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  1. nice. my favourite Lyn & Sue in 1 game
  2. Meant alot to me. Thanks! oops. it's a female? xD
  3. @thane98 0:34 thank you for helping methrough Paragon & FEAT @lushen124 1:28 thanks for your awesome Universal Randomizer & help me to understand it @lightcosmo 3:06 thank you for helping me alot with FE Awakening Nightmare Module & abit of FE GBA hacking @eclipse 3:19 thank you for helping me understand how to caculate growthrate in FEAwakening & ur kindness answers Fe Heroes cast: @Othin 3:33 @XRay 3:47 @Ice Dragon 4:14 @Humanoid 4:29 @Xenomata 4:43 @Diovani Bressan 2:35 Thank you six of you very much helping through FEHeroes @Benice 4:54 @Jotari 5:17 thank both of you for helping me with adding charaters to FE GBA games with FEbuilder ( please use those times i mentioned earlier to jump to your part in the video) The world is in pandemic, so I can't tell tomorrow would be better, i want to say thank you now before it might be late. You may forget but i still remember what you helped me. I want to do sth rather than just say "thank you" (at least that's what i can do). I put my times/efforts to do this to say thank you to you like you used to spend your precious times to help me. Please don't need to like etc... the video. P/s: I asked an admin that can i post this in far from the forest section but waited too long to get a reply. Time is so value now in current pandemic. Can't say how long that I'd survive. So I want to use this time to say thank you before it's too late although it might be a silly action. But I hope you to know how much I feel very grateful for your helps.
  4. no. you're wrong. The old one able to do that (the one with florina icon). That tool can randomize a ROM that is edited or patched rom.
  5. @lushen124 your universal randomizer can patch a rom without needing original GBA roms. Could you please do the same to this Yune Randomizer?
  6. i can swapped portrait & their models too, also their names.Not sure about support conversations cause i have'nt test it yet
  7. @eclipse 1.I just know abit about FEAwakening hacking and I can swap charaters in the game now. So I just ask for more suggestions about who should be swapped to who to make the game funnier. 2. I thought this post is able to be posted in general fire emblem. I see, I should post in FEAwakening then
  8. Example: I want to swap Lonqu wih Virion. Lonqu is afraid to stay near girl while Virion is try to flirt all the girls
  9. How about Geranal, should i increase that class movement by 1? I don't know how to get plus stone sooner. But I can hack to get money to upgrade the normal stone to full stack. Tell me your idea to buff taguels and manakete. And yah manakete still better than taguel because manakete can counter attack at any range
  10. I plann to edit fire emblem awakening abit.But I don't know how to balance the exact % growrates should be. Example: - Horse units can move more tiles but less total growrates than infantry units ...etc.... stuff like that. Any idea?
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