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  1. So after a long, long time, I got to beat this game. and even though I had fun at certain points and by no means I regret starting my run, I really don't plan on replaying it. First of all, let's just take this out of the way: my main complaint about Gaiden is how painfully slow the game is. I played on normal mode so my units were constantly underleveled and I had to reset a bunch of times, just to spend around 4/5 of the time watching NES animations... I got bored to death. Not to mention that good part of the maps look the exact same, which annoyed me. So now that I established this is my second negative experience with Fire Emblem franchise, I'd like to say the things I enjoyed about it. Sure, the game is Slow, but as always in Fire Emblem games, I got kinda attached to some units! These being the top 5 below, they made the game fun to me. And honestly? That's about it. Really annoying parts and mechanics, but I enjoyed using some units. Score: 4. Since I'm a huge fan of listing, I will tell y'all my 5 favorite units (based on how much I LIKED them, and I'm not talking about utility): 1- Silque. 2- Gray. 3- Est. 4- Boey. 5- Clair.
  2. You, my good man, earned my heartfelt respect. I disagree with the FE8 part, though.
  3. I'm glad you didn't compare him to Lyon, at the very least. listen, I'm not going to defend Pelleas as a person, because if you tell me he did wrong and was stupid, I won't disagree with you. However, I do think his flaws are due to a solitary childhood, since we all know his father, I can't think Pelleas had a lot of space to develop himself to be a smart individual. He was easy to manipulate and indeed, kinda dumb, but he had no other alternative in life, he was a victim, at the end of the day. But what really makes me like Pelleas is how he feels inside, creating a breathtaking and heavy enviroment towards him, I love how hopeless he made me feel whenever he talked, that, my friend, I think is a good writting.
  4. Wait WHAT!? CAN I RECRUIT HIM!? FUCKING YES!! I think my second playthrough is going to be sooner than I expected, hell yeah!!
  5. My top 1 in both areas is still Genealogy of the Holy War, but you have my utterly respect for your fair choice, my friend! And don't you agree Rolf is the best!? I have a pretty solid opinion about Rolf, that being I like him a lot! Look at how my Rolf was at both Endgames:
  6. I can say I definitely enjoyed FE10 Ike much more than I thought I would, but since i'm stubborn, I still prefer Boyd over Ike, but the buff man definitely grew on my conceit! And if it weren't for laguzes' gauge going hill down after a couple of combats and the lack of support conversations, I'd say Radiant Dawn's mechanics fit me more, but that's not the case, FE9 has easily the best support pool in my opinion, they really developt the characters, in a way I was legit surprised when I got into them. So I absolutely missed support convos in FE10. I mean base convos are great but it's not the same thing, I still missed secondary units having their rightful screen time. I don't know how to hid content but the answer is yes, same for Radiant Dawn. It wasn't even hard since both my Ikes got BUFF
  7. I did enjoy it, thank you! It's just as you said, Mystery of the Emblem's mechanics are much more comfortable to work with, beyond comparison, in fact. And since you didn't play it, I will tell you that much, I enjoyed FE3b1 much more than I enjoyed FE1, and would recommend it to any Fire Emblem fan. About the music, ngl I do prefer FE1 one. Gotoh's theme really grew on me, it's such a mysterious and powerful one, a power the SNES version kinda had, but not as much.
  8. I agree, the Blade of Light is actually my least favorite entry in the series exactly because its mechanics are quite outdated. As I said, I don't regret finishing my first and probably only run, but I do envy you for having the switch version, I think yours is much prettier and it's such waste to don't play at least once to experience a good and OLD game!
  9. Just like in Path of Radiance, I felt like I was reading an actual manga when I played Radiant Dawn, so I felt really comfortable doing so. I find it being a simple but mighty well built story, with a complete world building, relatable conflicts and an absolutely stunning journey. And that was not me praising Radiant Dawn as a Fire Emblem game, but a normal story instead, which is a big compliment since I usually don't think Fire emblem has good stories. But the characters themselves are no good. The fact that Radiant Dawn's cast is composed by over 50 units doesn't help, but my biggest issue with this game is the lack of normal support conversations. Apart for whose came from the previous game (mind you, a game that has support conversations) and a couple of exceptions here and there, I don't think Radiant Dawn has good characters overall, which is an unfortunate disappointment since I genuinely think the story is good. All I miss is support conversation! Well, the story was somewhat chaotic, but good. The characters can be sumed in one-line, but those important for the plot such as Sothe, Soren and Pelleas are great. The game really punished my poor laptop for being too heavy for it, but was worth every second! Score: 7.5/10. Since I'm a huge fan of listing, I will tell y'all my 5 favorite units (based on how much I LIKED them, and I'm not talking about utility): 1- Soren. 2- Sothe. 3- Pelleas (we don`t recruit him but still, what a character...). 4- Naesala. 5- Micaiah.
  10. Ignoring the outdated patch (eww "Shiida"), I enjoyed more the remake than the original. It has a mighty pleasant atmosphere, with a mix of "old school vibe" and a freshness I didn't feel with any other Fire Emblem. I'll never forget how much my eyes shone when I was this game for the first time, it's so beautiful holy cow. The story has more details (Camus didn't become even 10% of Elgidan, but now I felt he had at least some weight in his character), even though I prefer the Blade of Light's endgame (for both story and gameplay). It's a fresh and delightful game, with somewhat outdated mechanics but it's still a full breath close to FE1. Score: 6/10. Since I'm a huge fan of listing, I will tell y'all my 5 favorite units (based on how much I LIKED them, and I'm not even really talking about utility): 1- Est. 2- Vyland. 3- Gordin. 4- Ogma. 5- Marth.
  11. Due to my own laptop limitations, it took me a while until I finally got to beat this one. But funnily enough, the break I had to take from this game was not a handicap for me to enjoy the story (which is not common for a Fire Emblem game). I consider myself the "reader type" and while I was playing Path of Radiance I felt like I was reading a manga, that being, a complete story, which is a huge plus. It 100% felt like a journey. It was engaging and the progression was satisfactory. Not to mention the cast, what a wondrous cast! I played on Normal Mode, so the midgame was so easy it even felt a bit boring, but the new mechanics (specially the base preps) were a lot of fun. Sneaking through the base to see what my soldiers were doing was something I can't even explain why felt so good, but it did. Thanks to the captivating story and characters, lukewarm but fun gameplay and some excellent mechanics, I really liked this game andI'm looking forward to play Fire Emblem's first PLANNED sequel, Radiant Dawn. Score: 7/10. Since I'm a huge fan of listing, I will tell y'all my 5 favorite units (based on how much I LIKED them, and I'm not even really talking about utility): 1- Soren. 2- Boyd. 3- Ike. 4- Brom. 5- Rolf. What surprises me the most is that most of Tellius' cast were genuinely good characters!
  12. I took almost 1 year to finish this one, and I will tell y'all why: this run lasted just as much as pretty much anything in this game. The "old school" enviroment is godly, but the lack of 'polishment", that being, "the facility of doing shit", is a handicap to me. And with the nice exception of the final map, I hated all the songs, they are so annoying and well, noisy... My desire was to mute it and put some Gaiden ost on. And like, Gaiden is easily one of the best Fire Emblem ost wise and it's from NES too, so I won't just take the semi-headaches I had as "console limitations". That being said, I am very proud to announce I have finished Fire Emblem 1, and definitely have no regrets of having such experience which, at the end of the day, wasn't that bad. Score: 4/10. Since I'm a huge fan of listing, I will tell y'all my 5 favorite units (based on how much I LIKED them, and I'm not even really talking about utility): 1- Vyland. 2- Est. 3- Marth. 4- Merric. 5- Caeda. I also enjoyed Camus, Ogma, Jagen, Tiki and Jeorge a lot!
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