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  1. I didn't take a screenshot but in the process of trying to roll for Jaffar...I got two Rebeccas...and then two Lucius'. ...B| why
  2. I've been eying my 3* and 4* Ninos in consideration of raising their star rank eventually, but I'm not entirely sure which would work best! One is +Atk/-Spd, and the other is the complete opposite with +Spd/-Atk. Alternatively, since I'm not in any rush, I was considering just waiting until I pulled another at some point but I just wanted to inquire for future reference what I should be looking for in Nino for boon/bane! c:
  3. Fingers crossed for more Tellius characters soon! Regardless though, I'm really, really excited to see what the next focus round is going to bring us. Yeah. :'DD As someone who had a lot of help with spending way too much on this game, I can safely say that unless your luck is somehow really skewed, you'd have to spend way more than $1k to get 11 of non-focus units. The closest I have to a fully maxed character is Lucina at +9...but this was also while she was a focus.
  4. Ah, awesome! *u* He's a pretty handy unit too, yeah? It's a nice plus (I ranked up my favourites too, but none of them are particularly great units to use I think--) Yeah, fffff. ;; The arena enemies I've been running into now seem pretty drastically different. No more full +10 units teams, thank the gods--
  5. c: Still, at least that's one thing done! Will he be the first unit you've upgraded all the way to 5*?
  6. It's good to see that they're trying to do something about hackers! c: And congrats, Ana! Just a matter of time until you 5* Frederick! :DD So close~
  7. I think the game states that they're only available in stratums 6+, and I can't say that I've gotten any in anything under that! That being said, it is just luck; badges are dropping for me like crazy today, but I remember what a slow crawl it was for me when I was trying to collect red ones last month!
  8. Holy smokes, that is a lot of very detailed and beautifully organized data. It was all a super fascinating read, and I really loved being able to see all the rankings alongside reading your notes, Some of the ranks were pretty surprising to see! Thank you both for the hard work and for sharing it all!
  9. Based off of the previous month, I would think that they'd gradually add more and more quests throughout the next few weeks, so hopefully there should be lots to do soon! And as for the battle focus ending after just a few days...truthfully, I feel like that's done with a business mind. Shorter time means that if someone wants (or needs) one of those units but doesn't have the orbs, they'll have to buy some and hope they get lucky. Then if they need to train the unit up in time for the hard-level battle, they might have to use some orbs/stamina potions for that as well. A good way to prompt people to spend money, I think. I'm not interested in the available units, but if they were characters I really like/wanted, it would definitely at least tempt me to give in and spend a few dollars!
  10. She very well could be--we'll just have to wait and see, I suppose! Cecilia, f!Robin, and...Nino, maybe, if memory serves? I'm not sure what Micaiah's light magic would ultimately classify as in terms of the current colours (unless she gets put into colourless, which would be neat but probablyyyy unlikely).
  11. Even if they're released together...maybe...they'd be different coloured units, at least. :'D It would make hunting for a singular focus easier if so (i.e. I only drew colorless for Klein) but if not then just...fingers crossed!
  12. @[email protected] I guess it's only a matter of time until we find out what they decide to do since the free orb period ends in two weeks. Hopefully they do implement something that keeps everyone interested and that we can all work towards. I've run out of things to do but I've still been steadily logging in to train up all my higher star units to level 40. I'm almost done with that too though, so...:T @Anacybele Your frustration is understandable, but unfortunately it's really just a matter of being patient and waiting now. :C Hopefully they decide to include him in on the next focus; I think he's presently the only title screen character that hasn't shown up yet.
  13. Yes, fingers crossed for something like that! Having daily quests would definitely be a great inclusion (and personally, I admit that I get bored of games quickly if I have no particular goal in mind, so)!
  14. When the the current app release orbs stop, I'd like to think--or at least hope--that they'll at least follow in the footsteps of most other gacha games and offer a daily login bonus/stamp card of sorts anyways. That does mean that we'd probably get less free orbs in general though since I'm sure some days we'd just get stamina potions, crests, and so on. Kind of like the weekend login bonuses, really!
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