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  1. Connecticut is certainly a US state, and there's not much else to say about it. We have that restaurant that the movie Mystic Pizza was based on though.
  2. Noted! I'll definitely fit her in somewhere. Very glad that her base kit is stellar too, been playing for quite a while but I still feel inept when it comes to theorycrafting in any form.
  3. I was hoping for duo Alm & Celica, but I ended up with Young Caeda. A little disappointing because another sword unit is hardly what I need right now, but she seems pretty great functionally. Automatic vantage against most units, without the hp threshold requirement, is a little broken.
  4. It doesn't seem like anyone gives Lorenz Thyrsus over handing it to Lysithea in Three Houses, and I wouldn't be surprised if IS was aware of that. Giving it to him in Heroes would feel a little weird, even if it's technically his.
  5. Just a silly question because I've never really posted anything here before. I only really use reposition, so I'm also stuck in a hell where there's no reposition fodder left in my barracks.
  6. that's what i get for letting my first post here be gender discourse i guess lol
  7. The "I have X friend, so Y isn't offensive or valid" argument is a fairly weak one. Especially when the point you're trying to make is a losing one compared to any reputable, recent science regarding the gender spectrum. Even Bill Nye has acknowledged it.
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