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  1. wait who is right ? ------------------------------------------------------ I use Leif ( cavalry archer ), he has Atk/res push skill. normal maps are ok to him. He can take care all of them. But in special map , enemy reinforcements keep coming turn to turn. Make his hP lose real fast
  2. So it would count as 2 merge right ? cause eliwood atk+ (one) & +1 in eliwood (2)
  3. I want to ask, when i find Spd+ Eliwood & train him. If I merge Atk+ Eliwood +1 to Spd+ Eliwood. What would happen ? Can all skills from atk+ eliwood transfer to Spd+ Eliwood ? ah yes, you would tell me to keep atk+ eliwood.
  4. well I think I got to wait for his Spd+ copy. U said that after a merge, will get rid of Bane , right ? If I have a Eliwood with Spd+ Res- lv 40 with 33 Spd & 29 Res. After merge, his bane in res fly away & his res become neutral stat . So he now have 33spd & 32 res. Stat base on wiki : HP ATK SPD DEF RES Low 35 28 26 20 29 Middle 39 31 30 23 32 High 42 34 33 26 35 Also is there a dancer that can heal as well ? Atk ... Push skill make my main damage dealers lose their health real fast
  5. I have Atk+ Res- Eliwood & 8 copies of him. So I think it is time to train him.And I think I need your help with building him. 1: W: Durandal A: Death Blow 3 : Reposition B: Axebreaker 3 P: Glacies C: - S : Close Def 3 2: Weapon: Blazing Durandal (Refined) Special: Iceberg (Glacies, Luna, Galeforce, Aether) A Skill: Fort. Def/Res 3 / Life & Death 3 / Swift Sparrow 2 B Skill: Lull Spd/Def 3 / Desperation 3 C Skill: Odd Attack Wave 3 (Odd Speed Wave 3, Odd Defense Wave 3/Even Defense Wave 3/Speed Smoke) Seal: Spd/Def 2 / SwiftSparrow 2 S: Close Def 3
  6. ----I would not bother with Roy, Mathilda, and Shanna. You should still train them to level 40, but I would not upgrade them to 5*.---- I dont understand ? Why we still train them when we don't want to use them ? I still can't find a way to beat Mila Infernal..
  7. Quanlity of ballots & flags I should choose now ? I want to ask, as you see, I choose Azelle, he has "R Dual Infantry" skill, I wonder if it affect the score in this mode Also I have some unit with best IVs for them now, I wonder should I train them or not. They are Eliwood, Roy, Mathilda, Shanna, Ares. They all have personal weapon . but only can use ar 5*. So I have to upgrade them before use. Which cost feather & green stuffs
  8. Wait what ? I just tested that used dorothea active her duo skill on Leif(who already gray out in the left). And suprising leif can move again. Doesn't her skill only active when the targets are from FE3H & FE4. Leif is in FE5 (FE 776) right ? How is he able to move again ?
  9. @XRay is there a way to use him without his wife ? Also these are strong units. I should use trait fruit to change their to their best IVs right ? My barrack currently : Valentine Leif Atk- Res+ & Res- Spd+ l Legendary Claude HP+ Def- & Atk- Spd+ l Btave Alm Atk- Res+ Legendary Leif Atk+ Hp- & Atk+ Def- l Mila Hp- Res+ l Gustav Hp- Def+ l Fallen Julia Hp- Res+ I noted those words.thank you. Cause I haven't seen you listed there. Currently I have 2 leif, 2 claude in the list now. I think it could work for a while unil I get a nuke mage & equipp to her $#@$blade weapon.
  10. No. I asked Othin aboutthis. She said I shouldn't spend money on orbs. It's not worth it.
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