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  1. And here's Part III, which is based on Robin and Tharja's support conversations! Unlike the other two, this one has more middle eastern folk influences, similar to the bands Melechesh and Orphaned Land. It's a pretty lengthy song (over eight minutes long) with quite a buildup, so be prepared to be taken on a journey through Plegian deserts when you listen to this song. Anyways, this is a part of the Time-Surpassing Fate EP, which my band has recently released today, and you can listen to it in full here:
  2. Pretty sure nobody's following this thread, but whatever, this is part 2 of the Time-Surpassing Fate trilogy, and is a continuation of the story from "Love Reincarnate". Even after she dies in battle, Rhajat still follows Corrin, becoming a vengeful ghost that protects them from their foes. This song will appear on the upcoming Time-Surpassing Fate EP, which is releasing on March 10th. Y'know, it's funny how two lines of dialogue, namely "I'll watch you like a hawk on a mouse. Forever and ever—until one of us is no more. And maybe then some." from Rhajat, and "Don’t worry. I’ll be with you always. ...Even if it’s as a vengeful ghost." from Tharja, are what ended up inspiring this song. I dunno, I just thought exploring that concept a little with "Transcen-dead" would be a cool idea, considering that death is the natural next step before the eventual rebirth and reincarnation.
  3. I've already ran into a couple of metal fans on this forum, but I figured I'd make a topic where any and all metal fans can just pop in and say "hi" to one another. So yeah, just give a short introduction of yourself, what styles of metal you like (e.g. power, thrash, death, etc.), a few favourite bands from each of those styles, and I guess a little bit about yourself, whether you play an instrument and/or in a band, or any other interesting tidbits about yourself. I'll start off first. I'm Zeke, my favourite styles of metal are symphonic, folk, power metal, progressive metal, gothic metal, symphonic black, and melodic death. Some of my favourite bands are Nightwish, Epica, Battlelore, Ensiferum, Equilibrium, Korpiklaani, Stratovarius, Firewind, Blind Guardian, Symphony X, Dream Theater, Mastodon, Lacuna Coil, Blackthorn, Tystnaden, Cradle of Filth, Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Children of Bodom, Amon Amarth, and Arch Enemy. And a little bit about myself, I can play guitar, bass, keyboard, and do vocals (both clean and harsh), though playing guitar is my strongest suit out of all of those, to be completely honest. I'm in a band called Grimleal, which some of you may know by now, and I often like to listen to symphonic and folk metal while playing FE to greatly enhance the experience.
  4. If you like The Hu, I would highly recommend you check out some other Mongolian folk metal bands, namely Nine Treasures, Mongol, Ego Fall, and the OGs Tengger Cavalry. Nine Treasures is basically a Mongolian Korpiklaani with a slight punk influence, Mongol, Ego Fall, and Tengger Cavalry are a bit heavier, leaning more on the death metal side, though Ego Fall's Mask EP and Tengger Cavalry's last two albums are much lighter, but still pretty good. As for me, I would say Imperial Circus Dead Decadence has became a new favourite band of mine that I discovered in 2020. The best way that I can sum them up is "epic anime death metal", but I'll let the music speak for itself on that one.
  5. Okay, to be fair, I was listening to a lot of Cradle of Filth when I was writing this one, so that might be why, ha ha. I did say that this is symphoblack and melodeath, so I'm glad to hear that my Gothenburg influences are showing. You're also not the first person to tell me that the vocals are a bit low in the mix, so I should turn them up a tiny bit at this point. Hopefully, I can get the mixing better on the EP version. But anyways, thanks for your comments, and I love your signature!
  6. Not sure if I'm necroposting in here or not and I apologize to the mods in advance if I am, but I'm a part of a symphonic black/melodic death metal band called Grimleal that makes metal music that's inspired by and about Fire Emblem. Perhaps it will tickle your fancy?
  7. Hello, everyone! I am in a band called Grimleal, which makes symphonic black/melodic death metal that is inspired by and about Fire Emblem. We dropped a new single back in late December called "Love Reincarnate", which is the first song in the Time-Surpassing Fate trilogy (named after our upcoming EP), and is based on Rhajat's reincarnation. There is some Japanese folk elements in the song, which is intended to evoke the aesthetics of Hoshido, and because it was also inspired by Fates' soundtrack. There’s also a slight gothic metal influence, in the vein of Cradle of Filth’s Dusk and Her Embrace era, so if you're a fan of that band and that album, you may enjoy this one a lot. Anyways, if any of the above happens to pique your interest in any way, feel free to give it a listen and leave any comments/criticisms! (P.S. There's plenty of references to Rhajat's dialogue in the lyrics, can you spot them all?)
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