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  1. I watched all of the support convos. I honestly liked Azuras the best but I think I’m going to marry her on my revelation play through so I’m going with Sakura. Rhajat’s support convo was just.... no-
  2. Thanks so much for the responses everyone! I really want Kana to be well rounded with an emphasis on healing. I’ll probably use her as a staff bot but I don’t won’t her to be frail either, if that helps. Sorry I’m not too good with this kinda stuff (that’s why I’m here lol)
  3. I’m looking for a more healer based Kana. Sorry I should have made that more clear in the post. But I’d like her to be well rounded overall
  4. So I’m about to start my first play through of Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and I need some help pairing M!Corrin. I’ve narrowed it down to Azura, Sakura or Rhajat but I don’t know who to pick. Who is going to give good stats and classes to Kana? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I’ve never played a Digimon game or know much about it, but this definitely sounds interesting. I’d play it
  6. This. All of this sounds amazing. Also if they are going to go the Awakening/Fates route when it comes to children inheriting their parents hair color, make it an option or give us some sort of item like hair dye to allow us to have their canonical hair color.
  7. One idea that I’ve thought of that I thought would be interesting would be the option to remarry a character if their spouse dies. For instance if I was playing Awakening, if Robin was married to Tharja and Tharja dies then Robin would have the option to remarry another unit in the game. It would add in some unique dynamics like step-parents and step-siblings. Plus it just makes more sense than a character’s spouse dies and now they’re single forever. Idk I just think it would be a nice touch.
  8. Ok... and? Fire Emblem is a work of fiction, it’s fantasy. It doesn’t have to follow rules that older societies followed just because it’s loosely based on that time period. Same-sex marriage was in Fates and Three Houses and no characters in game gave a shit. And what’s wrong with have LGBT characters in things? If it were to be implemented into Genealogy it would probably be handled the same way the last two games handled it, an option. If you want to make everyone straight, make everyone straight! No ones going to stop you.
  9. - Support convos are an absolute must. I love genealogy and it’s characters and I would love to see them more fleshed out and developed. - Add some sort of class branching option. Perhaps return to how it was in Awakening and Fates where you have one base class that branches off into two separate classes. I dunno I just feel like more variety in class would be interesting and a fun dynamic to add to the game. - As a LGBTQ+ person myself I am of course all for Same-sex S ranks. But the problem to implement this you would have to rework the entire 2nd gen. My idea would just be to give every parent one child so no matter what you’d end up with two kids. It wouldn’t be that hard considering most 2nd gen units have a 1st gen counterpart (Claud and Coirpre, Lewyn and Ced, Azelle and Arthur, etc.) - Some sort of hub between battle like the Garreg Mach in Three Houses. I feel like this gives you a nice area to roam in between battles to regroup and reorganize. - More characters! Oifey and Shannan could be trainee units like in FE8. Maybe an avatar?
  10. I’m no expert but it looks pretty legit to me. If you have other DS games I’d compare it to those.
  11. Welcome! We’re happy you’re here こんにちは!
  12. Hello everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m a relatively new fan who started playing Fire Emblem a little over a year ago and I absolutely love the series. I’ve stalked this forum for a while now but today I decided to make an account so I can join in on all the fun you guys have here. Nice to meet you all. Radio (They/Them)
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