!
  12. Mmm...nope. I'd rather just play FE1 again. Sorry, Feh.
  13. Because after that incident with Donald Glover, Bramimond realized he really needed to get better at this part of the job.
  14. I think it's less a question of time frame and more a question of can they work right now with the state of the world as it currently is. It sounds like people are still going to work in Japan at the moment, but we don't know how the situation may change in the near future. And Japan is a country unlike the US in that very few people work from home on any regular basis.
  15. Huh, Roy never met Brammimond, so that VA is an odd inclusion. The only characters we know met Brammimond in that same scene are Athos and Mark. I guess it'd have to be Mark. But what purpose would there be in casting a VA for Mark...?
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