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  1. The vast majority of those are characters using items not from their game of origin and the Fire Flower situation only proves my point about where Sakurai's head may have been at when he put barrels from Donkey Kong in Smash. He doesn't want an item that does precisely what another character's special move does. At least back in Smash 64 when Smash Bros as a concept was still in its infancy. In all of Donkey Kong's stages (except Jungle Japes from Melee) barrels exist to shoot characters around. The existence of that as a mechanic is also probably why he cooked up the Spinning Kong for DK so that he can feel unique. But whatever the case none of this discussion matters for this thread. If you want Donkey Kong to throw a barrel, that's fine. I just don't.
  2. Round 3 is Link. Most of what I'd change for this iteration is further representing this particular game of origin.
  3. I thought their rough draft turned out pretty well. I'd suggest comparing this to the 90s Fire Emblem OVA and deciding which one you'd want to watch more, but a two and a half minute trailer with no dialogue isn't a fair comparison to a two episode pilot. Still, it's a strong case.
  4. Given the context of this comic I'm surprised Byleth isn't subbed in for Kiran as per the usual.
  5. I haven't seen Game of Thrones but seconded on a live action show. Fire Emblem Three Houses lacks the things I associate with cartoons. Unhinged fantasy, clear antagonists, a talking animal sidekick. Plus near 100% of the non-battle scenes occur in the monastery which really helps the set budget. And all the characters being humans wielding martial weapons gives the show a smaller CGI budget than the average superhero serial. And the costuming is only as elaborate as what you'd see at a Renaissance Faire. When it comes to Fire Emblem, live action all day.
  6. I don't have the game to try it for myself, but check to see if there's a button to "apply changes" when in options menus. In some games, when you just back out of the menu it will assume you don't want to adjust anything after all.
  7. As more videos addressing this issue come up in our sub boxes from various content creators, the way I see it, contacting the FTC and even signing the damned petition is probably going to go a long way compared to the latest Youtube-pocalypse situation. These are folks whose job it is to listen to people, unlike a corporate entity like Google that only ever hires people with the best algorithm Now I better become one of these content creators before somebody steals my idea of a thumbnail titled "Youtube THANOS SNAPS Family-Friendly Content!"
  8. I was lucky enough to grab Lalum in one session. With Raigh, Lugh, her, and later Brunnya I'm set. Though because I only autobattle these, I imagine I'll swap Lalum for a healer since ranged attackers are suicidal on autobattle. We'll see how they keep alive.
  9. You can post a balance patch wishlist if you like. Like I said in the OP, it's however you'd change that character. You don't need to justify every change if you don't want to.
  10. Replacing moves on characters is difficult to theorize since no doubt a lot of players are attached to those existing moves in some way. However, in my ideal Smash where I have all the time in the world to make such hard decisions, those existing moves I'm trying to replace would probably go to other characters that they would fit for. So Donkey Kong
  11. If I buy all the equippable crest items, do they come with me into the next NG+?
  12. Round 2 is Donkey Kong! I mistakenly thought it was Link and so hadn't been brainstorming the ape so somebody else take the initiative. All I immediately think of is that his voice lines should absolutely be swapped with his usual voice in current DKC and various other Mario games. He's sounded like a real life ape for far too long in Smash
  13. I've tried to make Manuela a gremory, but training a magic character in using both types of magic just makes sense in pre-master classes. In NG+ I've gone way out of my way to unlock blow skills on all units it made sense for, as well as Quick Riposte on all the men. War Master hanneman is a sight to behold but not something I'd go for in a serious playthrough.
  14. I think a lot about how I'd adjust Smash characters. To make their moves better, to make them represent their series better, aesthetic adjustments, all kinds of stuff. Some of these guys have been in Smash long enough that not many people seem to question how they look or play. Let's get into it. If it were up to you, how would you change these characters? It can be anything: Balance updates, more suitable moves from their games of origin, adjustments to taunts, victory animations, skins and costumes, better sound effects. I'm thinking each round ought to last 48 hours. Mario
  15. Spyro: Season of Ice, the first non-Insomniac entry into the series. And if it were released just a few months earlier would have enjoyed being one of the GBA's launch titles. It is more than a little rough. What the game neglects to tell you is how to move the isometric camera which feels crucial with how zoomed in the the field of view is. At no point can you see more than 3 spyro lengths, so it's easy to get lost in these levels with no map. Depth perception is another issue. If you ever try to glide in the direction of south, you're making a leap of faith that the place you're trying to land is both within range and not on a higher altitude. In every non home world level, falling off these platformers is death. Except lava levels, oddly enough, the lava will just hurt you while water kills you outright. The objectives of each level come in three categories: Defeat all enemies Accomplish a level-specific objective (ie lighting all the lighthouses in a beach level) Flame eight of an object spread hidden across the level OR destroy five of the mystery vase object All objectives require several full tours of the level. But your progress on the last one resets after death while the others just reset from leaving the level. The game is 100% floating platforms, so taking a bad hit from a dubiously placed enemy or misjudging whether you can cross a gap can set you back a long time. Furthermore completion of any objective warps you to another point of the level to collect your reward which can immediately make you feel lost. But the most problematic design is that in order to beat the game, you must collect every fairy in the game. All of them, even the ones hidden on obscure platforms in the distance. The game demands perfection, but only requires the player find about a third of the gems. Since locating these fairies requires several tours of each stage, you'll never come up short on gems. If the game demanded just locating 50-70% of the collectibles like any normal collectathon, I'd be okay with it, but 99% is too much. I rate Season of Ice a 2.9 out of 10. While much of the game functions as the developers intended, their intentions were shoddy game design. Also, because each world represents a different season, the game should be called season(s) of ice.
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