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  1. Not certain about the minimum level since I don't remember what chapter unlocks the option to recruit units, but a chapter 12 recruited unit will be at level 23. Every chapter you wait gives them another two levels, up to that maximum. Another difference between maddening and lower difficulties is that when you transition to post time skip, characters no longer auto level to 20 if they were below that threshold. Allegedly no, hence why his recruitment stats are so bad. My chapter 12 recruited Cyril has 15 strength and 18 speed. And his other stats weren't up to par either.
  2. I triple dipped into the Castlevania Collection for Castlevania 2: Belmont's Revenge. Well, it's the best game I've played titled "Castlevania 2", I'll say that much. As a sequel to The Adventure on Game Boy, it makes the obvious adjustments. Movement speed has been increased to a more playable standard, getting hit no longer downgrades your whip (except when hurt by a specific, returning enemy from the previous game) and they added sub weapons to the game, though I seldom found them useful. There are also less instant kill hazards, and a more generous checkpointing system in which the second to last checkpoint you reached is your new continue point, so you won't have to start a level over from the very beginning. Once again though, they neglect to set a hard continue point before the final boss. And defeating him requires nothing short of memorizing pixel perfect dodges. You also have a Mega Man style level select for the first four stages before you can raid Dracula's castle, so there's some non-linearity in how you tackle the game. I think its definitely one of the better game boy games out there. I can only nitpick the difficulty curve shooting way up for the final two boss fights. 5 out of 10. Continuing on I played Kid Dracula next. This game is a very transparent rif on Mega Man, with only the first stage having any aesthetic resemblance to Castlevania. Dracula charges his shots like Mega Man, obtains new weapons from bosses like Mega Man, and even shares Mega Man's idle stance and walk animations. The only thing its missing is the ability to select which stage to play next. It's a very easy game until the final level in which they forego checkpoints completely and also don't give you any health upgrades. The gameplay has little depth and is ideal as a casual experience, hence why I think it's unfortunate the game decides to be difficult only in the end as if to rob the player of a cute little ending. I rate it a 4.6 out of 10. And as expected, they censored the swastika tattoo on the first boss.
  3. The Lords from the last new game topped the polls, so I don't think it's any surprise the same happened with Three Houses. Especially with it being separated between boys and girls and Edelgard being the sole girl. A lot of long time favorites are out of the picture by now too. Also oh right, choose your legends is around this time of year isn't it? inb4 "Edelgard isn't actually the villain"
  4. I haven't encountered a list that spells out route specific battalions, but according to my notes, the battalion guild first expands its inventory in chapter 8, and again in chapter 14. A lot of the exotic gambits won't appear until then or as rewards from paralogues. In particular, as far as I've read or seen, the only pre-time skip sources of Retribution are Manuela's Indech Sword Fighters, and the BL-exclusive Kingdom Archers. As for paralogues, y'know I recruited all students in my maddening SS NG run and was surprised at how easy that was. It wasn't all smooth - I had to save scum for one character at B support to ask to join my class in that final week where his paralogue was available. In my defense, that B support was done several months ago so it was poor luck. But doing all the paralogues really set me up for the time skip, as you come out of them with a lot of gold, items, and experience. So my answer for which ones are worth it is simply "all of them that you can unlock". Ferdinand and caspar are big problems since you can't just get to B support in their case, but take note of the characters whose requirements are very easy. For instance Ingrid only requiring 5 faculty trainings in flying - or 4 if you're willing to save scum for Great sessions. The planning out of who you're going to recruit and how was kind of fun for me. But if you feel like that planning is going to slow down your run, don't stress about nabbing every single paralogue. By the way, this is a helpful list of paralogues detailing rewards and timeframes. Take note that batallion rewards are tied to a specific character. If that character is not recruited, you don't get that battalion.
  5. I actually considered combining White Magic Avo +20 into this round, but then thought it better to just leave a note about its synergy with Faith Prowess. Since Faith Prowess granted more than just avoid and applied to more units than Byleth and Dorothea, I thought it served better as the focus. As for Astra, I do have Swordmaster on the list already. Though it seems a tricky yes/no question when Catherine comes in the class and the player will presumably keep her there for the class stat boosts and stat growths in the short time it takes to tutor her in axes and bows for other class options. Maybe the question is best framed as "would you use Swordmaster long-term?" Astra can only be used while in the class, so swordmaster seems like the ideal subject to focus on. Hero I think is plenty different to warrant its own round. It's class mastery is one of few defiant skills people seem to like. B Swords and C axes makes it an easier class to certify into, especially for units like Byleth and Felix. And you get Vantage for free. The class also saw long term use in this guy's LTC. But if the playthrough weren't LTC with so many restrictions he probably would have classed Seteth into something else and grinded out equippable vantage to pull off the same enemy phase build.
  6. This roster seems very light on offense to me. Do you need to recruit Linhardt and Mercedes? I'd stick with Linhardt, personally, he's a great addition to any team. And you can mission assistance Mercedes if you really want one more physic user for free pre-time skip. Wyverns are good for their freedom of movement, but they will only rarely one round ko unless the unit in question is blessed in key offensive stats or landing a crit with a killer weapon. You definitely want more than one flier (since one flier alone accomplishes nothing noteworthy), but as many as 5 would be overkill. Ignatz as a sniper is a great delete button. Raphael with gauntlets also tears up, but you've benched him in favor of Felix which is fine. Since you've benched Raphael, make him Ignatz' guard adjutant. This will patch up Ignatz' poor bulk while also granting him +6 damage on his hunter's volleys once they hit A support, in addition to hit and avoid bonuses. As for Byleth, it's hard to say. I think the greatest advantage to F!Byleth is really just Sylvain's paralogue, which has the juiciest array of items. Stat boosters, 10000G, the Lance of Ruin, and some extra weapons. And Sylvain himself can be...okay. Honestly when it comes to choosing Byleth's gender, don't worry about his/her combat performance. Byleth is your anchor on Maddening and I can't imagine them falling off. F!Byleth can work on flying rank early by classing into pegasus knight, while M!Byleth becomes an insane war master to continue carrying in the end game.
  7. Bow Knights are kinda icky on Maddening. Your hit rate drops by 30 each added space you're trying to shoot. Unless your bow or combat art covers that amount of range in its description. So the Bow knight's extra space over the Sniper's range can feel like barely an advantage if you're not doing everything to keep that accuracy high. Canto is nice, but the Sniper's Hunter's Volley is nicer. You will only need to worry about a sniper's strength stat and they will pull their weight until the end of the game. The only units I tend to consider for Bow Knight are Cyril and Leonie, due to having Point Blank Volley, a 1 range locked version of Hunter's Volley, but those characters could also fire that combat art as a Wyvern and maintain high class growths. I might also recommend Dark Knight for a magic focused Annette. Gremory provides only extra spell uses, and I can't imagine her running out of any of her spells. If she were a physic user, then gremory or bishop would be fine, but she's not. Speaking of, Mercedes probably ought to be a bishop. More spell charges and better healing. With Physic she doesn't need to keep up with your frontliners.
  8. Incidentally I attempted Enlightened One nostank Byleth on Chapter 13. Budding talent and all. He could sustain just fine with 50-60 enemy hit rates, but he wasn't coming close to the kill on anybody. Because of his position, enemies filled up two single file lines coming at him through a forest, but the enemy volume was so high that the rest walked around the terrain after my other units who were trying to pick off kills from a safe distance. There were also thieves in the mix, so of course they could pass by as well. For general use I can't imagine the build would fare any better, as there aren't any chapters or objectives I can think of in which you just need to buy time. I do see some potential for seraphim users, if only to patch up that spell's accuracy a bit for the monster related maps. Monsters don't have high avoid rates to begin with - no prowess skill, doesn't take advantage of terrain bonuses, but effective damage always breaks a barrier. So it's not weird to have your healer pitch in for a full armor break.
  9. Round 9 is Faith Prowess. Here is the strawpoll link. Notice the question is asking about gameplay past the early game. The reason is that Faith Prowess first shows up at a point of the game in which you don't even have 5 abilities to choose from, so the choice to equip it there is not much of a choice at all until more abilities unlock. By focusing past the early game, my hope is to preserve the nuance of the question. Here are some notes: Faith Prowess begins with 5 Hit, 7 Avoid, and 5 Crit Avoid and upgrades to 10 Hit, 20 Avoid, and 10 Crit Avoid as the user's Faith rank increases from E+ to A+. Most units only have Nosferatu for white magic attacking. That spell has 8 weight, and 1 MT, making it an iffy means of keeping your avoid rate high and for sustaining health. Faith Prowess stacks with white magic avoid +20, which Byleth and Dorothea can learn by unlocking their budding talents. If luring an enemy with a heavy spell like nosferatu doesn't sound appealing, you can manually equip a heal spell and it will stay equipped as long as you end your turn without attacking. Unlike with weapons, you cannot use the trade command to swap a unit's equipped spell to something lighter. Since most characters stop learning white magic spells at C rank, I don't find myself intentionally raising my faith rank past that point, making it unlikely Faith Prowess will max out. The rewards for reaching S and S+ Faith, White magic Range +1 and White Tomefaire, are also not very enticing as they only affect white magic attacks, rather than enhance your support capabilities in any way.
  10. Bravely Default was an atrocious experience for me. What contempt those developers must have had for the player to withhold the ending so long. I've no interest in its sequel(s) They don't have to carry on conversations during battle. I was thinking more of the the quiet sections of the game where you're running between aggro ranges of monsters toward a destination and/or taking in the landscape of an area. In western rpgs, party members strike conversations with the player and each other all the time outside of battle. Usually one of hundreds of potential conversations based on who is in the party and what area you're in. I call this the "Dragon Age Origins party banter", though it probably originates from other games depending on how you define the concept. And when a battle does occur mid conversation, one of the characters says "we'll pick this up later" and then "so, you were saying?" once the battle has concluded.
  11. If I could make one Quality of Life patch: If I could make one giant Balance patch:
  12. Well I find the notion that RPG = narrative heavy to be pretty antiquated. We're some twenty years off from a time in gaming history where we had to worry about text limitations. Games of any genre can have as many words as they please. From collecting notes in Resident Evil (1996) to our modern action-adventure games where dialogue is near constant during gameplay - either between the protagonist and other characters, or just radio chatter and audiologs. Nobody runs with the assumption that good gameplay and good narrative come at the cost of each other. Nathan Drake making exertion sounds as he climbs up an unsteady cliff is compelling gameplay and narrative at once. It only gets boring if it's the eighth hour of climbing, just as the eight hour of pressing Attack in a menu tends to get boring. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that gameplay in the twenty first century has been just as carefully considered as any cutscene is. And it bugs me that modern jrpgs tend to find cutscenes as the primary means of delivering narrative - especially generic dialogue sequences. Why do I need ten hours of Rex being awkward around Pyra when that dialogue could have been delivered during any gameplay segment or by optionally talking to party members in specific contexts? Narrative gets delivered faster, and it also makes the gameplay feel more rich and varied when you can interact with the characters and world outside of cutscenes.
  13. Does it have to be a Fire Emblem game? If they're tired of making tactics games, do something else. It doesn't have to be called "Fire Emblem". And I think they agreed with me when they changed the name of that game to Tokyo Mirage Sessions. Most Fire Emblem games give me the impression that name is a misnomer due to lack of connection to the original. The only Fire Emblem games that it seems appropriate for are the archanea games and Awakening since it has the same relic as part of the plot. And maybe there's a reused pronoun somewhere in jugdral. Kaga wanted a large enough world where there could be conflicts all over the place, but post-Kaga games want to do the Final Fantasy thing with its non-sequel sequels. Anyway, phooey on the idea that IS can't "handle" a JRPG. Swap out the tactics gameplay for menu based gameplay and bam, Phoney Fantasy. Paper Mario blows most jrpgs out of the water with its satisfying gameplay and excellent world. And I gag at the notion that a good story is somehow characteristic of the genre. If Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is what passes for good story these days, than maybe we are too hard on Fire Emblem plots.
  14. "Both sides of time are revealed to you. What shall you do?" Be a goldfish in all my scenes with the other Lords because I'm not allowed to challenge their viewpoints or influence their growth despite how much I supposedly mean to them.
  15. People reeeee when you mention the Remire chapter as a quick place to activate her personal. But when Edelgard does it, it's A-okay. I see how it is.
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