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  1. Don't know how I missed it, but Byleth's engage skill's name in Japanese is literally "Gambit: Dance of the Goddess" There's a gambit in the game with the exact name and effect. Just an interesting thing I want to point out
  2. I think Override will have bonus for Dragon, since as we see in a trailer, it does not have type bonus for Calvary There are also other weirdness in that image, like max level max bond Alear in what looks like the prologue (if your guess is correct), and 8 build Alear (she normally has 4). I guess the lesson here is that don't try to overanalyze pre-release images of a game But seriously though, I still think weapon rank growth won't be back, since we don't see any kind of exp bar for weapon
  3. Thank you for your work again Cysx! There're also some other things I want to add: - That's not the only weird thing about her fight: Her first hit deals 21 damage, while her second one only deals 15 - Hero is confirmed (again) to use sword and lance this time - We see multiple people with 4 turns engaging left - Looks like Canter and the second skill can be upgraded - For some reasons Louis engaging with Sigurd has 12 movement, even though we know General normally only have 4 mov - She(?) has blue effect around her like the Emblems, has white hair and use tome, and the enemies look like they are wearing Fabrication's uniform... I think this is Micaiah's map, and she is the boss. Also, she has bonus against Merrin, likely against calvary, so that one more point for my theory. Can someone knowledgable in RD map guess which map is it?
  4. That could be the case. She might be the Donnel/Mozu of this game, considering her incredibly mediocre stats, and her younger age Thank you, I didn't even notice that Short Axe has 1 range this time. Considering its description is "A light and easy to use axe", you are probably right
  5. *ka-chink* EDIT: Observations: - The special tiles on the bridge map is called "Defense Tile", which gives +30 avoid, +10 healing per turn, and immune to being broken. Similar to a fort - Looks like crit animation is tied to class, as Anna's crit animation is pretty similar to Boucheron - I'm not Cysx, but 16 attack with a Short Axe doesn't sounds high to me. Her offensive and defensive stats seems low for a lv 7 Axe Fighter. How about her skill and luck though? - As others on twitter have pointed out, this Anna seems younger than other Annas we know. She's shorter, has higher voice, is a merchant in training, and use hiragana instead of kanji for a word in her convo clip
  6. It can show up at the exact time the break defenses attack occurs... which is almost always conveniently cut off at every battle footage I know. The one time we see break defenses attack lands (Alear's attack in the Engaging trailer) is when the corner where skills are shown is cut off I mean, from the start, Marth's Engage Attack is not that good anyways, 30% * 7 = 210%, or 2.1 times; just doubling would deal roughly the same damage. Of course it is still useful for critting or finishing the enemies before they can counter attack.
  7. Sorry for the Youtube bar. It's at 2:56, as you can see, from the Engaging Trailer
  8. I believe that Corrin's weapons are the Dual Katana and the Wakizashi. The 2 blade weapon looks a lot like dual weapons in Fates. Its shapes is like the Dual Katana or the Dual Naginata, but since the second weapon looks like a sword, I believe the first one is a sword too. The blade part also has that L shape that the Dual Katana has, while the Dual Naginata doesn't. I'm a bit more uncertain about the Wakizashi, but here are my reasonings: first, it looks like a katana, not a Nohrian sword. Second, the only katanas with string-thingy at the end that I can find are Wakizashi, Axe Splitter and Spirit Katana. Axe Splitter's shape doesn't match, and the Spirit Katana seems as iconic and special as the Wakizashi.
  9. I think it's the opposite, Sentinel > Picket, since lv 19 Sentinel has worse stats than lv 3 Picket
  10. Falcon could use sword and lance, like they have always been until Awakening. And I don't think I've seen Griffon with axe
  11. Ok there's something that has been bugging me Look like Divine Speed (the skill that let you attack one more time at half damage) is only accessed after engaging. Then how does Alear attacks 3 times at around 1:03? EDIT: Okay, I think that's the effect of Break Defenses. My guess is that Break Defenses allow units to immediately have another attack with half damage after breaking the enemy. For example:
  12. Oh yeah, something no one has pointed out is that the classic arrow for moving is still there. Moving characters the same time with your cursor seems like an additional feature only, not replacing it.
  13. Looks like breaking makes the enemy unable to counter attack on that very turn, too. Between Dragon Knight using axe and lance, Griffon Knight using lance and staff, and the suspicious lack of Falcon Knight so far, I have a theory that each type of Pegasus Knight promoted into a different class. Most likely: Axe -> Dragon Knight, Lance -> Griffon Knight, Sword -> Falcon Knight Also, I think Corrin's weapon is a Dual Naginata, or at least another dual weapon
  14. I'm referring to this, the white text besides Avoid +30 and Healing per turn +10 is "Immune to breaking"
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