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  1. I actually have two brothers irl funnily enough and didn't even think of that when I decided to make Solidus my username. Hope you had a good New Year as well Ycine!
  2. I've beaten Awakening, Birthright, and Conquest. Currently playing Revelations and Shadow Dragon but I also own a copy of Radiant Dawn but I'm waiting on playing that until I can play and beat Path of Radiance.
  3. Hello I've been a lurker of this for months now and finally decided to make an account. I've just started to play the Fire Emblem games but I've already fallen in love with the series. I've mainly come here to just talk to cool people who like Fire Emblem since I don't know anybody irl who plays the games and this seems like the most inviting place to meet and talk to people like that.
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