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  1. I can’t believe I’ve been using reddit for a year and haven’t seen this during my Fates phase in 2016 on reddit. Thanks so much for the useful resource. I just use this forum to get more accurate and specific information to my Fire Emblem related questions. Hopefully, I’ll find a crazy Kana and Caeldori, especially for Kana, since I paired my Male MU with Hinoka as an S rank support and gotta say, really love her hair colour and skills she inherited versus canon red-head Caeldori.
  2. I’m playing on a current Birthright save file as Male Kamui and since it is on a different cartridge from my original Conquest game card, I don’t have any decent skills for some units that I would like to use for the upcoming chapters of Birthright, namely Caeldori, Kaden and Female Kana. Specificly, I would highly appreciate it if Caeldori had Bowbreaker and Aptitude (this is what I require the most), since I’m planning on making her a dark Falcon (exactly the same canon class I chose for her in awakening lol) to make her into a speedy crit flier, Female Kana with Aptitude and Nohrian trust (highest priority right now), along with any offensive skill like Astra or Luna, and Kaden with Aptitude as a must-have and any breaker or offensive skill is fine, but if it had to be specific, I would go with Swordbreaker and Rend heaven . In exchange for this lengthy, long request of mine for certain skills for certain characters, which are high on my highest priority agenda, I have a fully-completed, post-game Revelations save file, that has some of the more popular and some unseen characters with rare and wonky skills, that may be hard to get or aren’t popular among most castles nowadays (mainly non-gen 1 royal units.) Here is some information on the skill based castle: Castle Name: HiddenTreasure Chosen Affinity: Revelations Avatar Name: Nacrina Resoruces: Meat lvl 3, Peaches lvl 3, Emerald lvl 3, Jade lvl 3 (I think, not sure) All shops and amenities are at lvl 3. Units currently on castle defense roster up for grabs: Note: the * is used to indicate certain skills that are DLC based only and that cannot be inherited through any means of castle inheritance skills. MU (Nacrina): Dragon Fang, Shurikenbreaker, Nohrian Trust, Lethality, Astra Laslow: Aptitude, Death Blow, Lethality, *Dancing Blade, Astra Azura: Dragon Fang, Astra, Inspiring Song, Aptitude, Vantage Camilia: Bowbreaker, Death Blow, Sol, Rend heaven, Aptitude Ryoma: Shurikenbreaker, Hoshidan unity, Dragon Fang, Aptitude, Death Blow (?. Again not sure) Sakura: Counter, Aptitude, Miracle, Amasterasu, Rally Luck Shigure: Draconic hex, Dragon Fang, Hoshidan Unity, Bowbreaker, aptitude Soleil: Nohrian Trust, Death Blow, Aptitude, Astra, Hoshidan Unity Kana (M); Draconic hex, Nohrian trust, Dragon Fang, Aptitude, Lethality Shiro: Draconic Hex, Bowbreaker, Dragon Fang, Hoshidan Unity, Aptitude. Every unit is on hold, but armed and won’t attack, there is no Lilith or crazy defense enemies (such as Golems and Automatons) that will attack, and the easiest way to seize is to go either left or use a paired up flying unit with a ninja unit and go straight. If somehow my castle isn’t working properly and my units start attacking out of the blue, PM me on Reddit (which my username is u/YuarieNarukami_P4) and I’ll fix it right away. I visit back whoever visits my castle and any accessory is appericated. Ciao and happy embleming!
  3. I’m at the post-end part of chapter 5, where you get introduced to fighting the Black beast monster at Chapter 5, and for the first part, I was able to chip down the first shield of the Black beast with my main core team (Cav Dimitri, Theif Female Byleth, Soldier Sylvain, Fighter Dedue and Mage Annette), with the various gambit uses, such as Disturbance, Assualt troop. However, what I find that I have trouble in this trouble is my units dodging the special monster attack (I believe it is called Thorns of Ruins?) that manages to hit Dimitri and F!Byleth the hardest, leaving them with less than half HP and since i only have one healer on my team and I try not to use too much of my physic uses (which is Mercedes and I could only recruit Marianne for this chapter mission, but she only has heal and not physic to heal my frontline team). How can I quickly get rid of the shields of the monsters that are intact, and to chip down the monster’s health when it is dazed before it recovers and the shields regenerates , without overusing my gambit uses or getting Dimitri and Sylvian killed (since they have the monster effectiveness combat arts along with Dedue) and using up all my Divine Pluses? Also, some of my units only have a certain amount of authority level, and there are some units that are in my BL house that haven’t managed to get the required authority level, so not all of my units have gambits that they can safely use in the post-end of chapter 5. Any advice or suggestions on which battalions are best effective against the Black Beast and which gambits should be linked? Please and Thank you. Also, sorry for the long, convoluted explanation. First time playing on hard classic of an FE game.
  4. Okay, so once you clear the DLC, you are able to get the weapons from the Pagan altar along with the bonus items? That clears up the confusion a bit. Also, do you get access to a type of item that protects filers from bow damage and cavs from beast killer damage after you clear the DLC (someone told me that it is fairly game-breaking)?
  5. I’m guessing Fates, cause I know that is what IS will go with (unless 3H once again takes over this month’s banner as Fallen heroes, but unlikely since Fallen heroes banner isn’t until May iirc). My hopes and wishes for the April banner if it is Fates, would be characters that wouldn’t need me to spill all of my orbs and allow me to save, which would be Kiragi (the only royal Fates child unit still not in Feh), Mitama, Dwyer and either Caeldori or Asugi (one of the fatesawakening children). I know, I’m very biased towards having Fates child units in Feh, but looking at Gen 1 Fates’s Characters’s Rosters, there aren’t a lot of notable and very worthwhile special ones, aside from Shura, Reina, Yukimura and Mozu. If not, then TMS or Echoes for the love of Feh, since they have gone the longest without any banners (Echoes especially has been done dirty by IS regarding absence of new banners). Also I just want best bois Fernand as a GHB unit and Yashiro in Feh already, so I can create the ultimate echoes husbando team lol.
  6. As the title of this post suggests, I cleared the first chapter of the DLC side story and was able to go to Abyss in the main story timeline, and there was a list displaying exclusive and special weapons (such as Rapier, Levin Sword, etc.) in a place named the Altar shop I believe? Anyways, this might be a dumb question and all, but are you able to use these exclusive special weapons in early game or late game of the main storyline or are those weapons reserved for the side story only? Also, if by chance I am not able to get access to it instantly in the side story DLC, would I need to recruit Constance or Hapi (I forgot which characters you get from which chapter) in order to unlock the Abyss weapon and item shop? Please and Thank you.
  7. Oh sorry, what I meant is that I haven’t actually beat the chapter due to the fact of Yuri constantly evading my gambit attacks and halving damage that I throw at him, even with the linked bonuses from the highest charm units you have available in CS, which are Edelgard and Dimitri. I’ve tried using the steel gauntlets and weapons to chip the gauntlet enemies and sword users faster with Byleth, Edelgard and Dimiri but either they double my tanky units or they manage to hit even with the lowest hit rate they have, even with axe breaker and sword breaker in place (funny thing is that they aren’t even on the terrain tiles that gives bonuses to speed and def. Anyways, after I did what you suggested, I managed to defeat the gauntlet users and sword units, and I DP’d cause Yuri managed to slice Dimitri down, even with the gambit procs rattling him. Thanks a lot for the helpful information Better keep this info in use for the next CS chapters (hope they aren’t as hellish as the first one...)
  8. Not gonna lie, the extra defence and tanking is actually really useful for some parts of the map, where there are a bunch of heavy hard-hitting armoured fortress knights, but it is a matter of movement and better stat-spread and also the fact that she is an easy target for getting doubled or one-slotted by mages in general (especially Coco and Hapi’s magic range, even with Retribution Gambit) so I wanted to go for Warrior for this Map for now, for her to be able to survive and one-shot when necessary. However, when I get to the other chapter battle maps, I might consider switching Edelgard back into her canon class, where there might be a lot of annoying spawning reinforcements. Also, I will be very glad to switch Hilda into Peg knight when the time comes in the next CS chapter cause while I am in love with the warrior design of the class, the class and its overall stat spread is meh, and extra speed is always nice to have. Anyways, thanks for your insight though. It actually gives me a solid plan for the remainder of the CS chapter maps.
  9. I tried playing on Normal, then it was too easy to cheese through it, so I wanted to try it on hard. The diffculty wasn’t a problem at first, but at the end of the map, my Claude got killed by one of the grapplers, due to the fact that I used him to kill Coco and the other peg knights, and i tried to canto him out of there, and that is where I got screwed there, since I was using a Killer bow + killer Sword bulid on him, to take out the majority of the enenmies and then canto out of enemy range. I also accidently used up my Ruptured Heaven combat art to save my other units from getting quadrupled from the grapplers, after what happened to Claude and I’m down to my last Divine Pluse use, since i rerolled twice and both of them was the same outcome unfortunately. I’m going to try reclass Ashe into a different class from Sniper and Hilda into Peg knight, (even if I don’t get Falcon Knight as her advanced class in CS) and equip killing edges on one of them who is able to crit more often, and if all else fails, then I’ll just equip some steel weapons and hope for the best, since I don’t want to break my Killer weapons before Yuri.
  10. @SnowFire Will a Blaze gambit from Edelgard combined with Byleth’s or Dimitri’s Assault Troop, work against Yuri or no, provided he isn’t on the evade tiles? And to confirm, yes I am in the room where there are the evade tiles with the grapplers at the front. I managed to take out the grapplers no problem with Edelgard’s Blaze Gambit; the problem comes when I try to rattle Yuri, since he always ends up on the evade tiles, when I try to bait him with Dimitri and the sword guy next to him, and Dimitri either misses or gets doubled, so I have to equip a Killer lance and just hope he crits (which doesn’t happen, but when it does, it’s always when his hit rate is lowest lol). I have found that Warlock Linhardt damages Yuri significantly at the cost of giving up Restore and since I lost my Claude unfortunately (playing on Classic, so the next few chapters are gonna be rough, oof) in this map, so I use gauntlets on Male Byleth and Ashe to try and get the job done. Also sorry for the long explanation lol
  11. I managed to be cheese through almost all of the first battle map of CS, thanks to giving Killing Edges to the three main lords and giving steel shields to Cav Dimitri and Warrior Edelgard (personally not a fan of Armoured Knight imo, but that’s just me), to allow them to wreck all of the enemies, even the annoying gauntlet users. However, the one thing that I find absolutely annoying and hard to deal with, is Yuri’s Fetters of Dromi Relic, that allows him to halve any damage taken and gives him high avoid, and with the Lucky 7 skill that he has with the Trickster skill. My Dimitri and Byleth that have 80-90% hit rates against all enemies, then have lower hit rates against Yuri and almost get doubled, even in player or enemy phase. Help? I swear I have so much trouble on this, even on Normal, and I have tried using many gambits and strats with Ashe, Hilda and Edelgard, but even then, my bad luck lets Yuri damage my Dimitri and Byleth. Also I lost my Claude to one of the gauntlet users unfortunately, and I used up all of my Divine Pluses, rip.
  12. Expanding on my question’s title here, since I am attempting the first chapter of Cindered Shadows and before battle preparations, I am not a fan of Edelgard’s canon class, which is armoured knight, since it leaves her vulnerable, stat-wise and movement-wise. Looking at the change between reclassing Edelgard into a warrior, is it worth making her a warrior for better stats and balance and making Hilda into a different class, by first going through peg knight and then doing falcon knight for better stat spread, especially for her spd? Also is it better to sacrifice restore for Linhardt as a bishop or is restore a lifesaver in the first chapter of CS?
  13. I was able to get a free OG!Micaiah in this week’s revival banner on my first free summon and apparently for a slow magic unit, my version is +spd but -def. Is it viable to keep her and make a potential speedy and atk based tank mage bulid for her, with the following skills: DB4, lull atk/res 3, joint drive atk, atk/res solo 3 with refined Thani and Luna special, or should I make an atk and res based dmg reduction bulid for her in AR O and Arena as a bonus unit? If neither of these options work or appeal to the type of bulid I wanted for OG!Micaiah, does she also make good fodder for my +atk, -res F!Tiki with Distant Def 3 or should I feed distant def 3 to a mage type unit, like my unmerged Delthea or Valentines Mist?
  14. @LoneStar oh I made Oboro midori’s mother and I already inherited Luna from a logbook unit that had Rinkah!Sophie. Not sure if that was the best choice for Midori’s overall support pair-up bonuses, but I’ll probably experiment around with Midori first as a backpack/support unit in dread fighter and if not, I’ll just use Sophie as my dread fighter backpack and make Midori into her canon Master Ninja class to boost speed and movement.
  15. Recently, I’ve completed Sophie’s paralogue and I’m now about to get Midori from her paralogue, but this is where I kinda run into a problem here. I already have more than 5 paladin knights in my barracks and I’ve somewhat benched 3 out of those 5 paladin knights (Slias, Sophie and Peri), and I’m planning on using my Rinkah!Sophie as a backpack type support unit for Shiro, in order to boost res and skill on the majority of my main child units (excluding Shigure, Forrest and Mitama) that have crap growths in those stats. Question is, would Midori make a better dread fighter and support unit in general or is Rinkah!Sophie as a dread fighter also viable as a backpack type of support unit and also a mage killer for around middle endgame Revelations?
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