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    Besides fire emblem, I really like stuff like ni no kuni and kingdom hearts. I also have a bad habit of getting attached to media with small fan bases.
    Also if you get my user is a utena reference you have good taste
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  1. Book 3 will always be my favorite. It started just in time when I came back to feh after a break and I love it’s story and especially the dynamic eir and hel have. It definitely does get kind of bumpy at the end and the end does feel kind of rushed but the buildup to it is amazing. Book 2 and 1 are around the same for me, book 1 is fairly basic but it was the first one we got and I think it works for the better for people to get used to FEH. No dream within a dream or goddess of death shenanigans. Just good old good guys vs bad guys, if anything it really reminds me of the fire emblem cliche of “main characters originally begin quest to do simple task but it eventually ends in killing the big evil dragon god.” In the best way possible. Book 2 is the same for me but I do think book 1 is a little higher for me just bc i haven’t thought about book 2 in a hot minute. book 4 sure does exist. I love the character design and actual characters in it and the design is breathtaking....but everything else isn’t the strongest. I don’t think there’s a book that’s objectively “bad” but I definitely think its the weakest. don’t really have anything to say about book 5 atm bc were so early on and it really turn could into anything at this point but I hope the story quality is a little bit better than 4 at least. No more confusing magic mind games please
  2. I’m talking about unit pairings that don’t really produce good child units or good stat bonuses for each of them overall. I have a giant soft spot for LQ!Owain despite him being mid tier at best for him (not saying it’s necessarily bad, just he has better options for fathers). I supported LQ and Lissa in my very first awakening file when i was a lot dumber and paired people more based on what I wanted to do/felt like rather than what was best. They have cute supports and I like the imagery of lon’qu teaching owain how to use a sword. Also I really like how dark brown/black hair looks on owain, matches really well w his overall design/color palette.
  3. Has to be Fae for me, I love her art too much and she was my favorite armored dragon unit to use until legendary tiki absolutely won my heart. She’ll probably loose though first or second round so I’ll probably switch to altina then
  4. Veronica and Sanaki get along very well in a hypothetical order of heroes due to them having very similar circumstances. (I’m thinking of b! Veronica here but I’d assume regular Veronica would get along just fine) also not really a hc but I know it’s just reversed Japanese but the galdrs in tellius always reminded me of hebrew songs I grew up with so I like to image to myself that they’re in hebrew
  5. Hi! I’m angel and I’ve been an fe fan for about 4-5 years at this point (only expanding my reach outside of the modern games fully now though, not counting heroes) and I just wanted to make an account bc i use this site for regular fe stuff and decided why not! Hope you’re all having a wonderful day ❤️
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