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  1. I figured I should post my Fire Emblem art in a place people might enjoy it, so here we go. I didn't wanna bog the page down with huge images, so I just have low res pictures here in this thread. Links to full size images are below the pictures. If you click the link, you have to click the picture to embiggen it. Ike's my main in Smash, so here he is doing a "repositioning slash" (back+air). Full size: http://cloudflash.net/artwork/2020-09-19_ssbu-smash-bros-ike-fire-emblem-radiant-dawn-repositioning-slash Palla from Shadows of Valentia. That game has fantastic art; it inspired me to try drawing their characters. Full size: http://cloudflash.net/artwork/2020-12-31-palla-fire-emblem-shadows-of-valentia-riding-pegasus That's about all I've got for now.
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