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  1. Finally finished sparking on the fallen banner, here's the 5 stars I got in order- Targets- Dimitri, Edie, Female Morgan Leila, +spd, -def ( i never expected this one! ) Normal Claude, +atk, -res ( just lull fodder at this point, also funny how both morgans have the same effect as his weapon on their weapons and claude came to greet me ) Fallen F!Morgan, +hp, -res ( yes, my first target! even her ivs are great ) F!Edelgard, +res, -def ( the most unfortunate ivs she could have, waaaaaa ) Normal Lethe, +res, -hp ( lethe, of all 5 stars? i don't know what to do with her... ) Fallen M!Morgan, neutral ( i tried red since i decided to spark dimitri, and on my 40th summon he comes home! ) Sparked F!Dimitri ( was gonna spark edelgard, but seems like dimitri was still looking for edelgard, so had to force him out ) I didn't expect this good luck, definetly happy about this summoning session, especially after 4 mirabili? pitybroke me before sigurd and lilina on the legendary banner, along with 3 asbels and no celica 😞
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