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  1. The Kantonian versions of Raichu, Marowak, and Exeggutor can be obtained while in Ultra Space locations, as they aren't in Alola.
  2. Technically it did, they just weren't explicitly shown. According to Xenoblade: The Complete Guide (strategy guide only released in Japan), there are 17 chapters plus the prologue. The chapters seem to be split up by the times when you are prompted to save after certain cutscenes.
  3. I thought it'd be a good idea to post leak stuff here instead of the main thread. I'll still tag spoiler stuff, at least for right now. Check SciresM and Kaphotics on twitter, or visit 4chan. The script has been dumped, among other things. MODEL FOR LEAKED POKEMON
  4. The game's leaking. Check SciresM and Kaphotics on twitter, or visit 4chan. Actually, I'm gonna go ahead and make a dedicated spoiler/leak thread.
  5. Yep. Apparently it is 10 Gold materials and like 30,000 gold IIRC. And I don't know why they wouldn't die.
  6. I imagine you'll be able to obtain Master Seals in the History mode maps that come in the packs. It would be pretty unbelievable if the developers just decided that up to 9 characters would never be able to promote.
  7. Like the ORAS demo? That was mainly just Gamefreak not being thorough when scrubbing stuff for the demo. Dataminers could go through the demo because it was available to access. The pre-load of USUM may have the data there, but it isn't accessible because they don't have the "key" to get into it. Here's a little FAQ by SciresM that should explain things a little better. It's for Sun and Moon, but it will still be relevant. https://pastebin.com/28CW3zxq
  8. Not from the eShop stuff. IIRC, there's a specific key used to "unlock" the pre-loaded copies for play, and it is way too inefficient to attempt to crack it. Any leaks/datamining will come from physical copies that break the street date.
  9. I started getting a lot more archer stuff in the Fates map, particularly the Hoshidan side. Once two characters get to A rank, you'll receive a X's Teachings for both characters. That material, plus the character's gold material, is needed for characters to get another's skill. Also the initial character needs to know their own skill already before it can be spread, using 3 of their silver materials. So if you want Chrom for example to get Astra, Ryoma would need to A support someone (it doesn't have to be the person you plan on giving the skill to), and then Chrom would go into the crest market and buy Astra (assuming Ryoma has already learned it). It gets a little easier considering you get a character's gold material at B support, so you easily get the resources to pass around skills, as long as you keep supports up.
  10. What level is your team? 15 is generally the recommended level for the first stratum boss. Also I read that the body IIRC was weak to Ice, so if you have a fencer/warlock, you can make use of that.
  11. https://www.gamnesia.com/news/future-fire-emblem-warriors-dlc-content-will-be-influenced-by-fan-requests
  12. I've heard some people reporting game crashes/freezing in performance mode, mainly during Dual Attack and Awakening Musou.
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