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  1. Awakening back in 2014. My brother randomly downoalded the demo on the eShop, and I fell in love with it. It was my first game outside of Pokémon, the only series I was playing at the time (In 2014 I was 11). I played the hella out of those two first chapters, I remember being even able to complete them in Lunatic/Classic. So at Christmas 2014 me and my brother went to buy the game, and I remember it was really hard to find it: we visited, like, 6 or 7 shops before being able to buy it. So I started playing the game around the 24th of December 2014, and damn I loved it! Even if, nowadays, Fire Emblem isn't my favourite series and I can find many flaws in Awakening, it has a special place in my heart. Thanks to this series I started to play many other series outside of Pokémon, and nowadays I love many different genres and games I would have probably never touched if it wasn't for that demo.
  2. Come on, it's Fire Emblem. What did you expect?
  3. lmo they'll just end up saying things like "She is my bridesmaid!" or something like that. Anyway, what a meh banner. When I saw Saul I was hyped up for a possible Dorothy, but heh, obviously not. The other characters are kinda forgettable to me, and... god, Catria. AGAIN. Plus, she is said to be from SoV... yeah, that poor game is being forgotten even by IS. And when they finally decide to bring a character from it, BAM, it's not even a character from Valentia. I'll pass on this and just look for Bridal Cordelia for the 4th year in a row.
  4. Just the french version of my name. .. but I'm not french.
  5. Fanservice and that shitty stuff. You can basically see every character in his underwear, and even if they are just crappy 3DS models, it was more than enough for them to rate that game C. Curious enough, in my country, we use the "Pegi" system, which basically assign an "age limit" to every game (the age used are 3, 7, 12, 16 and 18), and then put some indication about why the game is rated like that. And Awakening, Fates and Echoes all have the same Pegi, Pegi 12. But I'm kinda sure one of the indication about why Fates and Awakening are Pegi 12 is "Sex", while Echoes do not have it. I think showing a weapon or extreme violence in a game is enough for the Pegi system to rate the game 12 (because Pokémon, for example, is Pegi 7 from 2013).
  6. I love the feeling of a power trip just when I'm skilled enough to obtain it. I really feel satisfied by a videogame only when it is so hard you have to become very skilled at it in order to overcome the enemies. That sensation is particoulary strong in hack'n'slash games where the AI is smart enought to make you consider every single movement, if you want to survive. Like, I fricking love videos on YouTube where the never gets hit and use insane skills to do so.
  7. I don't know who will be there and who not, but I surely have a wishlist for brides/grooms. I'd really like Linhardt and Yuri. And even an old character for once, like Idk, Mycen maybe? After all, they always tell you they have those clothes just for fun, no one is gonna get married anyway. As for the brides, I'd love Sumia (PLEASE, GIVE HER A DECENT ARTWORK), Say'ri, one Fate character (it would be cool to see Female Corrin with hoshidian clothes, and maybe she coul talk about how it's strange for her since she's from Nohr). But more than anything, I'd love to see Faye, since she's one of my favourite character ever. Oh, and I have a friend who would go insane for a Bridal Adult Tiki.
  8. What? Nintendo did not shutdown 3DS services. The only app they did shutdown is the Youtube app.
  9. Welcome to the Forest! It is always nice to see more italians, we aren't much (for obvious reasons) here. I hope you'll enjoy your time here.
  10. Yo, are you from Italy? I just wanted to say hi, as a fellow italian. I didn't think I would have met one here.

    1. Yexin


      yep, i'm italian (Emilia-Romagna), and if i recall correctly, there's some other italian user here on the Forest, but i honestly might be wrong, as i never tried to personally chat with them

    2. Francis


      I see.
      I remember back in the days the FE comunity wasn't that active in our country (I started playing around 2013), glad to hear that we are even here.
      I am from Piedmont anyway.

    3. Yexin



      i started around 2013 as well, but my first FE was Blazing Sword

      i think there are some italian FE communities, but many friends if mine suggested me not to have anything to do with them

  11. Usually JRPGS with classic but good settings. I'll fall for any medieval/steampunk JRPG with a nice character design and an interesting world, such as Xenoblade Chronicles or Fire Emblem. I also like some modern settings, such as the ones in modern cities or so (Persona 3 and 5, even if I don't particoulary like the japanese setting, or Tokyo Mirage Session #FE), but less the futuristic ones. They have to be really good games if they have a future setting, or I'll just give it a big "Nah" (like I did with Astral;Chain). Of these, I can say the steampunk style is my favourite, but only if there isn't an exageration of mechanism and so on. Like, as I said before, Xenoblade Chronicles, where the open nature is basically 90% of the world and the technology is limited. I also like tactical games (even if I suck at 'em), some actions, and that's all. Very limited. Basically 9 games out of 10 I have are JRPGs.
  12. One of the best game I played on the Switch honestly. It is not a perfect game obviously, manly because it has a very low quality graphic and animations and sometimes the whole game start to feel... I don't how to say it, but kinda robotic. When coming to the story, I think it is one of the best Fire Emblem ever, but that's because it really is different from any Fire Emblem we ever had before. Definiteley a "modern" one, like Awakening or Fates, but without the "power of friendship" stuff spammer everywhere and everytime, luckily. My only complain is that some concept they created are really cool but also went to waste. Like... [HEAVY SPOILERS HERE] Oh, and obviously, the full dubbed scenes, like in Echoes. Even as a non-english native speaker, I can feel how good that english dub is.
  13. You also have to think about it as a medieval world. Back in those days war was basically something you'll see everyday, may it be a little one or a bloody one. I guess in some games they treated the war as something important for the whole continent/world, such as in Three Houses (in VW it even involves Almyria, basically, and in all routes there's Petra's homeland too), while in others, such as in the first half of Awakening, war is treated as something related only to the countries are actually fighting in. I'm playing Awakening again and basically the rest of the continent (Ferox, for example) do not give a shit about Plegia acts towards Ylisse until Chrom desperately begs for their help. As for Valentia and Archanea, I never really did understand those games continuity, in particoular because of the Pegasus sisters and Falchion Shame.
  14. ... doesn't this also happens in our world? A world where everyone is connected and knows everything that happens everywhere?
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