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  1. I like the discussions on here and even though I have been brain rotted by the Soulsborne franchise for the past 9 months (haven't played an FE game in nearly a year) I don't plan on being done with Fire Emblem for a while, so I'll stay here even as I become an old man
  2. Ryoma is the worst unit in Conquest, no I won't elaborate why.
  3. Oops, I thought you finished Sekiro I'm sorry for spoiling the final boss for you.
  4. Hey, @Benice not sure If you remember me, but I'd like to tell you that I beat Sekiro last night. Sword Saint Isshin is probably the most rewarding Fromsoft boss I have fought. I also completed Elden Ring as well, now all that is left is Bloodborne.
  5. I was exploring the area with the knights that sit down and don't attack unless you aggro them, I reached a certain point where there were three giant green soldiers guarding an entrance to the left, right and one of them was in the center. So I tried luring the one in the center away from the area to focus on one of them at a time, I manage to kill him. However, even though I didn't aggro the other two green giants, both of them were approaching me. I run past them and I see the knights who aren't hostile were standing up and patrolling the area, I suddenly remembered I killed the old dragonrider which makes the knights hostile for some reason. So I decide to run past everything to get to the red dragon guarding a lever, I believe? I look behind me and see three knights and the giants chase me this far, and the dragon starts breathing fire. Why are the aggro ranges so long in this game, and I don't even think I was supposed to be in this are yet. Anyway, I had enough of ds2 at this point, maybe someday when I'm bored I'll try it again, but I'm enjoying Sekiro much more at the moment.
  6. @Benice So Sekiro came in the mail a bit early and so far I'm enjoying it. I'm going to quit my ds2 playthrough the game is kind of cringe.
  7. I'm not sure if I can do that because I plan on doing a moonlight greatsword build or the fake one bluemoon greatsword. I believe you can only get one per playthrough unless there is some questline for it
  8. I have a vague idea on what powerstancing is but If you don't mind could you please explain to me how exactly it works ?
  9. My friend warned me about joining that covenant (Crisis Averted) by the way, I know this is random but what is your favorite Fromsoft game My first 20 levels were all in ADP, I have no idea why they don't give you I Frames on your rolls off the bat, but it is what it is
  10. I have played the beginning of ds2, and I'm having a hard time getting use to it, however I'll still give it a chance. As for Sekiro, that is coming in the mail later in February. By the way, I heard when playing Sekiro that you shouldn't play it like Dark Souls and that dodging isn't as easy as the previous titles, how true is that?
  11. So I finished DS1 a couple of days ago, and honestly I think if I had played it first before ds3 I would appreciate it more. Havel's armor is stupid as well, I'm glad they nerfed it in 3. Now I'm going hollow, fighting the final boss of DS3 for the tenth time as I wait for Elden Ring.
  12. I hope you don't play maniac mode I've seen playthroughs of it, and it looks like hell, especially Clash.
  13. Thanks for the help I refuse to spend money on Heroes, so I'll wait a bit for him, or maybe I'll get lucky on a summon.
  14. I see you are a fellow Fates enthusiast by the way I lurk around a lot(trying to change that) on your tier list you rank POR last, I'm not a fan of POR I'm just curious why you dislike it so much Edit: I messed up the quoting sorry
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