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  1. I was looking back at my recent run of Conquest, and I was doing something that bothers me personally, and it was that Xander was at level 16 paired up with a level 2 Charlotte on ch23. After looking at her growth rates I'm reconsidering how I should utilize her. I just bothers me that I'm wasting a deployment slot for an under leveled berserker that Xander doesn't necessarily need. So I just want to know if anyone has actually used Charlotte and had success with using her.
  2. @Alastor15243 Will this ranking of the series end when you reach 3H or will you continue this when new FE games release
  3. I wanted to make this post for quite sometime, so a lot of people who reach Ninja Heaven in Conquest typically say that from this point conquest is either overtuned, unfair, or that the harder maps in the lategame are bad. I personally think that every map between ch17 and endgame are excellent execpt ch19, also I don't believe that the lategame or Conquest in general is unfair. I understand that not everyone will enjoy CQ but to say that it is unfair is a trash take in my opinion when you have tools like tonics, meals, forges, personal/class skills, attack/guard stance, builds, and reclassing that you can use to your advantage. This is the first time I post a topic here so I apologize for my poor grammer.
  4. Yeah I'm currently doing a Life and Death+ Bowfaire and Quick Draw build on Effie shes amazing
  5. If your playing Conquest try out Sniper Effie
  6. I like Fates as well, I just wish people would stop saying ''I know the story sucks but the gameplay is good." You don't need to justify why you like a videogame, also Kinshi Knights should be brought back in future FE games.
  7. A couple of questions: Can you make Haitaka or enemy bosses be part of the story Will this hack work on the new 3ds xl
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