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  1. Hello, Serene's Forest. I've been working on a rom hack for the last 2 or 3 weeks or so, and I think I'm ready to put out the first release of it. It is 5 chapters long so far, (prologue & chp.1-4). I have been making good, consistent progress in stuff like custom portraits, balancing, and everything else considering I'm working alone and it's my first Rom hack. I would really appreciate testers, pixel artists, or supporters to join my discord and give the game a spin. Any feedback, both good and bad are greatly appreciated. I'll put my discord link and a ups of my progress in the hack so far down below, but members of my discord get frequent updates to it and behind the scenes content. Thank you for any help or support you send my way. Edit: Also I made a trailer - https://discord.gg/98Ec7jd5CB Fire Emblem Vanguard Ver.1.ups
  2. Ill be sure to give the game a spin soon, It sounds like it should be fun
  3. Hello, I'm writing dialogue for my rom hack, and I've been repeatedly having an issue where a character's textbox kind of overlaps and displays incorrectly. I'll put images of the problem as well as associated things below. Thanks you for any help or ideas to fix this. The problem occurs from the "They don't look like our men." line and stops at "This is ridiculous" line SOULUTION FOUND: When a unit moves after they talk in a text event, the textbox will automatically continue to the next piece of dialogue. This is what was causing the problem because a character was moving right after talking. I hope this can help anyone else having this issue.
  4. I work on rom hack in FeBuilder, If you need the battle platforms I can export them into a google drive folder if you still need them.
  5. Enjoy the game, I know that FE3 has a LOT more polish than 1, but I've never played it myself. Hopefully the music will sound a lot better when it's not played on a console with power comparable to a static charged potato
  6. I was definitely partly in the wrong with my explanation. It's one of those problem that's difficult to describe without seeing it, and I am quite new to events so my explanations are a bit... not very good. I'm planning on putting out a new beta for my rom hack tonight though if you wanted to try it, It encompasses the full prologue and part of chapter 1. I'll throw a link to the post in this comment when it's ready if you do decide to try it. Thank you so much for the help with fixing this text problem! without it there would likely be no new version today.
  7. I figured the problem out, no need to go through and check it. I put the solution in the original post If you wanted to see what the problem and workaround was. Changing the address of the text revealed a couple new things about the problem. The event works fine with any text that isn't one of those 3 conversations. I tried changing it back and forth, removing and adding it, and checking the source text for any possible problems, but no dice. Ill put a UPS of the rom hack here when you get a chance to check it out. The event is the starting event of the 00 The Fall of Renais map. Thank you If you do decide to check it outFire Emblem - Lexos day 3.ups
  8. Got it, I'll try that out, hopefully it will fix it. If it doesn't work, I'll continue on in the hack and come back to it later
  9. These are the 3 conversations that are having problems, One of them didn't fit so I put it in source text, but they are all having the same problem. I'm pretty sure it's not something in the conversations because they were working correctly before, with no adjustments made to them.
  10. Thanks for the advice, I updated the post with an image of the event
  11. I have been making a Rom hack, and have experienced an issue where textboxes after conversations don't disappear after the conversation ends. They only disappear when the next conversation starts, or the chapter itself starts. This is strangely only happening in the first half of my event, and I don't know what's causing it because it just started out of seemingly nowhere. If anyone else has had this problem while working with FEBuilder please tell me a fix or workaround. Thanks! Hello all! I found a solution to my problem here, What it was is that when you move a portrait in a conversation it is registered as them saying something. Since the portraits in my cutscene moved after they spoke, the textbox stayed even after the conversation ended. The solution to this was making a characters spoken text happen after they move, or simply removing the character moving in the conversation.
  12. Thank you for sending me this resource, I'm sure it will come in handy. Some of the AI in the first map isn't working like I wanted it to, so I'm going to adjust it as well as the map today, All the help is greatly appreciated, and all thing considered, this hack is going better than I expected it to
  13. Thanks for the help! I accidentally deleted my opening the first time I made it so the eventing is a little off. I don't know what bait-y means, but your advice is greatly appreciated also i'm trash at spritework, so custom character sprites probably aren't happening unfortunately
  14. Thanks, I got back on to move it there after realizing that there was probably an actual category for it. Thanks you for moving it for me!
  15. Hello Serene's Forest, My name is Lexos, and today I present to you my first rom hack beta. This is my first Rom hack that I've ever made, and I am quite proud of it even though it is still very early on. It is only complete through the first chapter boss and I still plan on working on it. I would appreciate anyone who might play this hack's feedback on what you thought, both good and bad. I hope to get better at rom hacking and I would appreciate any criticism I can get on my first chapter. Also I've only worked on this for 2 days so enjoy. Thank you! NEW VERSION DROPS TODAY BOYS, LOOK OUT FOR DAY 3 BETA UPS Its here be warned it crashes entering the second chapterFire Emblem - day 3 beta.ups
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