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  1. lol, I remember when that skill came out, I thought of dagger units at the time (all dedicated debuffers except for Kagero) and how that may be the only Seal skill worth a damn. And I'm pretty sure I remember you agreeing with me on that point. It was just a very cool and unique thing for a unit to theoretically drop every stat. Now a F2P healer can do that to the entire enemy team if they're in range without fear of counterattacks.
  2. By removing the Master Sword from its pedestal, you can travel forward in time, but by returning it you can become a kid again for as long as you need.
  3. "Alcremie. That's a good pun" "Yeah 'cream' that's so funny lol" "..."
  4. Please, when answering people's question don't just provide your guess as to what the answer is. When Echoes came out my one question was given an infuriatingly false response.
  5. Hey man, choices matter. For real. But I think IS is losing sight of the potential of choosing...with your wallet. True Ending DLC all the way. Only by paying money do we find out the true villain behind everything.
  6. Been playing some weirder games lately. Recently finished Need For Speed: The Run, as picked out by my brother who loves driving games. It's a narrative focused on a nationwide race between hundreds of drivers making a straight shot between west and east coasts of the USA. Along the way you'll meet Rivals who get character bios, but are otherwise the same as any other faceless driver since they never exchange dialogue with the main character. The story in general is pretty ludicrous as you routinely escape both the police and unnamed "mob". The leader of which actually ends up being your final opponent in the race. Why is he in the race, I thought he was just trying to kill our character? We also never know what Jack did to piss these people off either. You could have easily thrown in a compelling backstory to help us root for our no-personality-having protagonist and his shady girlfriend on the skype call who seems primed to be a villain but is just another edgy anti-hero with no goals of her own. The gameplay is... a racing game. You go from point A to B as fast as you can. Shortcuts exist, but it often seems arbitrary which items in the enviornment you can cut through like butter while others will destroy your vehicle if you try to crash through. Having to stop at gas stations to switch cars was obnoxious, and often lost me the race. You should be able to swap cars at the start of the race like any other game. Drifting also feels terrible. I once drifted so bad that I came to a complete stop, and the game awarded me maximum points for a good drift. Clearly the game designers don't understand this concept very well. I rate this game a 4.2 out of 10. Not much functionally wrong with it, I just think it's drab and boring. Not having a fleshed out story sucks and the game being just four hours long reinforces its forgettable nature. Seeing iconic roads of the US only occasionally feels fun, but they made the Valley of Fire stage at night time so you can't appreciate the bizarre architecture. I can attest that area looks very cool in real life. Here's a small taste of it (timestamped). The other game I've played through is Pandemonium! That's not enthusiasm, it's just how the game's title is spelled. It's a fast paced 2.5D platformer somewhat infamous for its difficulty. Honestly not as bad as I was expecting. It's true that there's no reason to play as Fargus since his cartwheel move only defeats enemies that are already vulnerable to being bounced off of, so instead play as Nikki who has a helpful double jump. My only gripe is jump arcs. You don't jump higher by pressing longer, like in super mario, but you must be in motion to get maximum jump height. And if you're running down a slope your velocity will double almost immediately which is nerve wracking and makes it hard to gauge which gaps you can jump across or when is a good time to come to a stop. And despite the game's 2.5D perspective, it's hard to identify enemies and obstacles before running directly into them. Enemies can and will shoot you from off screen, and it can be deceptive what things you can bounce off of. Excuse me for thinking a round blimp is something I can bounce on, but instead they explode. The game's reputation of difficulty is also well earned. No save feature so you must rely on passwords. Extra lives are also very infrequent, normally being earned for collecting 300 treasure which is a tall order. Personally I just used the password that has all the levels unlocked plus 30 extra lives as I played the levels in order. It cheeses some of the game's intended difficulty, but I'm not here to show off. I rate it a 5.4 out of 10. It's design is dated, but understandable due to its development during the primordial age before Super Mario 64. The level design can often be creative, and the game's two cutscenes are very charming.
  7. That's hard to speculate on until we see sales data and critical response. Then again, Echoes did not sell as many copies as previous entries yet still left its mark on this game so maybe Fire Emblem developers are more free-thinking than we give them credit for. It matters just as much whether the developers are satisfied with the finished product. I don't want us to have another interview of "we had a lot of ideas cut from the final product of Three Houses that we now plan to incorporate in insert fire emblem remake here"
  8. Assuming the option is there I only do physical
  9. Freebie pulled Julia. The real surprise was on the BHB banner - a 4 star Silas. So he does exist...? It's been...1 and 1/4 years and I have finally added him to my collection. Also he's an optimal +Atk/-Res nature for promoting. The game knows what I want.
  10. So with new pokemon announcements I tend to think they come with likely "deconfirmations" of existing pokemon returning that are similar in concept. A rock dude, a pastry, and an electric puppy. That would deconfirm geodude, roggenrola, vanillite, slurpuff, and electrike lines, right? Only I look at Serebii's helpful list of confirmed pokemon in the game, and all of those pokemon are actually confirmed except the geodude line. This is surprising, I thought they would be looking to avoid redundancies in having very similar pokemon included alongside the new ones. The idea that they need to redo the animations from scratch is mostly the first blush reactions of people reacting to the news last month. But several people on Youtube made the side by side comparisons. And the recycling of animations isn't limited to the Pokemon, either. If GameFreak has ever claimed they need to redo this stuff from scratch, it's a bogus claim. Over exaggerations of the work needed to port them to the Switch. I've seen somebody prove that the models for Pikachu and Eevee's faces were improved for Let's Go, since in those games they are very expressive pokemon whose faces you could rub, but otherwise completely reused models are the norm across the board for Switch pokemon titles.
  11. Gremlins 2 showed me the little guys are really just a bunch of pranksters.
  12. She doesn't drive the plot like Eliwood and Hector do. But she's in every major story scene so it's not like they forgot about her. But if you were asking about if she's relevant in terms of gameplay. Definite no. She brings nothing to the table as a unit, you're more than free to bench her.
  13. Same. Shout outs to those weird two months after release in Japan where "Fire Emblem 3DS" was confirmed to be coming to Europe but our NA announcement came through a tweet because NoA realized they forgot to put it in the E3 2012 Press Conference.
  14. I don't often replay Fire Emblem games, but then again it's rare for me to repeat games at all since I never have a shortage of games to play. I did have FE7 and 8 as a kid though before my game hunting days so I knocked them out about four or five times each only counting the finished playthroughs. Every game since I've only played once each despite some half finished attempts here or there.
  15. If they fixed Rebecca's bowstring, I'd just move on to complaining about Hawkeye's missing belly button. It's a slippery slope. I cannot be appeased. Many have tried.
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