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My name is Kirie and I'm a female Fire Emblem fan in my 30s. I was born and raised in the States but currently live in the Netherlands. I started playing FE with FE7 quite some time ago, but never really joined any FE communities until some years later when I starting hanging out at (the sadly now defunct) FEU/SoS and doing graphical work for them. I fell away for a while and ended up joining SF after the old site was down, though I never really participated much here until I got back into FE with the release of Awakening.

Recently I have been taken on as staff for SF to write articles about the totally awesome Fire Emblem Cipher TCG. I hope you all enjoy them!

Aside from FE, I play a handful of other video games series, with some of my favourites being Phoenix Wright, Pokémon, Sonic, Lunar, Golden Sun,  Fatal Frame, and the Bravely Series. I also play the mobile/gacha games Fire Emblem Heroes and Granblue Fantasy. I am also a moderator of the official forums for the browser game Kingdom of Loathing and a moderator for the FE subreddit /r/fireemblem.

I'm also an avid writer and reader and have recently begun dabbling in art again. I do not work, so I devote the majority of my free time to taking care of the house, my hobbies, and wandering around the amazing city of Amsterdam.

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