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  1. Finally cleared the map on Lunatic here. Units: 5* Lv 40 Lucina 5* Lv 38 Abel 4* Lv 36 Gunter 4* Lv 30 Effie Turn 1: Effie smites Abel up the right side after he gets the hone boost from Gunter to KO the sword cav without taking damage. Turn 2: Abel falls back down the side and Effie smites Gunter into position to cover Abel from the lance pegasus knight. Lucina moves into position to draw in and destroy Michalis. Turn 3+: Gunter finishes off the lance pegasus knight, Abel takes out the sword pegasus knight, and the team kites back the lance infantry until it can be attacked by both Gunter and Abel for the kill.
  2. Oh jeez.. I'm in the 2 unit boat for Shirutin's party as well and have no earlier save to try to get any of the other units. 16 seems doable, even if it's been a bit rough so far, I'm going to call it a night on turn 5, Chapter 15 took a bit too much out of me. I was contemplating a replay of the game now that I have some idea of what's going on, but it'd just be too painful after I'm already 20 hours in. I'll try to trudge through the demonic chapter 17 later in the week, but the game is starting to burn me out with this difficulty. (Mostly due to language barrier). I'll probably consider the new save once / if a translation were to pop up. Best of luck on 19, my friend.
  3. Phew, finally completed chapter 15 after 4 days. That had to have been the single largest amount of time I spent on a single chapter so far. Chapter 15
  4. Unfortunately I haven't seen a way to make it work outside of boot camping windows. My knowledge on Macs is bit.. iffy though. Maybe if he only went in that direction right when you got control of him, he'd be able to make it? I've been wanting to promote her for so long, she's just been at level 20 forever x_x. I finally beat chapter 14 after well over 10 resets on turn 14. Everyone is always perfect except for an inescapable minute critical chance that always happened >_>.
  5. Chapter 14 is giving me a run for my money as well e.e; Siegfried is the high priest unit that was with Hilda in the desert. I last wiped on the dragon and sleep priest coming in, so let's hope for a better round 2. I'm glad I waited for a new day to tackle these two chapters, things are getting intense. I used my promotion item on Troy, but the next one is definitely going to Melody, looks like she turned out to be an awesome unit in your run !
  6. I hear you on those reinforcements, they're starting to get a bit ridiculous. And yeah, the dancer animation is great x3. I'm in middle of Japanese II in University, so I can kinda make out some of the simple dialog and item names. It looks like you can have a move growth in this game as well. Aineria(sp?) the purple haired sword dancer just got +1 more from her level up. Her 100% adept ability has been doing wonders for her damage output since her strength starts at 4 for promoted unit e.e Chapter 11 Chapter 13 Looks like chapter 14 has 20 units being deployed in 5 different parts of the map. This should be a wonderful time.
  7. Just got to chapter 13 tonight. Looks like the dancer equivalent in this game also uses tomes. Her prf tome grants her 100% vantage and cancel upon hit. Promotion items seem somewhat rare at the moment, but there's a shop on Chapter 11 that sells the Flier and Cavalry promotion items for 5,000 a pop. The chest in the top right of the map also has the mage promotion item. Chapter 11 itself was quite interesting, I had actually restarted the whole thing 3 times due to getting stuck on my approach.
  8. Glad to see that promotion portrait upgrades are a thing! I promoted the green haired Soldier, and he's been doing some serious work with his capped 25 defense at level 3. It looks like once a unit promotes, they get 60% of the exp a normal unit of their level would get. Most of his kills still resulted in 100 exp in that chapter though. I agree, Zayed is pretty sweet. You should be able to buy some more ranged pickaxes in one of the upcoming shops.
  9. I was able to get 17 damage x2 @ 34% hit chances with Zeid, but I wasn't able to ever land that second hit. Dandelion wasn't even above 0%.. Thieves have been absolutely ridiculous in this game, I always end up using a prf weapon against them.
  10. Just finished the 5th chapter here. Took me a solid 3 hours to actually make it through. This map felt like one huge puzzle through and through. I'll try to write a small guide on how I got through the chapter. Definitely loving the game after this chapter. I can't remember the last time a Fire Emblem map made me think so much about how to approach things. All these objectives on the map are very fun to work with.
  11. As long as I'm able to make Kamui into someone that uses both swords and magic, I'll be happy.
  12. I personally like the Radiant Dawn way of doing it. You can promote early with a seal, or just upon hitting 21 automatically.
  13. I'd like to see Sniper be a viable option to promote into (If given the choice between sniper and ranger). Either extra range like Radiant Dawn, or ability to counter attack at 1 square or something.
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