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  1. I think the only appropriate response to that post is quoting this and saying nobody calls it that
  2. I feel like we already figured out the meta decades ago. Resign from the presidency, get pardoned by your Vice President. We call that the Nixon Nullifier. Pardoning yourself would just be...tacky.
  3. I'm only considering balances related to non-DLC, non NG+, Maddening mode since it's all I know. But I won't add entirely new things to the game (no matter how badly I'd like to put a magic bow combat art in for Hanneman and Mercedes). I won't touch the class balance, but I did change one spell. Ignatz would be buffed considerably if you replaced Leonie's Break shot with a different combat art, since it's annoying that a much better unit on his team is providing that same vital utility. Beyond that, fix the kid's charm growth. 25 is too low, and you can dip into his luck or dex growths to do it. As a Sniper, he doesn't need a high charm as much as other units, but I imagine his growths were balanced against Bernadetta and Ashe, and you know they fucked up when they made Bernadetta the most charming of the three. The girl who screams and runs away from people who aren't strangers. Flayn: Hard pass on replacing anything with Seraphim. Seraphim is problematic because you're going to get counterattacked and need to put a magic range increasing accessory on her when it's probably the only attacking she'll do. Plus monsters are never really a problem except in one map (sothis paralogue) which you'll probably do much sooner than you can get Flayn's Faith rank to A. I think Flayn is perfect the way she is, with clear strengths and weaknesses over other healers, but I guess I'd put Frozen Lance at C+, since other units get to benefit from magic combat arts sooner than her and pushing for it is a serious strain on her skill exp investment. Hanneman: Make Sagittae a 3 range spell and lower its accuracy by 10. It has no niche in three houses beyond being a stronger Fire. replace Thoron with Excalibur. I want this guy to actually have the best Reason spread in order to justify recruiting him as a mage. If all of that sounds too much then ramp up his starting authority and give him a ton of rallies. Caspar: Start with his base stats. 6 speed is unworkable, bump it to 8. It's like you said he won't overtake Raphael or Dedue in speed until his mid level 20s. I want to remove his authority bane but can't think of who else on the team to give it to besides Edelgard, which probably wouldn't be too crippling if she still begins at D and has unique classes that can fastrack her authority growth anyway. An armor proficiency would be nice. Maybe also grant him a starting D in brawling in addition to Axes so he's a bit closer to Bombard which is vital. And canonically he's the only student that regularly gets in fist fights so it fits. Give him an authority proficiency and he can be the rally bot that the Black Eagles lack. There's a lot of directions you can go for this kid that I'm not sure which to pick. Raphael: Strength growth at 60. The only other student canonically that matches Raphael's strength training and protein packing is Dimitri and missing a strength up on a level hurts in the very early game. Then buff his personal skill to always heal at 10% each turn, or heal 20% of HP while having odds at double his luck stat. Then One-Two Punch at A rank so that Caspar can match Raphael's damage in the mid game but Raphael can overcome speed issues in the very late game by never being doubled like Dedue or Alois. Lorenz: taking into account the Sagittae buff we did for Hanneman, Lorenz really only wants boosts to magic or speed growths since Ragnarok at B is already busted and his personal is excellent. Maybe also put his starting reason at D so he has Fire for chapter 1, and nerf his starting riding to E+. I dunno, this guy is perfectly balanced by my estimation. All I can say for sure is ramp up his starting charm to 8. This man is a treasure. He should not be considered less charming than some low-born like Leonie. Ashe: Swap Batallion desperation for Batallion Wrath. Give him Riding proficiency since he wants to be a knight canonically. I think increasing his build variety is really the surest thing I'd give him so that we can stop comparing him to the other, better snipers. Then you could put Point Blank Volley at A rank. I hate throwing around one the best combat arts in the game haphazardly, but Ashe feels like he ought to be the best bow knight in the game anyway, to make up for an icky early game and lack of personal skill that competes with Ignatz or Bernadetta. Reward players for sticking with this kid. Manuela: Giving her access to the dancer class is really the biggest thing, but obviously is kind of weird if we're just thinking of changes you could see in a "patch update". And we can't create any new classes either. I guess just remove the reason bane (I know it's there for her to be a counterpart to Hanneman, but Hanneman doesn't have a Faith bane so it's a fail of a reference anyway), ramp up her starting authority (yeah I know she's an irresponsible teacher, but she at least canonically commands attention from the boys due to her appearance). Then buff her personal to give nearby allies avoid against gambits or something else unique in addition to crit avoid. That way she's really helping out frontliners by being nearby since they often have two problems, low luck and low charm. Gilbert: I think his starting ranks are fantastic, just boost his starting authority from D+ to C (he actually has a C authority as a green unit in chapter 5). Boost his defense growth from 45 to 50 so it matches Dedue, and ramp up the base defense while nerfing the charm base and growth since this guy should not be as charming as she is. I don't want to trade his lance rank for a brawling rank, because that would just make him a copy of Alois. Put a steel lance in his inventory when he joins and equip him with swordbreaker, and trade helm splitter for shatter slash in his equipped combat arts. I think Gilberts pretty well designed already (being able to survive in chapter 13 and provide both rally defense and smite), I would just optimize him more for that chapter and maybe boost his base stats.
  4. My GOTY is Bug Fables. Technically it released first in 2019, but in 2020 for Switch which is where and when I played it. The only other 2020 games I played were Streets of Rage 4, Kirby Fighters 2, and Resident Evil 3 Remake. Though I intend to play Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity and Battletoads before the year has ended, I don't see either game topping Bug Fables. If we decided Bug Fables doesn't count as a 2020 game than I guess my tentative answer is Resident Evil 3 For non-2020 games that I went back for, since I played so many more games in that category, I may as well organize a top 10. Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair Luigi's Mansion 3 (which I had the privilege of playing entirely in co-op before this pandemic began) Bastion Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Rage 2 Super Castlevania IV The Secret of Monkey Island Parasite Eve Phantasy Star 4: End of the Millenium
  5. With Nintendo's recent behavior I'm surprised this hasn't happened back when the second game released. I've got no bright ideas on what's so special about that date. Up until now I was anticipating a rollout of a new "Virtual Console" service that's separate from the Nintendo Online subscription. But I have no idea how Mario Maker ties into that since it's not a retro game. I'm just going to treat it as a coincidence rather than an omen that the Wii U/3DS eshops are shutting down on the same date. I do think that's likely in 2021, but if it were that close, we would have heard about it by now. The Wii's eshop gave us six months of warning before we could stop buying things. And an additional year to redownload stuff linked to your account
  6. It's a strange feeling having what you just said parroted back at you. But if you agree with me, then I don't see how you think it's okay to criticize a story based on your experience seeking out spoilers online. It's shallow media critique. Like picking up a book, skipping to the final chapter, closing it and saying "pfft, that was dumb" You're right on one thing, it's your money. I just thought it was annoying to see somebody decide they hated a game before it could make its case to anybody, but that's the internet.
  7. I just think the how was sufficiently answered between the 3 named NPCs who survived the event, and 16 memories. BotW is the sort of game that starves you of plot, so you're going to seek these things out. There was a prophecy, everybody did everything they could, tragedy strikes when the machines turn on everybody, zelda awakens to her chosen one powers early enough for the all is lost moment. It's an unsatisfying story because everybody does all of the right things, and they still fail. I think the prospect of a prequel is much more enticing in a game like Red Dead Redemption 2. We know bits and pieces about this gang that John Marston used to run with from the first game, but it's delivered only through his dialogue with other characters, not explicit cutscene that show the perspectives of many characters. The second game managed to tell an interesting story because there were so many gaps in the details and conflicting perspectives from the surviving members of that gang who you now get to meet in their prime. And yeah, RDR2 ends how you think it's going to, but getting to that conclusion is engaging every step of the way. Even if you played the first game, there's surprises within certain character interactions. I guess the difference is that BotW is not a game that cares about character development. There's no nuance to the calamity, or people fighting against it, so I'm not inclined to care until this new game presents new details I hadn't heard yet. Maybe AoC ends up doing nothing with the material and the only changes made are to justify gameplay concerns like Zelda being able to fight and having their fan fiction-y ending. I don't know yet, but it's enough that I'm more intrigued now than I was before the demo.
  8. I didn't think I belonged at the dinner table since all the seats were taken. But then I pulled up a seat and sat down where there was room for me. Oh, this isn't FftF so I probably have to explain myself. Basically the world is too big to make grand statements about what does or doesn't belong. But by my estimation, there is a lot of room for what does belong and some people will even make room for your nonsense if you're lucky. So just live your best life, don't interfere with other peoples' best lives where you can help it, and if something doesn't feel right, move on from it. If you're really curious about why people act the way they do, try to imagine life in their shoes for a moment, or go out of your comfort zone for a day. At best you learn about something you were missing in life. At worst, you're better at empathizing with that person's individual concerns. Either way your horizons have been broadened.
  9. I have not played the game yet, but I take it from disgruntled comments that the game doesn't lead to that conclusion. Personally I struggle to empathize with people who did want that kind of game where everything that's expected to happen happens, but the false advertising argument seems icky to me. It's kind of like claiming false advertising when you order a burger and it doesn't look as nice as in the picture. You got the right product, you just didn't get what you may have hoped for. I think of a game like Metal Gear Solid 2, which was deliberately advertising something that it was not. All the pre-release footage and demos were of the game's first hour, and that first hour is still there in the game, but they kept a tight lid on any information pertaining to the rest of the game and what it would really be about. These days, MGS2 is praised excessively for that misdirection. How the game's narrative has a metatext about the cynicism of sequels and living lies through the game's protagonist. Altogether a strange situation, but certainly the biggest case for "false advertising" I can think of. I definitely don't think a claim of false advertising should rely on a premise of ignorance though. We've known for a month that the plot will not play out how we expect. And if that should affect your decision to buy the game, you've had that much time to think about it. Plus people spoiling themselves on a game they were already interested in are doing themselves a disservice. It's one thing to read some comment's edgy synopsis of a story, and another entirely to experience it yourself and let the game make its case for you. In other words, unless I'm a way better story teller than the game developers could hope to be, I'm not going to be able to tell the game's story any better than they could with the aid of gameplay, cutscenes, etc. Be upset about the game all you want, but don't make bad faith arguments by pretending to be more ignorant than you factually were about the product. I was mad at Three Houses for not being what it could be, but I didn't need to make up nonsense about unmet expectations. The game in reality was easy enough to pick on after having played it.
  10. If there's any branch of government desperately in need of reform, it's the judicial system. Life appointments can't be justified for any job. Especially one that requires your mental faculties remain in order. We live a lot longer now than thought possible centuries ago, and the Constitution was written at a time where the president was also thought to serve for life like any king. The problem with disorders related to things like dementia is that it doesn't just take away your means of function, it warps your entire personality and perception of the world around you. Hell yeah that's going to change your reading of the Constitution or your judgment of people related to a case. Sure Congress can impeach judges, but has it happened to a supreme court justice before? Exactly once, over two hundred years ago. And the Senate did not vote to remove him. Another meaningless impeachment story. What about federal judges? That list isn't that much more impressive. 14 in our nation's history, not counting the SC justice, three of whom were acquitted and kept their office. Speaking of term limits, I often felt congress ought to be adjusted too. 4 years for both houses. House representative spend their entire terms running for re-election, and that sucks. I would have senators serve the remainder of their terms, but only get 4 years on their next term. That way we'd still be looking at a third of senate elections every two years. Maybe there's a way to split house elections into equal midterm affairs as well.
  11. The problem with doing a game set in the time skip is that, canonically, nothing was happening during those 5 years. Look at the character bios of each unit in post-time skip. Most went home and haven't seen combat since. One rare exception I can remember is CF! Petra being conscripted into the Empire's army, but in other routes she just goes home. Dimitri in his own route is probably the one character that we can say what he was doing with any real confidence, but for the most part the war was on pause for five years. So there's no way to do a game during this time without re-writing canon. And if they're going far enough to lie on behalf of making the students playable, I'd expect a Revelations style rout where everybody teams up rather than them picking one route to adapt. Heck imagine the backlash alone on doing a Fire Emblem Three Houses Warriors game with no Byleth other than as some post game unlockable. The War of Heroes idea runs into less plot issues because so much less is known about those events. But you'd also be talking about doing a Warriors crossover game with no recognizeable characters other than the Nabateans and Nemesis, none of whom can be considered main characters in any route of three houses (no not even Seteth in Church route. Just because he was picked to be the person describing the plot to Byleth doesn't mean he's making any decisions that drive the plot forward).
  12. Maybe I'm forgetting a fire emblem game where bosses are notably challenging without being downright broken, but yeah, I think they put in enough effort this time around that you could say this game has the best bosses. Not that it's some huge metric by which to rate Fire Emblem games. Some new ideas were real duds. The Nemesis chapter with its twelve elites doesn't work. They are sufficiently powerful with awesome relics and crests, but they're stationary (even on Maddening) and can be taken out with ranged attacks at the player's leisure. And it's also a map that doesn't hurry the player forward in any way which further exasperates their non-threatening nature. I feel like if you asked me to fix that chapter, I'd either dump distant counter on every elite, or make it so they respawn after a while next to Nemesis and have to be killed again to keep Nemesis vulnerable. It also helps that so many maps are kill boss chapters rather than your standard rout or seize. There will be turns where you're weighing your chances at ending a map early not because you want to end the map early but because doing so can avoid disaster from all the other enemies about to get their turn or ambush spawns ready to ruin your day. I like that the game's maps have multiple bosses to fulfill that condition rather than the one guy sitting on a throne. It may make the maps feel more rout-ey, but I think going after some tough guy in the distance is more engaging than just mopping up mooks who are just standing around waiting to die in a more enemy phased-focused fire emblem game like FE7 or Awakening.
  13. I think it's important to appriase each situation on a case by case basis. When Activision publishes a game like Overwatch that has loot boxes, it's bad. When Activition publishes a game without loot boxes like Crash 4, it's good. But even still, It's tricky because when a company's product underperforms in sales, it's never the assholes in power who take the loss from that. They'll fire a thousand employees on the same day they write themselves a pay raise. Once in a lifetime you get somebody like Iwata cutting their pay to avoid having to lay off staff, but this is not a world that ever rewards or encourages such selfless behavior. I want the video game industry to unionize in order to crack down on mistreatment of employees, but even unions are just miniature power structures that create avenues for corruption. I'll still game the system where I can though. I like to buy games when they come out if I really support the idea or franchise that they represent, even though I think it's predatory for a company to say "if they buy a lot of this game, we'll make more". I opt to buy used copies of games and third party controllers if I want the product but don't want to give the company my money for something rotten they've done. It's small gestures that won't ever win me a nobel peace prize, but my own actions are the one thing I can control in an unjust universe.
  14. I finished up the MMZ series with Mega Man Zero 4. It's strange to see a mega man game with such a definitive ending. Even Mega Man 11 didn't leave us with any definitive conclusion. I was told repeatedly by Zero fans that the plot is a huge selling point and you can tell they began trying with 3 and 4. 4 follows very logically from 3's finale which was a refreshing example of serialized story telling. But really it's nothing to get worked up over. We're still presented with unlikeable/unrelatable characters, grade school dialogue writing, and predictable twists. In a lot of ways this felt more like a traditional Mega Man or Mega Man X game by presenting us with 8 robot masters and an anti-hero character. Also it's weird that the other maverick hunters of the previous three games didn't get a sendoff in this series finale. It's like they just forgot. The progression system of previous games has been replaced almost entirely. Now instead of buying individual upgrades, you have one elf to manage and are presented with more upgrades as it levels up. This allows for some opportunity cost scenarios like choosing between moving faster or having constant shots come out of your elf. But for the most part each new upgrade is better than the last. Upgrading the elf costs a ton of crystals, and the best farming strategies aren't available until you’ve already grinded enough to hit level 5, which you’d never reach just blazing your way through the game normally. You also have to grind enemy materials to build parts that grant you new skills. The game hands you some recipes if you talk to certain NPCs, but most are hidden so you’d better break out the guide to find how to make the double jump boots. Overall this game is about as grindy as Mega Man Zero 1. Which is unacceptably so. One change I do like is with EX skills. To earn them, all you need to do is defeat bosses when the weather favors them, rather than requiring the player to maintain a high rank. The boss and level do become harder under such conditions, but not in a way that I found unmanageable due to the save assist feature. I like it, but since you can’t refight bosses when revisiting stages, it’s still permanently missable content just like in the previous games. I still enjoyed myself with Zero 4, but I think Zeros 3 and 2 are superior action games in just not prompting the player to grind so damn much The other game I played is Affordable Space Adventures, a stealth/puzzle indie game exclusive to the Wii U. In a distant future where space travel to uncharted planets is commonplace, the company Uexplore provides cheap voyages for explorers of little means. How bad can it be, if there's a coupon for it? It's a game where you get past enemies and obstacles by adjusting your ship's systems to squeeze and float your way through obstacles. There's no combat elements, so it's up to you to manage your ship's output of sound, heat, and electricity to get by the notice of enemies. Checkpoints are generous, although load times between levels were pretty obnoxious in their length. My favorite part of the game was the final levels where you're losing your ship's systems one by one and forced to hold your engine together against the planet's harsh elements. And the ending was the most deliciously nihilistic I have ever seen in a video game. The game also features co-op controls where multiple players can control the ship's various systems. I didn't get an opportunity to try this out, but I'm imagining something like the game Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. The game also featured Miiverse support which obviously no longer exists and I imagine took the shape of players leaving you hints within levels
  15. I get the idea of rooting for the underdog video games, but If I were known as the jackass that likes this or that reviled game, it'd better have good gameplay. I mean, think of the rude surprise I was in for after I finished Conquest, planted twenty down on Birthright and said to myself "okay, that was a dud, but maybe this one is better". Does Birthright even exist? I have the save file confirming that I finished it, and I don't remember a damned thing in terms of plot or gameplay.
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