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  1. i can swapped portrait & their models too, also their names.Not sure about support conversations cause i have'nt test it yet
  2. @eclipse 1.I just know abit about FEAwakening hacking and I can swap charaters in the game now. So I just ask for more suggestions about who should be swapped to who to make the game funnier. 2. I thought this post is able to be posted in general fire emblem. I see, I should post in FEAwakening then
  3. Example: I want to swap Lonqu wih Virion. Lonqu is afraid to stay near girl while Virion is try to flirt all the girls
  4. How about Geranal, should i increase that class movement by 1? I don't know how to get plus stone sooner. But I can hack to get money to upgrade the normal stone to full stack. Tell me your idea to buff taguels and manakete. And yah manakete still better than taguel because manakete can counter attack at any range
  5. I plann to edit fire emblem awakening abit.But I don't know how to balance the exact % growrates should be. Example: - Horse units can move more tiles but less total growrates than infantry units ...etc.... stuff like that. Any idea?
  6. @paleontologist-apologist Thank you Are you creating models in 3D?
  7. Hasechi

    FE Name Game

    Evil Eye (is an enemy-only Dark magic spell from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones)
  8. Hasechi

    FE Name Game

    Eleanora (Eliwood mother)
  9. - To me is Kellam from awakening. He appears as a tank/knight but he can reclass to priest and thief. 3 classes priest, knight, thief are completely different classes with different growth/playstyles. The thief class for him kinda a joke cause other units in the game hard to see him around. (And ninjas/thieves often hide themself so we can't see them) - Cecil from FE12, she is the few units in the game that can fit both physical & magic damage dealer role - Cherche from awakening. Appearing at Wyvern Knight class. Despite her low magic growth. both of her reclasses are troubasour & cleric ( which is both healer classes). It is reveal in a support conversation that she always want to be a healer role before but end up in wyvern knight.
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