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  1. Haha, no worries. It's certainly a unique Fire Emblem experience! Thanks to the existence of emulators, I was able to enjoy it. There are a few characters I learned to like from it too! Oh, right, did I forget the dismount mechanic? Where if a unit is on a mount, they can become infantry (which is the only mode they can be used in indoors)? However, they are sword-locked as infantry as I recall. Maybe some have differences, but it can lead to very bad surprises. Well, I do use it eventually, when I really need it, and they tend to be actually quite useful later on too XD Boone's got superboons! Lol. I tend to shun Jeigans like hell because I like levelling my units, and tend to like putting them at a similar level (until favoritism kicks in and one unit I really like gets half the kills of the map). I almost never pick because of strength of unit, mostly just on how much I like the character's personality/design. Imma get to it 😃 0:30 I hear video-game noises 2:43 Dunno if you'll see it later in the video, but if you talk, you can still attack afterwards. 3:34 To be fair, a sword is better unbroken in the eyes of the refined XD 8:08 A pair for the ages. At least their supply of hand-axes should last them that long 9:19 Perfect timing XD 11:49 more like chillin their balls out 13:03 I always thought it was a frozen lake myself 13:47 30% is deceptively high for crits somehow. I always think they're calculated differently or the game doesn't understand it as a percentage or something cause it crits way too frequently. But of course, the crit must be at the second hit to be sure you use up all of your weapon earlier >> 14:41 I see you. He has 5 HP. The first sword guy did 5 to him and there's still skellyman. Don't risk it. 15:01 Oh, what hack is it? ^^ 15:50 Except Winnifred 😛 16:32 Yeah, I think it's just shown when the character is selected in here. The talk thing can be useful, but more often than not it's paired with the map thing, and I tend to only use the second XD Though it can allow you to see suddenly someone can speak with someone else which you could've not realized in larger maps. 16:58 He's an anime character. He has 30 gallons of blood in his body. He'll get over it. 17:42 Yeah, the ambush in this chapter is pretty harsh, especially if you're not prepared and still have some of the more powerful units on the lower map alive. 18:55 right 😛 20:40 Oh... oh my. 21:41 Milarepa would soon enough become milaRIPa 23:42 Missed by miles 24:50 I THINK it is, but I'm not 100% certain. Could come from a special enemy you encounter once and I don't remember or something. But there are a few that are, afaik, so it would be logical, considering it's a new class and all. 30:43 I don't actually remember what's in those chests, tbh. Though... oh well, FEBuilder doesn't want to load it for whatever reason. Sad. Most likely some nice weapons or something like that. I don't think it was game changing or anything. Probably a light tome, since Lael can use those and I vaguely remember using her with those early on, but I'm not certain. 33:16 Hehe. Not yet, no. Welp, sad for those chests, but eh, what can you do? Apart from moving all your units 😛 I might be less responsive for a while with some stuff going on around here, but I'll try to pop back in during the weekends ^^ A bit sad to see Winnie the Carebear and Caspian the friendly ghost shafted because of their starting position, but we'll see how they hold up later on. They're pretty good units honestly, and Winnifred saved my ass a couple of times (though she's extremely frail and needs good positioning. She'd have died so many times if it were not for savefiles on my end XD). Travis seems to be getting alright in your run, maybe he'll be a contestant. He seems to be a fine unit, just one that would often frustratingly leave enemies at very low HP in many cases. And guess who you'll meet next chapter? ;)
  2. Oh, yeah, I know you can see when they actually deplete their ammo, but it doesn't help much with preparations XD You kinda just have to sit there waiting for it to be depleted, not knowing if you'll spend all day of like 2 minutes XD I'm not certain of that information, but I think Thracia Ballistae had like 20 ammo. Hicks spent so much time depleting these absurd amounts of ballistae XD You might enjoy Thracia, but it is known for its higher difficulty and unfair moves if you're not prepared in advance. It does have very interesting mechanics though, which does make it a kinda polemizing game. It is the only actual FE to have the in-map capture mechanic, which drops your stats to try and capture a weakened enemy, hobbling them around like a rescued friend, until you deplete them of their items and drop them away (which is taken into account for shops and the like), the fatigue mechanic which has units that battle a lot be too tired to fight in the next one unless you provide them a specific item, and then can come back once rested and the scroll mechanic, to boost growth rates to your pleasing. It's also the only one to have the "lol you abandoned your army like an entitled brat" mechanic, which was not welcome in my run and had me redo a big part of a chapter because of save forgetfulness, but apparently, a better translation makes that possibility less egregious. On to the video then! 1:18 Yeah, all the white lions are pretty good units in general, and Boone is a preeeeetty good bet indeed 😃 3:40 It's fine. I never calculate. That's how I get in terrible situations usually XP 4:40 Caspian the friendly ghost 5:06 Seeing these unique weapons getting used so much early on breaks my over-item-saver heart. Seriously, I constantly manage too break inventory limit in FE XD 7:25 Yeah, Winifred rules 13:41 Yeah, Boone is a tanky boi. But at least in my run, he could handle waves of enemies by himself pretty fine, so it's not a bad thing, especially since he does get powerful. 13:49 His spd growth isn't amazing, but his def either actually. I'm thinking more and more there are some added growths on top of these. HP 80 POW 55 SKL 45 SPD 40 LCK 45 DEF 40 RES 20 19:23 A wise decision 21:59 Knocked out... with a shiv? =D Cool vid ^^ Some of the coming chapters are pretty harsh, I must say, but you're doing quite good. It's mostly the lack of availability of certain units and the sorta need to use everyone that might be a hurdle here, but I'm excited to see how you handle these types of chapters! And don't worry for the short response, everyone has their own life, and I understand you don't always have time XP It's already appreciated you went out of your way to post it tonight. Don't push yourself too hard and have a good one!
  3. Seems your prayers got answered Somehow I'm hornier than Asmodeus himself while bashing on simps. The denial layers are thicc. Also, seems like hoodies and sweatpants are peak waifu fashion.
  4. But what about when she gets long hair? Is she no longer best girl at that moment?
  5. Bahahaha Can you imagine a tea-party with Serra, Sweetheart and L'arachel? That would be pure madness.
  6. Yeah, the switch to when you should start expecting them is kinda obvious. Hmmm... maybe there's gonna be sword users a lot? Or maybe not... I guess you'll have to discover XP Well, Leah needs to have some symbol of command! Yeah, I'm sorta kinda doing it in SGW, but mostly because there's so much inventory management in this game (It incorporates the Thracia mechanic of capturing enemies and trading their items). More often than not, I still forget to switch weapons though. Then again, I don't have a lot of them on me cause I need space for the capturable items (you can't send them to convoy, unless you're next to MC) and there are also scrolls in this game (items that boost your growth rates). I'm also the kind of guuy that will always stick to the lowest tier weapons unless necessary XD Oooh, I see. Yeah, that makes sense for the forest advantage. Hahaha, I don't remember if there are other chapters where there's this much discrepancy between magic and physical enemies, but you'll certainly encounter soome strong mages as you go on. Alrighty then, I'll get on to the video XP 4:15 MAGIC IS EVERYTHING! 6:52 eh, I think it's quite fair. I mean, I use savestates, why would I judge for something like that? XD Anyways, if you're not using savestates, you probably just reset and thus do pretty much the exact same thing as you decided to do, but with a longer runtime beforehand. 8:20 HOW DARE YOU, CRIMINAL SCUM!? YOU SHALL NOT ESCAPE VERJEIGAN'S WRATH!!! 10:32 Unfortunately, I don't think you can see the ammo for the ballistae. Usually, it's only up to 5. Not that it mattered that much in the end XP 12:04 "now" in the next few centuries, with that EXP gain XP 14:34 An army of Vergils... now that's a scary thought. 21:28 Lol. Myrrh-me-don, as in "I don the myrrh". Either they're englued in tree sap or they stroll around with a baby dragon on their back. Or both. They also have some grammar difficulties. Unable to take the books, they took the sword to prove their point. Maybe this'll be memorable enough XP Cause as busted as he is, I don't think Vergil would want to meet swordsmasters right now XD 21:49 Yeah, seems about right 22:17 pffft. Fell off, more like benched in the snow. Your loss for not using one of the greatest armor knights in existence. 24:03 Well, I'll grab some water, sure, but it's like 5 cm next to me so that's not the longest intermission I've seen XP 24:44 "Pick a god and pray" - Verdrick the faithless, 2022 25:08 Lord of the Dance, Vergil edition 25:35 A lance user against a sword user? What a calamity! 26:42 Vergil regained his Faith 28:28 Too late, the pyramid has already fallen. It had Vergil lose confidence and get hit by a longsword. Thankfully, as he regained Faith, Kathryn was able to heal him with the power of prayer after a while 29:34 Lol. I downloaded the editor, though it's riddled with errors I have no clue on how to fix. I migth get to it someday, but I didn,t have any clear idea of what I wanted to do so far, so I'm leaving it behind for now. 32:39 I don't think so. I'm not sure if the personal growths are alone or if they're paired with class growths though. That maybe could be a thing. I do find levels tend to give way more stats than they should in general. Yeah, the preludes are interesting chapters! They recontextualize some stuff and allow you to boost different units to have a more balanced team later on.The white lions have pretty good units too! Caspian and Boone are more like jack of all trades. They'll not necessarily max out anything, but they'll get generally good stats everywhere, except maybe res. Winifred is miss critical for me. I think it's only due to the sniper class though. She had like 30% crit rate on an iron bow. Travis has a very interesting promotion path, but I have yet to use him enough to give a good impression on him. Though through the run I've used him, I always feel he's a bit on the weaker side. Definitely not a Vergil. You'll also get two of the best units in the game in those preludes, and a pretty intense chapter. I'm excited to see how you'll tackle the one I'm thinking about XP
  7. 1:04 he looks so proud. And Nergal jinxing his doom. And can I say I'd totally see Serra doing Sweetheart's laugh? This song is too fitting for this video XD
  8. Oooh! Wise x Wanda was one of the supports I wanted to do in my first run 😃 I'll have to try out that silly Marge conversation one day too! I definitely think the maps and characters are in a good place as it is! As I've said a couple times (though maybe not here) this hack really feels like an actual Fire Emblem game to me. And the characters and classes are fun and unique. I'll definitely stay around for the supports! I think you're quite good at them, and I'm intrigued to know more about those characters. Happy to see you back with LM, though as Ruben said, don't go too hard. Go at your own pace and take the time to create what you like. You have something to be proud of in what you delivered here, and I mean that! I wouldn't want you to feel unsatisfied in the end because you worked yourself to the bone trying to attain any sort of expectation and wrote things in an overwhelmed state. Take care! Oooh, I second this! I think they were pretty well made and it's a shame they're locked to the dead thread. I think it would shine pretty well and add to the presentation.
  9. Went through the night of war map in SGW without much of a hitch. There were some really scary enemies and situations where I has a million units injured (wish I brought Kirin along for those) but I managed to kill all enemies and get all three chests. And now Lex and Evan are lvl 20 with their final class, both with a mov level under their belt. Things are looking good going forward. I am also still very amused with Dexithea. Whenever she was in danger, she just zoomed out like a madwoman, being my highest movement unit at that time XD Or she just destroyed the enemy cause she's a freaking monster.
  10. Saint Elimine Rules Righteously Above Serra being a reincarnation of the saint confirmed?
  11. I should really watch this show at some point. For some reason I was disinterested in it as a kid, but it's always intrigued me growing up and I always thought I could actually appreciate it if I gave it the chance. And this theme is pretty gorgeous too.
  12. How many lightnings have you bought at this point? XD
  13. Wait a sec... "Before, he had no need"? For apparently over a thousand years, he thought he didn't have to do anything as humanity was dying and the very thing he wanted to combat was gaining in power and enslaving the human race, but after everything had gone so deeply to shit human civilization was basically no more, he suddenly thinks "yeah, maybe I have to act now". I mean, I like a dramatic rise of forces as much as the next guy, but considering he's an immortal being who has been there forever and whose sole reason for being is to bring peace to magic and humanity... Seriously, this video is soooo slooooow. I'm very glad for Youtube's speed up function. I mean, he does have a spectaclable voice, but when he takes literally 3:30 min to basically say "Warhammer 40,000 has deep lore and is extremely dear in the hearts of many especially for the period of time and character I will describe in this video" it gets a little intense. Ooooh, wait, I think I finally understand why you're linking this video. It's because in the previous one, when the guy says "crusaders" it's only referring to the crusades against the demons to liberate humanity? If that's so, it was incredibly poorly worded, as he went on these crusades as the Emperor and not another figure from human history. I also believe he pluralled it, meaning multiple personas. But I guess that would make more sense as for his character in the end. Still confused as to why he would ignore the demons for so long though. Aaaaand he's got another 3 min outro basically simping over the greatness of the lore. No thank you. Still, I can see why people would like that narrative. Not one that strikes my chords very much, but still it seems to be very detailed. Bahahahaha Rain does seem like the best character from the very minimal information I have on this game. Then again, that information may have been conveyed through a biased lens.
  14. Well, that depends on religion, really. It's not unheard of to have the Emperor be considered the incarnation of a god. You know, I don't know if it's only the way it was explained in the early parts of the video, but I have a distaste upon the explanation that "The shamans were benevolent people" and that basically any person who did an effort to try and lead humanity in a direction of advancement and peace seems to be put on this Emperor's shoulders (and also the Crusade part which contradicts that. That really is extremely weird. He wants peace but goes around killing thousands for people to believe in him (considering he's Jesus Christ) before even having the Emperor persona? And it's said he is trying to bring humanity towards peace to restore balance to magic? Well, I guess there's no greater peace than death, but still).
  15. Hmm, from how I see it, it probably makes it quicker, as the delay is reduced. For example, if the normal delay is 8 turns, then 1/2 delay would be 4 turns and 1/8 delay would be 1 turn. So basically, according to my theory, you shouldd be able to fit in 4x as much of the same attack in the same time frame. I might be mistaken though as I've never touched any game in the series and may be misunderstanding the delay mechanic.
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