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  1. larger maps, for many people, and especially with fe6's fairly mediocre map design, involve a lot more brainless movement and repositioning between the combats, in addition to being larger timesinks in a game that's designed to be beaten in discrete map increments. yes, the suspend feature exists, but imo it's an emergency measure and fire emblem as a franchise is largely designed to have maps completed from start to finish without huge breaks. i say largely chiefly because fe4's design is completely different to the rest of the series - but the exceptionally large maps of fe4 are considered by many to be a turnoff, frustrating to plan for, or tedious to move around. you see where i'm going with this? having to stop to bait out badly designed units is, to a lot of people, frustrating design, especially when the best way to get around them is to stuff someone in range and leave them there for five turns to burn the charges before you can send anyone else down that axis. your solution to what that fellow claimed was frustrating design is, itself, a frustrating solution for a lot of players, myself included, which is why i don't stop. roy is, punch for punch, per-level, worse in every single stat other than luck than ogier, a unit who is widely regarded to be pretty mediocre and outclassed by every swordsman who joins before him. ogier, a pretty crappy unit, can, however, promote before the game is essentially over. the reputation that people like to throw around about how all fire emblem lords are bad and all that shit is completely overstated and mostly just parroted by dunces from the old days or people who heard it somewhere; roy is one of the vanishingly few times where the dude is that bad. the paralogues comprise, to wit, a fifth of the game's content, and not doing all of them locks you out of the final two maps and true ending. they are poor maps, and saying 'just ignore them' holds very little water. well fine I give up. although I still disagree with some points people have made I understand that this game really is not a game for everyone. its just that I my self happen to really like this game for my own reasons that its kind of hard to be a fan of a game that people seem to hate. honestly I regret making this post now and I apologize for just wasting your time.
  2. I agree I just think that some people are just biased towards FE6 that they, as you said, blow stuff out of proportion
  3. well 8x and 12x had harmless gimmicks and 20xillia gimmick barely counted as one. 20x sacae though. that can honestly just die in a fire.
  4. well sorry, its just that its annoying when people don't read the whole thing and then they wonder what I'm talking about.
  5. did you read this? also no I don't use save states since I played this game on an actual cartridge and no I didn't play with a guide.
  6. I know that the game is pretty difficult on hard mode but some people have said that even on normal mode the game is frustrating
  7. I have been looking around some other forums on binding blade and I want to ask. HOW in the bloody hell is binding blade difficult or as some idiots would say an "exercise in frustration"? Seriously I've played binding blade multiple times and honestly I don't see what makes this game frustrating aside from a few of the bosses and chapters 14 and 21. THAT'S IT!!!!(note this is normal mode as hard mode I can understand)
  8. Personally Fe7 I like the the least since I found it dull as hell with a story that's about on the same level as well written as fates story. Edit: How the bloody hell is binding blade an exercise in frustration because even on my first playthrough there were only 2 maps that I would consider frustrating(i.e. chapters 14 and 21 that's it!)
  9. late response but how the hell is binding blade "unplayable" because each chapter is a quote "test of mental strength"
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