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  1. Thank you all for welcoming me to the Forest. I agree. There are things I disagree with too. I haven't completed every path but I've completed Crimson Flower because Black Eagles all the way plus I S-Ranked Edelgard. Funny thing was I didn't know you could permanently recruit the students from other houses and some of Garrag Mach inhabitants also I beat Cindered Shadows. I'm currently on Verdant Wind and I'm nearing the end. Still deciding whether I should S-Rank either Marianne or Lysithea. I had many choices but I dialed it down to two.
  2. Thank you. Well I appreciate that and thanks again.
  3. Hi. I'm JArgonaut. I'm new to Serenes Forest. My current favorite Fire Emblem game at the moment is Three Houses. Awakening was my first game I've played in the franchise. I've been wanting to possibly get my hands on and play some of the older games. I don't know if that's a good introduction but at least I tried, right?
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