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  1. That's what I'm talking about. In the GBA games, the Armor knight's shield is a detachable chest plate. None of this has to make sense. I just want more gameplay consideration to go into accessories than flat boosts that anybody can take advantage of.
  2. Sure, but maybe have more accessories tied to certain classes. For instance, giving a mage or archer a shield is goofier than giving it to an armor knight. Meanwhile a magic staff is not much use to a physical fighter. And then rings could be something anybody would wear, but isn't as useful as something available to a more specialized class. Prf accessories could certainly add to unit variety too. Three Houses did that a little with its relics, but the bonus for having a matching crest was often just 5 HP at the start of each turn.
  3. So what stage would they do? Probably destiny island right? Would it be a chill beach you can just vibe on or should it occasionally get dark with that big heartless boss showing up. Maybe the island splits apart and Ansem shows up as a stage boss. They haven't done one of those in a while. In either case, no Baby Tidus and his baby pals. Blitzball is not allowed in Smash Bros. On account of being too much fun!
  4. Of course. This is becoming a recognizeable trope of single player games, but I also like being presented with a very powerful enemy early on in the game and being encouraged not to fight them, but much later in the game I'm much stronger and tasked with defeating one of them. It really hammers home your character progression when you can beat what used to be unbeatable. Like coming back to the deathclaw nest as a late game character in Fallout New Vegas. There's no story-related reason to come back there, but it's an intense challenge that you've been fantasizing about since the start of the game when NPCs were telling you not to travel that road. That's why I think there's also merits for the opposite phenomenon. Where your character is not that powerful and must outsmart or out manuever his foes. Solid Snake surveying guards from the far corner. Super Mario destroying the bridge with an axe. Every second of a Punch Out game. Heck, there's a reason why Dark Souls bosses are almost universally giants in proportion to your character. We like to be the underdog too.
  5. Especially if there's no head portion necessary to complete the look. So you could goof off with a mario look alike or the breath of the wild or Chrom wigs. Maybe see what Sans or Cuphead's nobody looks like
  6. I remember when this game came out and was hype for Sora in Smash. But in a post KH3 world, I feel like I could only care if they threw us a curveball. Kairi for Smash. And an organization XIII swordfighter outfit with the hood down.
  7. I mentioned being in a metal gear mood the past month and I played through Peacewalker and the original MSX game for the first time. I also played MGS5 Ground Zeroes in order to earn some unlockables for Phantom Pain, which I would like to try again at finishing. One of my goals is to go back to games played years in the past and 100% them, so I did just that with MGS1. That's an easy pick, considering all I had to do for the game's unlockables is play the game again on the same file for the bad ending and then go through the VR missions which didn't take long. I also picked out Call of duty 2, which only asks for a playthrough on the hardest difficulty in order to earn that sweet sweet gamerscore. Since the title starts with the letter C, it also fits the challenge of completing one game each for the letters B A C K L O G. With it done I just have L, O, and G remaining. I suppose I could count The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask as L games, but Nintendo has always had the "The" in front, so I won't. L and O don't have many tantalizing targets, but G has plenty I'd consider playing right about now. Gabriel Knight, Gex, Golden Sun DS, Gears of War, grand theft auto.
  8. Putting priority on tutoring him some skill experience is fair, since you can't teach all of your students every week and some need more attention than others. But unless you're going for exotic builds or his lance combat arts (which I don't expect would out-damage his One-Two Punch performance) he shouldn't have trouble naturally hitting the ranks he needs as a grappler/war master. He and Dimitri even have a leg up on other students at level 1 if you look at their ranks. The developers certainly thought of this weakness of theirs. But altogether I'd say Dimitri takes even greater priority for tutoring, both because you can't a quarter of the game, and because of his stupid axe weakness. If you're really worried about your other units overtaking him in levels, just don't knock out every single post-time skip paralogue as they become available. You've got the time to wait on some of those.
  9. Archer is the one I've had the most fun with. Sad to see it not return in Star Allies, but it felt great in the two previous games. I also remember really liking Animal Kirby in Squeak Squad, since digging around is an element of traversal that's unique to it.
  10. Well those sorts of fans will always be there. Can't blame the existence of those guys on the media itself. But i feel like the toxicity around character reveals is due in part to the fact that we only get characters as DLC, The other stuff they might give us: stages, music, and even most of the mii outfits, are tied directly to that single character reveal. If there was more aimed at more people, maybe less salt? Kind of like how in a nintendo direct people often say "that was boring but ______got a new trailer so that was cool". A single DLC outfit could be that saving grace when fortnite comes to smash.
  11. Heck yeah. Smash has always been about the extra details. Give us some some more costumes. And echo fighters while they're at it. When they announced the concept of echo fighters I remember thinking: yeah, that's going to be a LOT of DLC right there. It will always be odd to me that they do Mii Costumes but not costumes for characters that are actually popular. Listen, I AM the core audience for mii outfits. I've spent many nights rolling up on people with my strange Miis online. But even I think that effort ought to be spent elsewhere. It even seems like the developers aren't impressed with their work either. Go onto the official smash bros site and try to find info on dlc mii outfits. You can't. Even the Mii fighter's character page just has screenshots of them in default outfits, none of the stuff that's included in the base game. And what's included in the base game is generally pretty good! It would have been enough to satisfy me up to this point at least. My most played outfits are the Toad and Chrom ones. The best model for DLC outfits right now in the world of fighting games has got to be Tekken 7. Bandai Namco, who works on Smash Bros has a lot to learn from...Bandai Namco who works on Tekken. In that game, you have total control over your character's clothing and accessories. As well as some curated costumes suited to that particular character. It's all free too. Well, you buy it with the game's version of fight money but you earn that from any of the modes. I don't even think there's an option to spend real money unlocking cosmetics. I think this system is perfect for Smash because cosmetics would make for a compelling unlockable. Moreso than Spirits anyway. Sakurai cares so much about the experience of unlocking things that he made us unlock THIS game's entire base roster.
  12. This week I played Medal of Honor for the PS1. Once again I am accepting the call of duty to fight the Nazi menace. As a goldeneye-era console FPS, there's naturally some adjustments to be made. Tank controls, can only aim while stationary, dedicated buttons for strafing left and right. Unfortunately this game lacks the auto aim of Goldeneye, and that sweet sweet soundtrack. But it wasn't all bad. Levels may not have checkpoints but they're never terribly long. Like in Goldeneye it is possible to clear a level and then get told you failed since you didn't complete an objective. However you can always pause to see what still needs doing, and nothing proved too well hidden for me. The game did get harder as it went on, but I found that it was always planting the right amount of health packs around corners. It was only in the final stages did they give enemies rocket launchers that instantly kill you on a direct hit. It reminded me of Red Faction's finale where enemies suddenly carry rail guns that can instantly kill you, but unlike those weapons, a rocket can be dodged by strafing if your reaction timing is good. Enemy placements are pretty devious. Taking full advantage of the player's difficulty with negotiating corner. However, their AI is pretty predictable. If they can see you they'll stay right where they are, giving you time to aim at them. But if they lose sight of you they book it over to your position. So A good strategy is let yourself get spotted, duck back around that same corner and wait with your gun raised to shoot them as they round the corner. I would worry idly that a level might be too difficult to complete, but simply knowing enemy spawns on the next go-around made all the difference. While searching for a rumored German superweapon in Norway I happened upon three nazi soldiers building a snowman and their backs were turned to me. I gunned them down, but found the nazi snowman impervious to my shotgun blasts. Very Troubling.
  13. A lot of people do, it's a good game, Despite all the snarky internet comments! It's almost like they cease to matter in the face of actually playing the video game in question.
  14. More than any of those seven castlevanias in that style according to this list of best selling Konami games. Castlevania may have several times the amount of releases of Metroid, but the sales typically don't come close game to game. Besides, Metroid 2 rocks. Especially compared against other GameBoy titles, or the first Metroid. Until either series releases a game with a randomizer mode I don't see how ROM hacks are relevant. Those are fan games. Or how your opinion of them relates to discussion of the genre.
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