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  1. To continue this very interesting thread, when outlining this fanfic a thing that has become at least a bit difficult it's being creative with the direction of the plot within the limitations of 3 Houses lore, often you want to do an idea but find it really difficult to implement in a way that makes sense within the established universe. I really like that quote, perhaps I should be less afraid of the restrictions of the lore and instead use that as an opportunity to be more creative. I actually greatly enjoy coming up with my own plots and characters, and have done quite a few already. Part of me deciding to write this fanfiction was the challenge of having to adapt one's style of writing to a world that is not one's own. I especially enjoy the process of trying to nail down another characters psychology and then once you understand that, putting those characters in strange situations and trying to come up with a natural reaction from them in these new scenarios. Like you mentioned latter on with your post, fanfiction gives you the opportunity to expand on things that were left unexplored in the original lore.
  2. Please get rid of the "Evil secret cult" that seems to be in most Fire Emblem games, it makes for really lame antagonists. Looking at you TWSITD.
  3. I think it's implied she can't possible do that, in order to reform her country she needs the support of TWSITD, which only helped her in game because of her plan to destroy the church.
  4. Edelgard is not a morally complex or grey character. Whenever you approve of her actions it boils down to if you think utilitarianism is a correct normative system of ethics. Either her ends justifies her means or they don't. (Assuming of course that the good state of affairs brought by her ends outweigh the bad state of affairs brought by her means, which the game heavily implies it does, at least on her route, which even adds more to my point.) The whole concept of moral greyness just seems incoherent to me, at least it is not a term I've heard studying ethics, but I am not an expert anyhow.
  5. Lol, I can't believe after reading that chapter like 5 times I still get some bad grammar. Yeah, Cynthia doesn't write in her bubbly attitude as much in latter chapters, and her cheerful demeanors begging to tone down quite a bit.
  6. I tried studying Cynthia quite a bit, and I tried exploring the trauma of losing her mother as one of the main focus on the fic that I'm writing, so hopefully it reads out like I actually did the research. And yeah, Awakening characters, at least the ones I somewhat studied besides Cynthia are way more layered than I expected. Even Cynthia I expected to be nothing more than comic relief, but she has quite a bit of depth for her, she has so much potential that Awakening left unexplored.
  7. Thanks so much! I will take a second look and try to fix the awkward transitions.
  8. Yeah, it's weird. As a warning if you use yahoo mail, there are known bugs which cause the invitation to not arrive or take several days, so you might want to contact AO3 using another email
  9. 3. "Yeah. After the Risen killed her. Being such a mama's girl, losing her was... It just...hurt so much. I was so angry. After that, doing girly stuff... It all felt so pointless. I didn't care about being pretty. I just wanted to be strong enough to avenge her. I suppose I looked at the boys and thought they seemed stronger..."-- This is from her conversation with Severa on Harvest Scramble, that is from where I took that interpretation from, but maybe I interpret it in a weird way xD Regardless, the timeline of her mother's death seems confusing.
  10. Noted! The Cynthia from my fic is someone who after trying to go into the past to stop Grima, she lands on Fodland instead. The main focus of the fic is Cynthia dealing with the trauma and guilt of the death of her mother and the lack of resolution for this conflict in her life. In awakening, she get's to move on because of course she get's to meet Sumia, but I want to explore what happens if she never had that opportunity, plus knowing how morally complex Fodland is compared to the plot of Awakening, this has the potential to break her whole worldview. Thanks for the response!
  11. 1. Thanks for pointing out the pacing is too fast. I assumed Cynthia would write like that, but I'm probably overdoing it. 2. That's a good point, but this is mentioned in her C support with Sumia, apparently Cynthia heard the story somewhere. 3. Maybe I'm missing something in here, but in Cynthias supports she seems to describe her past life (Before Sumia died) as herself being quite a spoiled child who would often chase after superficial things. She specifically says girly thing. And considering she was a princess, I assumed her being a pampered princess was something likely. But I have to admit this is a headcanon, which I honestly don't mind so much. What I do mind is the idea that this contradicts something with established lore, is that the case? 4.Yes, this is intentional, but thanks for pointing it out nonetheless. Thanks for this short review!
  12. Not trying to criticize your opinion or anything, I'm just curious, since I think hearing what you have to say could help me. Why do you dislike crossover fanfictions? Do you think there is something in them that makes it harder for them to work? I want to know because I'm interested in avoiding common problems you might have spotted on crossover fanfictions.
  13. When you write something, let me know! I would really like to read it and review it if you want to.
  14. I mean, at least on my experience that's what fan fics writters tend to do, explore interactions that were not seen on the source material, or place the source material characters in different environments. But I've only had experience with Fire Emblem fan fiction.
  15. Woah thanks! Yes, the spelling mistakes were intentional, the grammar ones were not, so thanks for pointing them out! English is not my mother tongue so those kind of things end up happening much more than I would like to. The shut like my integrity part is just Cynthia not knowing what worlds really mean. But if you didn't get that by reading it, it probably means I should change it. Also thanks for pointing out the info dump for me, that has been a common criticism, and even thou I have reduced it quite a bit already, it seems like I have to work more on it, and yeah, just put this same comment on the comment section of AO3, if you want to I mean. And I mean, your critique was really helpful, so thanks for that again!
  16. If you want please go on and review it! Anything helps really! I using this mostly for practice, I'm trying to make the plot fairly different from that of 3H by adding Cynthia into the mix. Honestly, I think most people just do it out of enjoyment for the source material, in a way, I think, it's showing your love for that said source material. At least I do it in part for that, I really liked the character of Cynthia to the point I wanted to write something about her. One thing I have to say, and you will probably notice if you read the fic, it's that I tend to make the characters a bit OC, trying to imitate the source material writing style in a 1:1 basis seems very boring to me, for me the fun of reading fanfics comes from seeing what other fans add to the source material.
  17. Hi! Thanks so much! If you could write the critique and copypaste it on both place it would be great! I am mainly interested in story and characterization, if you want to of course.
  18. Oh, thanks for that! I'm still very new to this site as you can probably guess.
  19. Hi! So as the title stated, I am aspiring to become a writer one day, currently I am very interested in getting feedback for my fanfiction. If it's not too much to ask, it would be of great help to hear any critiques, things you liked or disliked in general and why, things that you think could improve my writing etc. The fanfiction revolves around Cynthia from Awakening finding her way into the plot of 3 Houses and her dealing with shenanigans as she narrates the story. It is written in a (Apparently controversial) first person POV in a diary format. It's going for a comedic albeit somewhat dramatic tone. So if anyone is interested, here it is: https://archiveofourown.org/works/24495517/chapters/59128225 Again, any advice or comments are greatly appreciated!
  20. Exactly, personally I love playing around with a diverse cast of characters, but the gameplay is a very big part of it, it feels very immersive in terms of you commanding an army I mean
  21. Hi! Nice to meet you all! So I'm not really good with introductions, I basically love Fire Emblem and have decided to try and form a deeper relationship with the community, since I'm interested in turning one of my favorite hobbies into something "deeper". Sadly enough I can't remember how I came to know Fire Emblem, I do know my first game was Blazing Blade and after that I became immediately obsessed with the franchise, I still have to play Radiant Dawn and the Tellious games (I tried getting into Mirage Session but it was too cringey for me, which it's weird since I love fates because of how bad the plot is) I am currently trying to write a fan fiction, which honestly has brought me great happiness. Anyways, I'm interested in hearing what do you guys like so much about Fire Emblem? Or other things really.
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