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  1. ^ Topic/Title says it all For me it would go like this. Rules: 1.each game is assumed that your not playing blindly 2. each game is assumed on their hardest setting Hardest: Awakening lunatic plus- luck based is all this mode is. Hard: FE12 lunatic reverse FE11 Hard 5 Three houses maddening Conquest lunatic Radiant Dawn hard Average: Binding Blade hard Mystery of the emblem Thracia 776 Revelation's lunatic Easy: Birthright lunatic Genealogy of the holy war Gaiden FE1 Echoes hard mode Blazing sword HHM Easiest: Sacred stones Hard mode not really ???: I wasn't sure where to put FE9 Aka path of radiance on this list so I left it out
  2. Yeah I honestly found siege tomes in fire emblem to never be that useful honestly. I typically just ignore them since they felt very gimmicky to use.
  3. Fire emblem echoes: Mystery's of magvel. Yeah that's my best
  4. Welcome ,Welcome to serenes forest the place all about making discussions about anime chess. This. And you literally just came on this site.
  5. Wait you can add extra vote options? Sorry I'm new here.
  6. Gaiden truly is the worst game in the series.
  7. Not gonna lie, I forgot that game existed. Though mainly because I haven't played it yet. Is it any good?
  8. Which of the games that our lord and savior kaga made was the best? For me definitely mystery of the emblem, It was just amazing all around. FE1 was okay. Gaiden was the worst game in the series by far. Genealogy was a bore fest. And thracia while good still doesn't compare to FE3 and the game also had some really questionable decisions. But there all made from kaga and his influences so there all perfect anyway. Kaga bless us.
  9. That's an odd way of spelling Thracia 776. Don't get me wrong thracia is still a good game but you can't deny that so much of the game can be broken into a pieces.
  10. I mean I already disliked POR on it's other setting's so I guess I'll hate it even more. YAY!!!!! end my suffering
  11. I would like to see a remake of FE4 that actually makes FE4 fun to play instead of just being carried by it's story. Although if it's a new game then the game should actually be finished and not feel rushed like how three houses felt. And DON'T re add the monastery. I'm not sure if this is a controversial opinion or not but the monastery is by far the worst mechanic ever added in the fire emblem series since that thing alone hurt's three houses as a whole.
  12. POR maniac mode is one mode that I have never tried out though that is mainly because POR is a game I don't like very much. Although I am deciding to give it a second Try after I already did my first playthrough years ago but this time on maniac mode. So how hard is maniac mode? Is it brutally hard or is the game still easy and is their anything I will need to know? Though I will probably still dislike this game though since it's IMO an overall bore from what I have played
  13. *Apologies to anyone who has already done something like this BTW.* Any way's since I am new I would like to know your general thought's on each game in the series. For me it would be something like this FE1: 5/10 FE2: 3/10 FE3: 10/10 Human perfection FE4: 4/10 FE5: 8/10 FE6: 9/10 FE7: 7/10 FE8: 8/10 FE9: 4/10 FE10: 9/10 FE11: 8/10 FE12: 6/10 FE13: 7/10 Conquest: 8/10 Birthright: 6/10 Revelation's: 4/10 Echoes: 3/10 Three Houses:5/10
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