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  1. Übelburg is the first location shown in my original srpg studio game Demon King's Heir, where the Demon King lived until the legendary hero Mordred slew him. I'm quite proud of this illustration.
  2. How about a Pokémon Warriors focused on that ancient war told in the X and Y games?
  3. I've seen a lot of great sprites in this subforum and wanted to show some of mine. These are just four of the 57 total classes I had to design for my game. Due to it having a more modern setting, I turned many armor pieces into bulletproof vests, ballisticians into tanks and horses into bikers (the manticores are there just because I think they're cool).
  4. I tried to make a topic on the Fan Projects forum but for some reason I'm not allowed to post anywhere in it beside the Questions subforum.
  5. Hello! I am a casual fire emblem player who enjoys making his own original games. Nice to meet you all!
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