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  1. Playing Conquest Lunatic right now. I'd like to get a Chef's Hat so I can take advantage of Jakob and Mozu's cooking skills. I'll also visit your castle so we can both get more BP and VP. My address is in my signature. Thanks in advance! (I'm playing the North American version of the game, FYI.)

  2. I decided to try out vanilla Lunatic for Awakening's 10th anniversary, and this chapter is a massive roadblock (no pun intended). Any ideas for how I can make it through? Since this is a quasi-ironman run (i.e. I'm allowed to reset from my last save if I get a Game Over instead of starting the whole run from scratch), I'm open to any plan that requires sacrifice, though I'd obviously prefer keeping everyone alive if I can. I know Lunatic doesn't really have any consistent strategy and requires you to rethink your plan on the fly, but even just an idea for what to do on Turn 1 would be a huge help. NOTE: This is NOT Lunatic+; this is regular Lunatic. No worrying about shit like Vantage+, Luna+, Pass, or Hawkeye. I'm masochistic to a certain extent, but I have my limits, and Lunatic+ sounds like CBT without the CB. (Plus, I haven't unlocked it yet, so I couldn't play L+ if I wanted to.)


    My current team (not including Stahl, Vaike, or Miriel)



    Level 3 Lord (36 EXP)

    22 HP

    8 STR

    2 MAG

    9 SKL

    10 SPD

    7 LCK

    8 DEF

    3 RES

    Inventory: Falchion, Rapier (34 uses)

    Supports: Frederick (C Support)

    Weapon ranks: D Swords

    Skills: Dual Strike+


    Robin (female, +Spd/-Def)

    Level 5 Tactician (98 EXP)

    21 HP

    9 STR

    7 MAG

    8 SKL

    11 SPD

    8 LCK

    6 DEF

    4 RES

    Inventory: Thunder (25 uses), Vulnerary (1 use)

    Supports: Lissa (C Support)

    Weapon ranks: E Swords, D Tomes

    Skills: Veteran



    Level 2 Cleric (19 EXP)

    18 HP

    2 STR

    5 MAG

    4 SKL

    4 SPD

    9 LCK

    3 DEF

    4 RES

    Inventory: Heal (23 uses)

    Supports: Robin (C Support)

    Weapon ranks: E Staves

    Skills: Miracle



    Level 1 Great Knight (76 EXP)

    28 HP

    13 STR

    2 MAG

    12 SKL

    10 SPD

    6 LCK

    14 DEF

    3 RES

    Inventory: Silver Lance (18 uses), Miniature Lance (10 uses), Bronze Sword (50 uses), Elixir (3 uses)

    Supports: Chrom (C Support)

    Weapon ranks: D Swords, B Lances, D Axes

    Skills: Discipline, Outdoor Fighter



    Level 2 Cavalier (93 EXP)

    20 HP

    7 STR

    1 MAG

    8 SKL

    8 SPD

    6 LCK

    7 DEF

    2 RES

    Inventory: Bronze Lance (47 uses)

    Supports: None

    Weapon ranks: E Swords, D Lances

    Skills: Discipline



    Level 2 Archer (0 EXP)

    19 HP

    6 STR

    0 MAG

    11 SKL (9 naturally, +2 granted by Skill +2)

    5 SPD

    7 LCK

    6 DEF

    1 RES

    Inventory: Iron Bow (40 uses)

    Supports: None

    Weapon ranks: D Bows

    Skills: Skill +2

  3. I accidentally passed down Dragon Ward to Kana instead of Swordfaire because I didn't know that skills that you learn during the paralogue get passed down to your kid. Does anybody have a castle with MALE Kana with Swordfaire? I'd really appreciate it. (Note: My avatar is female, so it has to be male Kana. I found someone with a female Swordfaire Kana, but that didn't help.)

  4. I'm currently doing an FE4 ironman, and I lost Finn in Chapter 2 to Waltz's mercenaries since he couldn't dodge enough 50+ hit rate attacks. Worse, he was holding the Brave Lance, Speed Ring, and Paragon Band and took them with him when he fled to Leonster. I want to know if I can bring him back in Chapter 3 with Claud's Valkyrie staff, just so I can retrieve the Paragon Band and Speed Ring and give them to Seliph. I'm assuming I can't revive him since he's not actually dead, but the information I found on this topic is inconclusive, so I'd really like to know.

  5. Just looking for some advice on doing an ironman run of Conquest on Hard mode. (In case you didn't know, ironman means no resetting under any circumstances, and if I get a game over due to my avatar dying or me failing a specific map objective, the run is over.)


    Examples of things I'm looking for:

    -Avatar builds

    -Which characters are worth using and investing into

    -How to deal with death/permanent injury

    -Utilizing DLC items (only the free stuff like the Exalt and Hero Brands and the gifts from Anna)

    -General strategy

    -Good couples

    -Building support

    -When to recruit children

    -Best generic units to capture and where to find them


  6. 1 hour ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    It is still theoretically possibly to get all of the paralogues, but it will take a lot of dedication, and depending on the stats of the people you have to relationship grind it may be extremely difficult. The ways you build support points is summarized here: https://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/nohrian-characters/supports/support-basics/ , but you don't gain it simply by staying next to each-other, you need to be performing actions, and the number of points they gain has a cap per chapter, and don't accumulate after you reach the next level. The amount you need for each support level is summarized here: https://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/nohrian-characters/supports/support-growth/ and assuming your people are on the slow support gain it takes 7 chapters to S rank if you max the number of support points you get (and 6 chapters for the fast supports), but what makes this possible is you can use the Paralogues you unlock to gain support points, as you have enough chapters left to unlock enough paralogues in those 10 story chapters, to then get enough chapters of paralogues to grind up the last of the supports needed for the last of the child characters.

    The difficult part as I see it is having all of the units that need to support being good enough to not be killed while getting support points in these latter game chapters or paralogues (as the paralogues scale in difficulty base on how far into the game you are when you start them)...

    Yeah, I think I mismanaged a lot of my resources. I kinda wanna start over from scratch and try a different Corrin build. I've heard Ninja is a really good talent. Master Ninja can use the Yato, has Lethality for a chance to instantly kill the enemy (not very good, but damn if it isn't satisfying to watch), and has reliable 1-2 range which is a blessing in Fates, while Mechanist gives Replicate, which seems like fun for cheese strats. Swordbreaker probably isn't that important considering daggers have WTA over Ryoma anyway, and it'd really be nice to be able to fight Takumi without having to worry about dying in a single shot from the Fujin Yumi. What do you think should be my boon and bane? Strong/Unlucky seems pretty good, since ninjas need strength a lot more than they need speed.

  7. I want to recruit all the kids in Conquest (or as many as I can). Trouble is, I've made it to Chapter 18, and the only paralogues I've unlocked are Fight or Flight (Dwyer), Dragon Blood (Kana), and Great Heroism (Percy), so I still have ten kids left and about a third of the game left to get them. I still haven't done Kana or Percy's paralogues since I want to save them for later for the purposes of grinding supports. The only reason I recruited Dwyer early was so I could have him to heal in Chapter 12 while keeping Jakob a Wyvern Lord. So, is it feasible to pair up my remaining couples in two paralogues and approximately ten main story chapters? Also, how do I build supports? I know you can do it by healing, attacking while in Pair Up or Tag Team, or having Azura sing, but can you also build supports just by standing next to each other like in the GBA Fire Emblem games? I also know that the Before Awakening DLC map is infinitely repeatable and can be used to grind supports, but that's not an option since I have no money. I could use other people's castles, but I want to keep my first playthrough as isolated as possible, so I'll only do that if I have no other options. I appreciate your guidance.

  8. 1 hour ago, Shadow Mir said:

    No. You'd have to push deep into enemy territory for this, and I can't help but think the amount of resources you're devoting to this is unrealistic.

    Corrin and Jakob had a Dual Guard charged up, so I had them attack Takumi and Camilla landed the finishing blow with Beruka in Guard Stance. I didn't even need to put Elise in danger, so I was able to have her help Odin guard the chokepoint. I gave Camilla a Defence Tonic and the HP Tonic from Chapter 5, which may not have been the smartest investment, but tonics aren't that expensive, so it's not a big loss. I've made it to Chapter 12, by the way. I'm sorry to ask so much of you, but I'd like to pick your brain one more time. I know Dwyer will be my only healer for this map since Jakob is a Wyvern Lord and Elise can't be deployed, so should I promote him, and if so, is Butler or Strategist a better choice? (FYI, Corrin is also a Wyvern Lord now since I used the Master Seal during chapter 10 for a bit more power.)

  9. 15 hours ago, Imuabicus said:

    Hi, I don´t know if this will still be relevant for you, but if you intend to use Mozu I suggest recruiting her after chapter 9. For one you get an additional Heart Seal from the boss in that chapter and it makes Mozu´s paralogue a tad easier, since your units will have a level or two more. That also means you can reclass Corrin with your first HS. You´ll also get your Refresher which makes reaching Mozu and setting up kills for her quite a bit easier too.

    Well, I already recruited Mozu and used my second Heart Seal to make her an archer. I got her to Level 7 as a villager by feeding her Faceless kills in her paralogue (I did the paralogue early so Silas would be able to use her Brass Naginata for a bit of extra bulk in Chapter 8). This is my team right now after completing Dwyer's paralogue:


    Ryan (Level 12 Wyvern Rider)

    Jakob (Level 15 Wyvern Lord)

    Elise (Level 1 Strategist)

    Silas (Level 11 Cavalier)

    Arthur (Level 8 Fighter)

    Effie (Level 14 Knight)

    Odin (Level 12 Dark Mage)

    Niles (Level 11 Outlaw)

    Azura (Level 13 Songstress)

    Nyx (Level 10 Dark Mage)

    Mozu (Level 9 Archer)

    Dwyer (Level 14 Troubadour)

    Haitaka (Level 10 Spear Fighter)


    Because I doubt either Jakob or the avatar has enough bulk to take on Takumi while riding wyverns, my plan for Chapter 10 is to have Camilla take out Takumi before he pulls a Moses and unchokes all my points with the Dragon Vein. I know she can one-round him with her 21 Strength and 19 Speed, but he can also one-shot her with the Fujin Yumi since he has 57 attack power against flying units. Is it feasible to give her an HP Tonic, a Defence Tonic, a Beruka pair up, Rally Defence from Jakob or Haitaka, Lily's Poise support from Elise, Gentilhomme support from Jakob, and/or the Dracoshield from one of the villages so she can just barely survive a hit from him?

  10. 1 hour ago, Shadow Mir said:

    I will note that partner seals only give the partner's primary class to the unit that uses them, except in special circumstances, or if the partner's primary class is a unique one. 

    OK, I know that now. I decided on Wyvern for Swordbreaker so Jakob and Corrin can both cheese Ryoma. On a somewhat unrelated note, should I use my first Heart Seal (the one you buy from the staff store) on Corrin or Mozu? I don't want to deal with any reinforcements in Chapter 8, but I also want Mozu to be able to contribute to the team ASAP. Should I just bite the bullet and let the first Lancer summon some reinforcements instead of pairing up Elise with Wyvern Corrin and freezing him?

  11. So, my mom gave me a physical copy of Conquest for Easter, and I'm having a bit of trouble thinking of the optimal build for my avatar. I'm playing semi-blind since I got up to Chapter 10 on my emulated version before and I've heard a lot about how hard this game is, so I have some idea of what to expect from particularly nasty chapters such as Unhappy Reunion, Bitter Intrigue, Den of Betrayal, Kitsune Lair, Winds of Change, Ryoma, and Night Breaks Through, but I don't know the best way to deal with most of them. Let me share my thoughts on how I'm gonna build my avatar, and tell me what you think the best choice is.


    I know female is probably the best gender, since I want to recruit as many children as possible and have them be relevant for as long as possible and the only female Corrinsexuals in Conquest are Flora (late recruitment) and Anna (paid DLC), and also because Jakob is so much better than Felicia early on, but boon, bane, and talent are a bit more complicated. I'm not sure how important optimization is because I'm gonna play on Normal instead of Hard or Lunatic, but I've heard Conquest Normal is still pretty challenging, especially compared to Birthright and Awakening, so I want to play at least semi-optimally.


    I'm leaning more towards Quick/Unlucky for my boon and bane because extra speed is useful no matter what class I go into, and luck is one of the least important stats unless your name is Midori or Arthur, so there's not too much harm in reducing it, especially because you can just use Luck Tonics and Pair Up to raise your luck to the point where most enemies have a 0% crit chance against you. You also get a Goddess Icon in Chapter 4, which should give the avatar just enough luck to avoid dying to low-percentage critical hits without having to chug Luck Tonics constantly.


    I also have my talent almost figured out, but it's a bit harder to choose than boon and bane. Cavalier and Dragon (i.e. Wyvern Rider) seem like the best choices because of their good mobility and because they allow you to beat Chapter 8 without spawning any reinforcements, but I'm not sure which is better overall. On the one hand, Cav has Yato access, a level 1 skill that gives +3 damage under most circumstances, can learn Shelter, which is just nice to have in case you make a mistake in positioning a fragile unit and don't want to restart the entire chapter, and can promote to either Paladin or Great Knight, both of which are really good classes, but since I'm probably gonna marry Jakob, who gives Cav access to his wife via Partner Seals, a Cavalier talent may end up being redundant. Also, being weak to both Beast Killers and Wyrmslayers doesn't sound too appetizing. On the other hand, Wyvern Rider ignores terrain penalties, gets Strength +2 for more damage and Lunge for repositioning, and can eventually learn Swordbreaker to help Corrin cheese the Ryoma fight in Chapter 25, but it can't use the Yato, is stuck with E-rank weapons for a while after reclassing from Nohr Princess, has god-awful resistance that makes enemy magic users especially dangerous, and its weakness to bows and yumi may be problematic when going up against Takumi and the enemy archers that I assume are abundant in this route. I kinda wanna go Wyvern, since I'll probably have Cav access anyway from marrying Jakob, and I also want Jakob to have Swordbreaker to deal with Ryoma in Chapter 12.


    So, what do you think? Is Dragon the best talent? Should I change my boon and/or bane? I appreciate any guidance you give me!

  12. So, I just beat Chapter 9 of Conquest Normal, and I've heard Chapter 10 is a real doozy. I only have one Heart Seal and two good choices to use it. On the one hand, reclassing Jakob to Paladin will make fighting Takumi easier, but on the other hand, making Mozu an Archer will make dealing with the enemy Sky Knights a lot easier and help provide extra chip damage with the ballista. So, who should get it? Jakob, Mozu, or someone else entirely? For a bit more context, this is my current party:


    Ryan (Level 1 Wyvern Lord; +Speed/-Luck)

    Jakob (Level 8 Butler)

    Elise (Level 8 Troubadour)

    Silas (Level 11 Cavalier)

    Arthur (Level 8 Fighter)

    Effie (Level 10 Armour Knight)

    Odin (Level 8 Dark Mage)

    Niles (Level 9 Outlaw)

    Azura (Level 12 Songstress)

    Nyx (Level 9 Dark Mage)

    Mozu (Level 7 Dread Fighter)

    Haitaka (Level 10 Spear Fighter)

  13. 13 hours ago, astrophys said:

    Are you determined to make Kjelle have Stahl as her father, or are you flexible here?   Stahl!Kjelle cannot learn Galeforce, and you're already missing Nah getting Galeforce as well.  (Personally, I'm completely fine with leaving Nah without Galeforce, that said.) 

    Lissa, Maribelle, and Olivia should all pass down Galeforce to their kids, so you chose correctly here.  Easily the most powerful skill they have, and males cannot learn it on their own (as they can't get Dark Flier), only inherit it from their mothers. 

    Well, I don't wanna go overboard with Galeforce, since I'm not gonna be playing DLC and I don't wanna make the regular game TOO easy, and I just like having Sully and Stahl together. I mean, they're FE13's Christmas cavs, so they were made for each other. I'll worry about optimization in another playthrough.

  14. If you've seen my first post, this is an addendum to that. I'm planning on starting Awakening over, this time on Hard/Classic, and I'm willing to grind and reclass this time, preferably with the SpotPass bonus boxes since I can't afford DLC. This time, any skill the parents can have is fair dinkum. I don't care how long it takes to get it. I'm in quarantine and have nothing better to do. I also have some ideas on what skills I want to pass, but I just want to confirm with you guys if these are good ideas. Which ones are the best to pass down to each kid? (Also, keep in mind that my avatar's asset is Magic and his flaw is Luck.)


    My current plans:

    Lucina: Aether and Galeforce (Chrom x Sumia)

    Morgan: Any male-exclusive skill (preferably Wrath) and Vengeance (Ryan x Tharja)

    Owain: Galeforce and Aptitude (Lissa x Donnel)

    Kjelle: Aegis and Hit Rate +20 (Sully x Stahl)

    Laurent: Tomefaire and Acrobat (Miriel x Henry)

    Cynthia: Galeforce and Aether (Sumia x Chrom)

    Brady: Galeforce and Swordbreaker (Maribelle x Lon'qu)

    Yarne: Lancebreaker and Pavise (Panne x Frederick)

    Severa: Galeforce and Luna (Cordelia x Kellam)

    Nah: Swordbreaker and Aegis (Nowi x Ricken)

    Noire: Tomebreaker and Counter (Tharja x Ryan)

    Inigo: Galeforce and Swordfaire (Olivia x Gaius)

    Gerome: Swordbreaker and Bowbreaker (Cherche x Virion)

  15. I just started playing Genealogy of the Holy War, and I gotta say, I'm loving it. I'm currently up to Chapter 1, and I've already planned my pairings. I know that kids inherit the items in their parents' inventories, and that the only way to trade items is by selling and rebuying them, so item management is much more important than it is in Awakening. I'm just wondering, what items should I give to the parents so their children can perform the best? Here's the pairings I'm planning on doing:


    Sigurd x Deirdre (obvs)

    Quan x Ethlyn (also obvs)

    Lex x Ayra

    Midir x Aideen

    Beowulf x Raquesis

    Lewyn x Erin

    Azel x Tailte

    Holyn x Bridget

    Claude x Sylvia


    So, what items should each unit have before the end of Chapter 5? I'll use a guide so I know where items like the Brave Axe and Pursuit Ring are located, and I'm planning on buying everything from the armoury that I can, so obtaining the items isn't a problem. Thanks!

  16. So, I got Awakening for Christmas, and I've been playing it almost nonstop. I'm currently up to Chapter 11, and I'm already planning my child units. For my first playthrough, I decided to go in semi-blind and not worry too much about the best combinations of skills. I wanna save eugenics for my second playthrough, or whenever I or my mom has enough money for the DLC. I'm playing Normal/Classic, and it's already pretty easy, so I don't wanna ruin it even more by making overpowered war babies. I'm just planning pairings that I think would work well from a character standpoint and/or be funny. Even so, I still want to improve my children's battle performance somewhat and acquaint myself with how inheritance works by passing on skills that their parents learn through their normal class progression. What skills should each parent have in their bottom slot before beginning the child paralogues that they can unlock without excessive grinding and with minimal to no reclassing? For context, here are my planned couples along with their current/default classes:


    Chrom (Great Lord) x Sumia (Dark Flier)

    Ryan (My Unit; Tactician) x Tharja (Dark Mage)

    Sully (Cavalier) x Stahl (Cavalier)

    Lissa (War Cleric) x Lon'qu (Myrmidon)

    Nowi (Manakete) x Donnel (Mercenary)

    Panne (Taguel) x Gregor (Mercenary)

    Maribelle (Troubadour) x Vaike (Barbarian)

    Cordelia (Pegasus Knight) x Kellam (Armour Knight)

    Miriel (Mage) x Henry (Dark Mage)

    Olivia (Dancer) x Gaius (Thief)

    Cherche (Wyvern Rider) x Virion (Archer)


    So, what skills can be obtained without too much effort that are worth passing down? I've already got some figured out. For example, I know I want Lucina to inherit Galeforce from Sumia because it's such a broken skill, I'm planning to give Nah Aptitude so her growth rates become absurdly high, I want Brady to have Despoil to help get some extra gold once he promotes to War Monk, and Armsthrift seems like it'd be a good skill for Yarne because it might help save money on Beaststones. I'd appreciate some input on what naturally-learned skills are worth passing down. Thanks!

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