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  1. Thanks! I planned out a whole storyline and a gaiden chapter for that map which would result in one of the two alternate versions depending on whether you do it or not. I'm kind of learning FEBuilder right now so I might use that concept myself if I do attempt a full hack but I'd like to see what other people would do with it as well. Just let me know if you want to make something with it in the future :)
  2. Hi, I make maps. This will be a gallery thread of my creations, I'll keep it updated with new ones as I make them until I lose interest again and vanish for a few years. Some of these are up to 6 years old, there might be a few shading errors on those that I'm too lazy to fix. I only recently figured out mountains too so those will stop sucking in the future, I promise. If you want to use any of these or would like my work for a hack feel free to shoot me a message. Fort/Castle maps: Towns: Other: Alternate versions: Last update: [Feb 22 2021] Added Big Fort #2
  3. Hello, I'm here now. I mostly just make GBAFE maps every now and then but recently I've started playing around with FEBuilder so maybe I'll attempt actually making some of them playable. Map makers seem to be a minority these days compared to portrait spriters so I figured I might as well throw some of mine on here in case any hack makers are looking for a mapper. Also Artur FE8 is best boi. That's all.
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