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  1. Hello, I'm just a person who takes an interest in video games. I've been playing fire emblem since awakening, although I've gone back and played a lot of the older ones because they also seemed interesting. I play a lot of other games but since this forum is primarily FE based I'll leave that out for now. I primarily use discord to talk to people (if anyone wants to talk on that) but I decided to sign up for the forum because it seemed like fun. Anyway I look forward to talking to you all in the future!
  2. Greetings, I'm just an average FE player. I've always checked the news here on serenes but I'm looking for some friends and need some more stuff to do in my free time so I decided why not come here! Anyway I have discord if anyone wants to chat on that, although I'm looking to try and get into using the forums since that seems fun too. Please tell me if I'm not doing something right since despite reading the rules I'm not exactly the best and remembering stuff, and I look forward too talking to you all!
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