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  1. No problem. I hope I'll be able to upload saves from the other chapters on this thread at a later date (Edit: although I think I may have unfortunately lost the saves for Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 and Chapter 4, I could try doing another run and uploading that instead, if that's okay with you), when I have more free time.
  2. Hi, here's an .srm file that should be at the beginning of Chapter 6 with the pairings you asked for. I played using the Project Naga patch, so it might best to use that patch because I'm not sure if the save file will work with other patches. To use it on Retroarch or SNES9X, you have to place it under Retroarch or SNES9X's saves folder and I think it also has to have the same name as your ROM, which means you'll probably have to rename your ROM to FE4 Ayra Chapter 6 attempt so the .srm file can work in tandem with it. (I also used the SNES9X 2010 core on Retroarch, because the current one didn't seem to work, maybe that was because of Project Naga but I'm not sure). I've also included a state file I created using SNES9X in case the .srm file doesn't work. You can tell me if the files don't work or if there's something wrong. FE4 Ayra Chapter 6 attempt.srm Chapter 6 Ayra.state
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