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  1. Any updates on this? Been about a year now and no news. 😞
  2. Nindo

    FE8 Siege Emblem

    I'm curious how you plan to handle the demon king battle if game freezes are a constant issue, as that fight forces animations on. Would you just have to fight with Bishop boosted Purges?
  3. Thanks. Yeah I was able to get it working 😄
  4. I can't seem to get it to run despite having installed Python 3.7 and pygame. It just hangs with an unresponsive window. 🤔 The warning about PNG color profiles doesn't seem to be something that should be game breaking based on my googling, so I'm reluctant to think that could be the cause. Any ideas?
  5. Hi Terper! That's awesome news! I assume SnakeMom got in contact with you 😀 I'm glad to know the hack is still being worked on. Totally understand the work situation, I'm just glad the hack is still in development. I had 95% of chapter 10 written, but if you're still around I'll leave it to you. Or if you'd like we could discuss ideas on Discord or I could help with bug fixing etc. whatever you want 😄 Really love what you've done so far ❤️
  6. Hello everyone. I'm been following this project for a few months (and loving it!) but it doesn't appear like Terper has been around for years 😞 In the interest of seeing this project continue, I took it upon myself to pick up from where he left off (and boy did he do a good job!). Now, before you start getting apprehensive about someone unattached to the original writing team picking this up, I want to make a few things clear: This patch includes a few added lines sprinkled throughout the first 8 chapters to give some character actions a bit more weight than Terper originally did (Looking at you Garcia 👀) In addition, I've also added in chapter 9 that was played on MageKnight404's channel way back in October 2018. (I decided to leave off Amelia until a little later because getting all 3 trainees so fast is a little overkill.) Here's some screenshots of my own dialogue that I've added in alongside Terper's. This patch only goes up to the end of chapter 9 (as from there I have to start making fresh content). If you want to play it, apply this patch to a clean Fire Emblem Sacred Stones rom using a UPS patcher (Google is your friend). I'm open to any suggestions anyone may have for future characters and scenes. Enjoy 🙂
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