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  1. For post time skip, is there a way to change what each student provides for Advanced training? Some of my guys have as many as three subjects and I wonder if there's a way to earn more options, or something.
  2. Yes. By all means. Let's. Oh I thought this would be the debating grounds for whether they should patch in the big gay for Claude to satisfy fans. I guess I'll wait a couple days for the next thread on that subject to appear.
  3. Watch Byleth play the role Kiran has always filled for these comics and nobody notices or cares. ^I wrote this post in response to last week's comic (but didn't hit post) and it definitely feels like they're taking over
  4. I recruited Felix into Black Eagles and he's suffering at the start of post time skip. Says he had to kill a lot of people for the empire and that he's starting to lose faith in Edelgard's ambitions. Any more failures and he'll turn his sword on you next. I haven't played BL yet but I really get the impression he's not supposed to be here.
  5. Shout out to all the haters saying I was crazy for suggesting Nagi be put in the game. But the real prize is Bantu.
  6. If I'm approaching you with a short hop and you respond with shield, you're effectively prepared for any of my aerials. You can also dash back than dash back in for a grab as I land if you have good timing. Or you can challenge my aerials with one of your own or a tilt, which may result in a trade. Many options with varying levels of risk and reward. The "right" one really depends on matchups and also on mindgames/conditioning because relying on the same options, even the safest ones, will get you outplayed eventually. But you're downplaying the importance of players' decision making if you think they get punishes largely on accident. Even average players can recognize patterns on the fly and fluke their way to a solution to a problem. I never had much issue with the spells once I understood how they worked and the RNG was datamined. Some are pretty great, but also rare. And most are filler or unremarkable. A good player can easily steal a glance at the menu to see if something problematic (like Magic Burst or Snooze) is in play. And that information always shifts how I decide to rush him down or zone him out. Like I said in my first post:
  7. Lorenz has the most impressive penmanship but is always going far over the maximum word count suggestion no matter how much you tell him to reign it in. Linhardt's papers are brilliant but are always within ten words of the minimum word count. Caspar doodles stick figures fighting in the margins Raphael does the same but its various meat dishes fighting. Edelgard's papers make many good points but follow no thesis statement so it's more like a rant. Ferdinand sneaks a peak at Edelgard's subject matter and always argues the opposite. Claude's papers could use a more formal style, since he composes as if he's in casual conversation. Lysithea's papers are excellent. But she got visibly shaken the day you didn't give her a Good Job! stamp and she's been sending you rewrites of that paper ever since. Felix's subject matter is so edgy you feel the need to call his parents. Marianne is the same but it's less edge and more "crawling in my skin" Annette understands the citation style better than you do since she's the only one that read the newest edition of the manual. But how were you supposed to know they no longer use "ibid"? That's bullshit!
  8. That is sort of what I said in my initial post. But with the post you quoted it's...confusing? Nobody performs a neutral air in smash and is surprised to see a side B happen instead because they're playing on a different region of the game.
  9. The students are too stressed out by the mode's difficulty to focus on lectures.
  10. This would work if not for the fact that spells share MP cost. It'd be pretty silly if you saw an 8 MP spell, thought it was Sizz, then zoomed yourself away, giving up stage control. Or you saw the 16 MP Oomph while the other guy is recovering, but you fire off a Snooze instead. Even sillier for the opponent having to guess which is which since they'd respond differently to any of these spells. And even if the MP costs were completely unique, the character was designed with both players being able to read the command list. So asking players to have to memorize 20 different MP costs just because they're in the wrong country is very much a language barrier.
  11. If a competitive game's outcome was obviously decided by luck, it creates some salt. But professional competitors especially will recognize the amount of luck that goes into whether their decision making works out. Sometimes you make all rational calls and you still end up in a losing situation that you must plan several steps ahead for. While casual competitors are ready to blame outcomes on things that are out of their control, such as lag, or opponents using a "broken" weapon/move, or their opponent scoring a lucky shot that they didn't "earn". In fighting games especially, the guessing of the opponent's behavior and calling their shots with an option that beats them is a very legitimate style of play. This is referred to as "reading" the opponent. In order to get ahead in a losing match you either start taking risks or fall back on fundamentals, but both are going to require skill. Hero's critical hit smash attacks and instant kill projectiles are dubious, but the only problem with his design I have when it comes to competition is the language barrier. If you're a japanese player and you're coming to EVO, you better have those spell names memorized in English. Because the idea of switching the game language to Japanese on their behalf places their opponent in a disadvantage because now they can't read the choices.
  12. While playing Crystal I remember a weird text conversation with a buddy where I pointed out Clair is the exact same person as Flannery but people dig the latter and how weird that is. Both young, inexperienced battlers taking over for grandpa. And how the "TM24 is Dragonbreath...no it has nothing to do with my breath!" line is about as socially awkward as any of Flannery's lines. Then again people who play Pokemon for the human characters already seem hopelessly weird to me.
  13. I don't think you understand the switch's profile system. The amount of save slots Fire Emblem Three Houses has is functionally infinite. The only issue is that you've got five slots to one profile. And you can't copy them between profiles as far as I know. But it's still better than having to buy multiple memory cards or DLC in order to expand your save slots.
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