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  1. Feels good to finally use my free time not moving things to my new apartment! Ch 10 - 10/106 Turns Noah promoted and killed everything along with Rutger. Marcus rushed to kill the ballista archer to keep undrafted Lilina safe so that she could recruit Gonzo. Roy recruited Geese for the Brave Axe, and got rescue-chained down to the throne by our mounts where he watched Rutger crit-kill the boss. Ch 11 - 11/117 Turns Marcus and Rutger went east to break down the wall while everyone else went south to clear the way for Clarine to recruit Klein. Gonzo OHKO'd peeps to the tune of a few very nice Str/Spd/Def levels and Dorothy managed to just get to level 10 (just in time to get the Orion's Bolt this chapter!). Rutger Crit-killed the boss and we spent an extra turn to grab all villages to get Gonzo's Hero's Crest. Unrecruited Shanna went shopping for some axes and a sword. We ended up having to pull some rescue chain shenanigans to get Echinda recruited as she decided to beeline Tate's squad. Ch 12 - 11/127 Turns Should have been 10 turns but I accidentally hit "end turn" before seizing with Roy. We fed the Dracoshield to Echidna, Angelic Robe to Clarine, and Orion's Bolt to Dorothy. Gonzo, Klein, and Merlinus went up the East side to get the brave bow, everyone else went up the West where our mounts cleared out the fighters and Dorothy/Echidna cleaned up the archer hallways. Rutger killed the boss with the Wyrmslayer. Ch 12x - 8/135 Turns The horses and Lalum rushed Roy and Rutger to the throne, we exchanged a 1-use chest key for the 5-use chest key and grabbed the White Gem. Gonzo FEASTED on the brigands, hilariously capping strength along the way to getting to promotion level. Echidna swung an axe once. Rutger ignored his near 80% chance to crit and killed the boss over two turns. Ch 13 - 11/146 Turns Gonzo promoted. Echidna covered the Body Ring village and feasted on horse meat. Everyone else rushed across the bridge East. Milady joined, ate the speedwing, and killed a few wyverns with help from Dorothy and Klein on ballista duty. Milady flew Rutger to the boss and then flew North to buy Killer weapons.
  2. Ch 8x - 10/87 Turns The Mounts rushed forward with Roy and Rutger in tow. Rutger killed the boss over the course of two turns. Dorothy chipped a fighter. Ch 9 - 9/96 Turns Just an overall awkward chapter hurt by trying to do too much. I sent Marcus to the Silver Sword village but he got caught on the bridges thanks to a number of missed hand axe throws and didn't manage to visit in time. Shin also was adamant about repeatedly standing in the way and we just ended up killing him with Rutger to bulldoze forward. Undrafted Shanna bought hand axes. If I just ignored the Silver Sword village this could have gone much more quickly. Oh well.
  3. I ended up playing some more. Ch 7 - 10/58 Turns Clarine, Merlinus, and Dorothy grabbed all of the villages except for the longbow; Marcus ran up the left side to clear a path for Noah carrying Roy and purchase chest/door keys. Rutger opened the door letting Marcus run up to the boss who he killed over two rounds and Noah drop Roy off by the throne. Noah and Dorothy got great levels and Rutger finally gained a point of speed. Ch 8 - 19/77 Rutger missed hitting Legance... alot.... on the way to a 3HKO; missing those points of speed early on really hurt since he couldn't double. Marcus and Noah led the initial charge, rescuing Rutger forward so that he could grab enough kills to hit level 10 and promote. Roy acted as Clarine's backpack. Dorothy killed the Lilina Archer and a mage. We grabbed the guiding ring, killer bow, elysian whip, and knight crest from chests.
  4. Welcome to the Marcus and Roy show! Drafted units: Milady, Rutger, Noah, Clarine, Echidna, Gonzalez, Klein, Hugh, Dorothy Ch 1 - 8/8 Turns Marcus did it all. He visited the village, killed bandits, killed the boss, ferried Roy. The man deserves a medal. Roy snuck in every bit of combat he could to the tune of 2 levels (Netting +1 Str/Spd/Def!). Ch 2 - 10/18 Turns Roy killed a few Soldiers grabbing a meaningless level, Marcus killed everything else (including a 2RKO on the boss). Marcus sadly missed a few Javelin tosses along the way which slowed things down. Merlinus visited the Armorslayer village and bought a collection of Javelins for Marcus the team to use. Ch 3 - 10/28 Turns Should have been 8 turns but Marcus failed to kill a fighter who attacked from in front of the boss and I completely forgot that thrones cost movement in this game 😅. The hardest part about the level was just keeping all of the undrafted units (read: literally everyone) out of combat from stray soldiers. Merlinus grabbed the mend village. Our boys both netted speed levels so silver lining! Ch 4 - 10/38 Turns Merlinus grabbed the Door Key village, Marcus rushed for the Angelic Robe village, and Roy ORKO'd cavs with the Rapier. We lost two turns when Marcus missed a hit on a cav which boxed him into the Robe village and subsequently forced him to detour around Rutger. We could have saved a turn with an unreliable hand axe toss on Erick, but Marcus missed both chances so Roy had to finish Erick off. At least Marcus doesn't have to do EVERYTHING anymore. Ch 5 - 4/42 Turns Clarine and Marcus pushed Rutger forward on Turn 1, opened the door on Turn 2, and Rutger killed the boss on Turn 3 enemy phase. Along the way Rutger picked up TWO strength level ups! Ch 6 - 6/48 Turns Marcus cleared out most of the center with some help from Roy. Rutger ate the Angelic robe and crit the boss to get another +1 Strength level (he has yet to level speed, oddly enough). Dorothy got in a couple of kills. Clarine healed and rescued Roy and Rugter forward. We left Sue in jail.
  5. I can finally post again! Sorry for the delay, folks. Taking Clarine and Echidna.
  6. I've been meaning to replay FE 6 lately, I can join.
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