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  1. I've always interpreted it as "you're a kid, it's dangerous to travel alone, at least take a partner along you could always depend on like you would a parent". That pokemon will be attacked by other pokemon, so it teaches the kid to make responsible decisions. Or perhaps the protection that the pokemon provides wasn't so much against other pokemon as it is against humans, which are far worse than a cuddly tyranitar. The "pokemon don't attack humans, even when ordered by other humans" is such an engrained thing that it's the basis for shadow pokemon. These are abducted pokemon with something done to their hearts that turn off that moral inhibition, and it creates a serious crisis even though they still respond to orders. As for the professor birch situation, we don't have the full context how he riled them up, or see what happens if the player doesn't show up. Think of the most tamed lion in a circus. One of these days that lion is going to have a guy's head in its mouth and he's gonna relax his jaw because it's getting tired. Pokemon may be intelligent, but they're also animals and prone to as many animalistic instincts and physical needs as humans are. He may have just crossed some kind of boundary that any sane person would never cross. It's no wonder he's the only professor that does that brand of "field research". He's probably shunned by the entire scientific community behind his back. Or, maybe some pokemon, like the for some reason shunned dark types like Poochyena, have more wives tails about attacking humans and the professor panicked. You can stand there for hours or try to leave, he will never actually be hurt. As for the anime, you know they've been willing to bend gameplay conceits from the beginning. Ash's pikachu beats onix just by thundershocking harder than the last time. Pikachu does blast away team rocket almost every episode with his thundershock because Ash orders it, but that's just been the standard of how the comic relief gets thwarted in this kid's show. It's adaptation, not source material. I guess the only answer I'm really comfortable with is "Pokemon is a game series with 25 years of history and dozens of spinoff titles. Even the main series games aren't developed by the same people, some anachronisms are to be expected". And I think its those inconsistencies that they're trying to cover up by claiming each version of pokemon takes place in a slightly different dimension. The events of no game can be considered "canon" as a result. According to Gen 1's canon, China and South America exist with those real life names, why haven't we seen them? Also "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" is a real song. I want to go to that Pat Benatar concert!
  2. Yeah but wild pokemon don't attack humans. That's a pretty core tenet of the lore. Now I'm wondering what happens when you die in pokemon.
  3. Pokemon: Breath of the Wha-huh??? What purpose does a dodge roll have for a pokemon game?
  4. Ever since the year started, I've felt kind of demotivated with games. I needed a quick, strange, side-show attraction like Superman Returns for the xbox 360. It's a game based on the film of the same name, but if you've been playing licensed superhero games in the 2000s, you know it's only got some vague references to the events of the film in the last hour of the game. The flying around feels really great. I bet this game was greenlit on just a prototype of that. And then the developers were given six short months to build a game around it. It's certainly the best that moving around as a superhero had ever felt by 2006, with the notable exception of Spider-Man 2. Once Superman's feet touch the ground, we're in for an unresponsive mess as you sluggishly throw punches at enemies. We're still a long ways away from the batman arkham games where your character glides toward a nearby enemy with each strike. There's a dodge and counterattack mechanic. But I found that you actually don't need to dodge any attack in order to access the counterattack. What keeps this from being abusive is just that the counterattack is just way too little damage. Anything that knocks down enemies is slow since they're invulnerable until they get back up. I even noticed one of the later game combos literally does zero damage. They didn't finish programming it. Superman can't die. If his health bar depletes, he just staggers to the ground for a second as it refills. But what you really need to manage is the city's health bar. Anytime you or an enemy breaks something in the environment or attacks the idiot npcs, the health goes down. You can replenish it by flying injured people to a nearby ambulance. One time I was annoyed to find that the person I picked up was a cop. I dropped him off at an ambulance - from 200 feet up in the sky. He said "thanks superman!" as he began falling...and it actually counted. Abducting these npc is jank, and I loved it. My interpretation of Superman most closely resembles that of a trickster god. I didn't love the aimless gameplay though. 70% of the game is waiting for crime to happen somewhere in the world so you can thwart it. Do that a set number of times to access the next setpiece battle. I don't know if these events are procedurally generated, but they certainly felt like it. And the more curated battles aren't any better as they gratuitously reuse boss fights, sometimes even in the same arena. My friend and I beat it the night it came out. We loved that update! Have fun with Squeak Squad, that's a great one too.
  5. The PS4 was five years old when I finally bought it. I've been joking that I won't get the PS5 until 2025. But man, Oddworld is looking good. Ditto for Kena and Deathloop. Yeah "FF7 Royal" was easy to see coming. But I guess if we're making that comparison, it's cool that the PS5 version is free for owners of the PS4 version. Although I'm guessing that won't work for physical copies. It always seemed suspicious that it was never announced for PS5. New version announcements are a big part of why I was holding out on the game. Well, really I was holding out for a PC port. Yuffie in a moogle suit is cute though! Edit: Also SIFU, wow!
  6. Wuh-oh. I hope they don't release before March 8th. That would certainly screw with a few projects. Zeke seems like the most safe bet to me. Jin or Malos as well. I think Poppi works great as a brawler. KOS-MOS would be a cool pick for Gunner. Hope they have a cool third party one as well.
  7. Whoa, that's a tough question as they are mostly known for licensed games, rather than their own characters. Mighty Switch Force is really the only other unique thing I know they made and they'd have to get pretty creative for a smash bros moveset. I love their interpretations of Billy and Jimmy, Scrooge McDuck, and the River City Girls, but I'm not sure they're the ones with technical ownership. Although I'd love to see all of them in Smash with those designs.
  8. Gyro. Sorry, what I meant was the right joy con is the only one with IR/pointer functionality. Technically the left joy con is capable of "motion controls" to the same degree the wii nunchuk was. More even. But the moment link takes out the bow, we'd have a problem.
  9. I guess my biggest gripe with right handed link is that it jeopardizes my theory about Link being the same person across time, just with a new body and no memory of past selves. Miyamoto always said Link was the "link" between player and game world. So any allusion to him being the same person the way the player is the same person from game to game always felt right. If you're a left handed gamer, then you're already used to the concept that the left hand moves the character while the right hand handles the action buttons. As I recall, the game world does have a lot of text that would need to be rewritten in the mirror world. Otherwise the hylian script, which does have its own alphabet, would be turned to gibberish in that mode. I can't think of any reason why they'd have a graphic designer on staff for this port, so mirror mode was probably a scrapped idea early on, if it ever came up. But it is is the most simple solution. Re-animating Link to hold or reach out for stuff with his left hand would be ultimately more time and effort than a mirror mode would. Furthermore, the right joy con is the only one that handles motion controls because it is the only joy con with that sort of functionality. A left handed motion control option was not feasible for the Nintendo Switch. In terms of strict gameplay, they probably thought the buttons only mode was sufficient enough for left handed players to have an easier time. I guess it really does come down to how much the game designers care about keeping left handed link a thing, conceptually.
  10. I hope one of the two is a fighting game character. DLC pack 2 has been a very "should have been there in the base game" list, save for maybe Steve. So if we follow that theme, then it would be a Tekken character. Namco's been making Smash for over half a decade, they've earned some self-promotion. I just wish Tekken had cooler characters lol. Kazuya's pretty nothing as far as poster boys go. There's Heihachi as the villain. I suppose he WOULD complete my trifecta of old men characters in smash, alongside Cranky Kong and Scrooge McDuck. But any pick feels lacking in terms of movesets. Tekken never really emphasized special moves or some kind of meter management. And I've seen them put those characters in 2D before with Street FighterxTekken, a lot of it doesn't make sense in a game where sidestepping isn't a thing. Maybe one of the characters who can initiate separate fighting stances, like Xiaoyu. That'd be a very Tekken way to create new gameplay possibilities. Sakurai can also brag that this character has "almost 100 moves in total!". Or heck, just put in Kuma/Panda. You'd have the comedy of Piranha Plant's inclusion, but none of the salt about them being a generic enemy.
  11. Oh wow. Somebody make a tactics game out of that. Every map would be a siege map. So, basically fire emblem. I want a tactics game where I starve out the enemy in their pretty little castles. As for the big bad Dragon antagonist manipulating everything, what better stand-in for God than God himself? Now which country is the cat-girl race...? Anyway, I don't think I particularly agree with the premise. I mean, Otaku, do they still call each other that in Japan? When asked about these new elements, developers always say they want to appeal to a wider demographic, not a more narrow one. And I think the sales data proves that there's something to that. Here in the west, we may think about dating sims as games for horny guys, but it's not so one-sided in Japan. Otome games are their own genre. Three Houses dials back on the uncomfortable sex elements (My mysterious cousin or hot step-sis...who do I choose???) but I was still frustrated with a game that was, in terms of raw play time, 50% simulation elements and clearly built by a staff that loved Persona 5 but lacked much of the time/resources to build their own Persona 5. My problem right now is with a series that chases trends too hard. I'm glad to hear the games are selling, but I'd have a hard time seeing them gain traction if not for the priveledged marketing magic of Super Smash Bros. All I want is killer gameplay. They can have whatever else they want off to the side.
  12. I've seen a similar take online: "Why don't they just make another Final Fantasy Tactics", and really would the name and iconography change that much? I like that Square Enix finances development studios to make games in original universes, even when the gameplay ends up feeling like an older game with Final Fantasy in the title. It's a far cry from an era where Squaresoft was worried a game wouldn't sell, so they'd slap "Final Fantasy" in the title in order to boost sales. Speaking of the SaGa and Mana franchises, I'm liking these remasters of those games on Switch. Keep em coming. Though I notice they're prioritizing obscure titles over more popular games, like FF1-6, chrono trigger, etc. Isn't there budget enough to be releasing both? The current steam/mobile versions of such games often have questionable quality, but some are perfectly serviceable. Or you can strike a deal with Nintendo to put the original ROMs on the Switch Online apps. That's money they're leaving on the table.
  13. If they consider them to be different characters to a point where they have separate numbers in the roster, than I'm guessing the movesets are totally different between the two. I can't wait for a Sakurai stream going over the details. I was never a fan of XC2, but the music additions are no doubt going to be a highlight.
  14. Huh, I guess this was better than I expected. But the surprise I was most in the mood for this morning would have been something kirby related. On the other hand, No More Heroes 3 has wrist-mounted joy-cons to represent the Death Glove this time around. And it's looking to be another video game about video games in the same vein as Travis Strikes Again. I don't know if it will be my new favorite video game, but it's pretty clear it's competing for that spot. Splatoon 3 was hype until it was made clear that it wasn't an ambitious open world adventure spinoff set in that universe. Project Triangle is looking like what Fire Emblem ought to be. Lovingly crafted 2D art style, narrative choices that matter, altitude bonuses. I gotta get that demo. Don't really have strong opinions on anything else. Legend of Mana remaster is very left field, but I guess fits as a followup to the three previous games making it to Switch last year. I hope the Ninja Gaiden trilogy is good. I think they said they will have all the content, which is great, because every time those games got ported they seemed to add something while taking something else away or just significantly altering something about the gameplay that is very contentious. The first one is pretty good, the second is kind of brainless from what I recall, and the third is aggressively dumb. I would have preferred a new ninja gaiden over re-releases, but somebody's probably hype for this. As for Pyra, I like it. I honestly did not care for Xenoblade 2, especially not its characters, but she just looks fun with the character switching. I've got a ton of questions, so I'm looking forward to a Sakurai stream about it. As well as news about what mii costumes are joining my Reeks Mii fighter.
  15. Seeing that it has been almost a year and a half since the last Direct of its type, I just think many people have forgotten how generally disappointing these tend to be when it's not for E3 or hyping up the games they've saved up for the holiday season. Even at 50 minutes, it's best to keep expectations in check
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