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  1. Hello and welcome to the forest, IbrahimPasha!
  2. Oh, thanks that's very nice to hear(read?)! I'm glad I could help you. I also have no one to ask for help with my creative writing and this sorta stuff (except that what I'm writing are a plot for a comic book and a book series, not a manga) so I get the struggle, and feel happy I could be of use to someone on the same situation. Around 2020 or so I had to come up with the title for my comic book (that is also a story I had since middle school, up until 2020ish I was simply using the name of one of the characters- that at first was the MC but eventually I decided on making the deuteragonist so that definitively couldn't be the final title (also a running gag on the story is that a bunch of characters have a hard time pronouncing his name, so one more motive for why it couldn't be the definitive title)- as placeholder title) and like you, I wanted something that would sound cool above any other motive so I remember having to make a list of a bunch of words that sounded cool to me and trying to mash them together with one anothers, I think that by doing that I got some insight in what makes a name cool (and after that I started to pay a lot of attention to the cool titles I see around and what is it that makes me find them cool). Ironically, the name I came up in the end (that in the beggining was only related to the story in a very vague way, as again, the point was mainly to sound cool) ended up giving me an idea that shaped the whole premise of the story. I'll check it as well when I have time, thank you for this! I find it so odd that a Fire Emblem forum is the place where I see more writers supporting other writers (giving opinions, etc) like that, but I'm very thankful to have found a place where people seem to have concrete opinions on each others writers like that and give constructive criticism like here, so much that I'm pretty sure that when I need beta readers for the books I'm writing (or an editor, which I'll probably need since my first language isn't english so I might miss some grammar stuff), it's gonna be here for sure.
  3. Hi, this ended up being sorta long so sorry in advance, I hope it helps you in some way: Mmmmm, first of all, I actually kinda like Live Gear, it goes better on my ears than Rev Gear (that is not bad at all too), I still think that you can probably manage to find something that sounds cooler since that's the whole point for you, but if you don't then Live Gear does have some ring to it. I personally think you should avoid Solid Gear because it resembles Metal Gear Solid a bit too much, not sure if that's just my personal opinion or if others would agree though but that's the first thing that came to mind. Also, whichever name you end up choosing, always google it first just to be sure if it doesn't resemble something famous (and ask someone too, maybe the internet, if the title could resemble something, just to be sure) Not sure if it has ANYTHING to do with your story but I always think that it sounds cool when they put random mythology or constellation/star related names on stuff (coincidentally, like Fire Emblem does), so stuff like Medusa Gear, Pandora Gear, Andromeda Gear or Sagittarius Gear have a cool ring for me (thinking well I think that around half or so of the constellations do have names from greek mythology so maybe that's why it sounds cool, but when I meant that I thought that myhtology names sounded cool I didn't mean only greek or roman it can be norse and celtic like on Fire Emblem or whatever as long as you don't use an overly unpronunciable name like FEH does sometimes). Other sort of name I find cool are ones related to music like they do on some Castlevania titles (like SYMPHONY of the night, ARIA of Sorrow, LAMENT of Innocence, RONDO of Blood, HARMONY of Dissonance, and so on. Even their japanese titles have them, MINUET of Dawn, Byakuya no CONCERT), idk why it just sounds so cool. Another cool thing is to mix a non english word on the title like: Memoir Gear, Kaminari Gear, Nox Gear, Umbra Gear, Solis Gear, Vento Gear, Deja Vu Gear, Alfador Gear, Fiore Gear, Rouge Gear, Luna Gear, Akumu Gear, Incubu Gear, Yokai Gear, Soleil Gear. Just literally ANY random non english word that happens to look cool will do it (sure you should at least care to KNOW what it means just to not commit the mistake of picking an offensive word, but the actual meaning doesn't really matter, look at Steins: Gate, they probably just picked this name because it sounded cool and then came up with the first minimally believeable meaning that they could think of). Other random ones that might sound cool: Solar Gear, Moon Gear, Time Gear, Midnight Gear, Thunder Gear, Eclipse Gear, Sonic Gear, Shadow Gear, Starlight Gear, Destiny Gear, Catharsis Gear/Katharsis Gear, Memory Gear, Dream Gear, Nightmare Gear, Spirit Gear, Detonation Gear, Galaxy Gear, Final Gear, Mad Gear, Madness Gear, Night Gear, Moonlight Gear, Fantasy Gear, Project Gear, Velvet Gear, Phoenix Gear, Blood Gear, Sould Gear, Heart Gear, Phantom Gear, Infrared Gear, Ultraviolet Gear, Steel Gear, Mutant Gear, Zero Gear, Hell Gear, Melody gear, Mind Gear, Fire Gear. Names related to plant/flower names can look cool: Rose Gear, Iris Gear, Belladonna Gear, Crimson Gear, Narcissus Gear, Hydragea Gear. Colors too: Black Gear, Red Gear, Silver Gear, Golden Gear, Ruby Gear. Other thing that is randomly used to make something look cool is to put a ":" on the middle of the title like: Detonation: Gear, Memory: Gear, Amnesia: Gear, Symphony: Gear, Terra: Gear. Visions: Gear, Infrared: Gear, Steel: Gear, Biohazard: Gear, Blizzard: Gear, Soleil: Gear, Zero: Gear, Rev: Gear. (think how cool it looks on Nier: Automata or Re: Zero) Or to simply put a random person's name on the title because the name looks pretty or poetic or exotic (it normally would be the name of a character like "Legend of Zelda" or some historic figure on the world of your manga, but can be something as simple as a weapon that has a woman's name or other cool shit like that): Madalena Gear, Maria Gear, Ophelia Gear, Juliet Gear (I personally think that delicate woman names from christianism (like Maria) or from Shakeaspeare plays (like Juliet, Portia, Ophelia) or that flower names at the same time (like Rose, Violet) and this sort of this give a cool "gothic" feel to it, godesses names also look cool such as Athena Gear or Artemis Gear) (Obviously can be a male name too, like Hades Gear or Adam Gear or Chronos Gear or whatever). Names of historical people can look cool too depending on who you choose, like Descartes Gear, or Einstein Gear, Da Vinci Gear,... Also, of course: Using numbers, letters or greek letters. examples: X Gear, Zero Gear/0 Gear, 128-Gear, 024-Gear, Gamma Gear, Omega Gear Some of these will probably sound VERY silly to you but it's near impossible to come up with a cool name that looks cool just because it's cool without bumping in some very edgy, silly, corny or ridiculous ideas during the Brainstorming. Also, it all boils down to which vibe you want the title to give out, some of these titles give away a very different feeling than others. I hope I helped, if you want more ideas or more help or something, ask away and I'll try to help as I can.
  4. Ah, yeah, this happens a lot on the older games, on the GBA games they also reuse a lot of recolored portraits for minor bosses, for some reason though it bothered me a lot more in FE4 (I think that it's because, as far as I remember, on the GBA games, the only people that get reused portraits are VERY minor and storyless bosses, so people like Chagall, Ishtor, Aida and maybe even Liza or Pamela and Díthorba would very likely not be victims of this there), but I don't agree about trading the recolored sprites for a generic sprite that hides the face, surely it'd be better if they had at least avoided reusing sprites for (even mininally) somewhat important characters but I still rather that they didn't do it than having faceless portraits for bosses (If it's random soldiers in cutscenes like in GBA then whatever, but not bosses!). I mean, they sorta made a "faceless" boss portrait with the guys from the Loptyr cult, and I gotta admit as much (as I know that it probably wasn't possible to make different sprites for them all) I didn't like it all that much, the first time that we saw the sprite being reused I thought that Sandima had gone back to life somehow. @Shanty Pete's 1st Mate (I'm quoting on this strange way because it's the only way to quote on edits): Lol me too, imagine reusing the sprites of characters like Chagall, Aida, Ishtor, Díthorba, Pamela or queen Lahna. Some of these characters even have concept/official arts.
  5. Yeah, I personally think it's better to have just one discussion for them all too, so we could have the whole thing in just one place (unless for some reason there's a BUNCH of post here per FB because then it'd flood the thread a lot, in this case maybe it'd be better to have more) but I my preference is not very strong either way (I can't think of very strong arguments for either side as if there were more threads we could always link the previous ones on the newer ones), it's not like there's any rush to decide it now. I still haven't seen this month's FBs but as soon as I do I'll come back here and post about my thoughts on it, I've seen several people vaguely talking about how some of them are very good and I'm itching to see it myself.
  6. Cool, it sounds great to have a thread for FBs because I have some dificulty in keeping up with the lore that they bring. Is there gonna be a new thread for every new New Heroes banner or it's always gonna be this one for all of them?
  7. 71,113 I really wanna know how long this thing will take, I must found out the thread started in 2010 lol
  8. Oh, you're welcome! Hope you enjoy the games! Haha, so do I! I still haven't gotten to the part where we're supposed to kill him, but I'm very hopeful to see it too!
  9. I'd personally consider Soren the best fodder, yeah, but Gullveig and Robin are also GREAT options (and if you're gonna give Flared Sparrow to an unit that already has Swift Sparrow 3 then you only use 1 of the inheritance slots or whatever they're called, which os great as it lets you inherit more stuff), so depends on which unit you're gonna give them as fodder to one of the others might be better, but yeah, I think that in general it's Soren by far (also you can use only one inheritance slot to get Mag NFU if you have NFU 3 I think, idk what special is the requirement for having Flare but if you have it then you should be able to get Flare with only one slot too, which means it's even possible to get Time Pulse 4, Mag NFU AND Flare with only one copy of Soren; while with Robin you'd have to use all of the slots to get Gambit; with Gullveig you could do the same thing that with Soren except that for one hella premium skill (Flared Sparrow), one good/great skill (Atk/Spd Oath 4) and Luna, while Soren can do it for 3 hella premium skills). In any case I think that Corrin is the worst out of these (still not bad though) to be used as fodder (I don't even know if Armoured Floe is inheritable). About the Gambit question, I have no clue, sorry.
  10. Hey, DondeSommie/Soleil, welcome to the forest! liked your drawing as well (I didn't even know who Sommie was until now so it's a blessing to be informed of it's existence) A̶l̶s̶o̶ ̶d̶o̶n̶'̶t̶ ̶w̶o̶r̶r̶y̶,̶ ̶I̶ ̶b̶e̶t̶ ̶a̶t̶ ̶l̶e̶a̶s̶t̶ ̶h̶a̶l̶f̶ ̶o̶f̶ u̶s̶ h̶e̶r̶e̶ ̶a̶r̶e̶ ̶s̶o̶r̶t̶a̶ ̶s̶o̶c̶i̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶i̶n̶e̶p̶t̶ ̶a̶t̶ ̶l̶e̶a̶s̶t̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶r̶e̶a̶l̶ ̶l̶i̶f̶e̶
  11. I don't think it's about being a thing for kids or adults either, there are some types of story I hope to see a happy ending for every main character as well (and would be kinda sad otherwise, most of the time) and there are types of story where I appreciate a good- or even a massive- tragedy (say, if they killed off Phoenix, Edgeworth or Maya in Ace Attorney I'd be pissed (though if it was a non main character I wouldn't mind) or someone from the main cast of Sonic, in the end it really depends on the mood of the story, if I was watching a "heart warming" type of anime like Given and they killed someone from the main cast I wouldn't like it at all not even from a "poetic" point of view, but now its hard to watch NANA and not expect massive- hardship and tragedy). In the end, Fire Emblem games DO have happy endings (I mean, you already played other FEs to know it, it's always on the same level, I think) but since it's a game about war it's hard to except that it'll be without a cost or that everyone will end up being intact, and if you come with this expectation then you're gonna be sad, it's like playing Ace Attorney and hoping that none of the characters that appeared on the case will be the culprit. So it could be easier if you approach the series with a different view (already expecting deaths) because otherwise it'll be hard to appreciate a game about war, if you really can't or don't want to do it then you might be sorta disapointed (as Shanty Pete's 1st Mate said, if it's not for you then it's not for you). Of course, again, idk how low is your tolerance for tragedy on Fire Emblem, but Fire Emblem games do have happy endings and we never had something like what happens on chapter 5 of FE4 in any other FE. As far as I know the level of tragedy you'll find on the other games are on par with the other FE's you played (not FE4). Yeah he does look older, tbf when FE6 came out Hector didn't have a canon age so maybe the original intention was not for him to look 37 on FE6 (Eliwood doesn't look like a 37 years old at all too, but at least with him we can justify it with him being sick), I mean look at Oifrey's (who is 34) and Finn's (even older) faces in gen 2 and tell me they're as old as Eliwood and Hector on FE6.
  12. Thanks! The video was very useful, I started to think of a lot of hypothetical scenarios and this video somwhow answered them all! the one I'm most surprised about was that you can't make an unit be an omnitank (I mean, it's great that you can't, but I'm surprised that they thought of that anyway).
  13. FE7 has more than one hero (it has 3) so it's not really a "the hero dies" thing as he barely even shows up on FE6 anyway. FE6 happens 20 years after FE7 and Hector is 17 in FE7 (so around 37, in FE6) so there's a good time before it happens, and yes FE7 gives him a happy ending and it's absolutely worth it to play it Ironically the point of making a prequel to FE6 even knowing that so many characters had a "tragic" or incomplete/vague ending (and even knowing that the world of FE6 hadn't seen a war since a couple of thousands years, which means that there couldn't be any actual war on the game) was because Roy (the lord of FE6) appeared on Super Smash bros and the western fans started to wonder who the fuck he was (since no Fire Emblem had been released outside of japan yet) so they saw an opportunity to release FE on the west but wanted a lord that resembled Roy a lot, and since FE6's story was resolved I guess they didn't want to make a sequel to it, so they made a prequel and shoved Roy's dad (who shows up for a total of like 5 minutes in FE6) as the Lord of FE7, along with Lyn (who didn't even exist on FE6) and Hector, and a couple more of characters that were mentioned on FE6 (a bunch of them being the parents of characters from FE6) because the game had to appeal to japanese fans as well by having some actual connection to FE6 (and the actual characters from FE6 would mostly be toddlers so they opted for using a lot of parents, older brothers, etc since the actual cast from FE6 couldn't be there). Of course, FE7 works very independently from FE6 (as you know, they never released FE6 outside of japan for some reason, even though they could've done it use Roy's popularity), just as FE6 works independently from FE7 (since there wasn't even any plan to make FE7 on first place), having him die in FE6 doesn't affect FE7's story in any way and his life in FE7 doesn't affect his fate in FE6 in any way too so that shouldn't stop you from playing two whole good games, don't worry about it. Oh, I personally love some tragedy too (maybe a bit too much), specially when it's poetic, ironic or tragically beautiful in any other way (this probably sounds very corny but it is what it is)! I just got to FE4's chapter 5's ending less than a week ago and seeing it only made me want to keep following the story to see how that poetic and unfair tragedy was gonna be solved (still didn't get to the end I'm in chapter 7 or 8, watching the cutscenes on yt though as I can't play the game right now).
  14. lol, I went to playstore to update feh and found out that suddenly the game is not compatible with my computer anymore... WHY! Gee, I guess I'l just see the Forging Bonds on youtube because I'm not sure if I'll be able to clear enough space on my phone to see them on the actual game before the time runs out, now that I read Mercakete comment about Soren's FB I'm itching to see it. Btw, can Assign Decoy target two allies at the same time, if both are tied as having the highest def (and none is the support partner, obviously), or the effect won't go to anyone instead?
  15. S'up Brazillian fella (é nóis hue BR) 😛, it really is impressive that you managed to play FE4 without being spoiled of chapter 5, wish I had done that too... Azelle was also supposed to have canonically survived but it ended up not being mentioned in the actual game because the development was rushed and/or lack of space (I've seen several people saying that the game was supposed to have a third part that consisted of the second generation characters meeting up with all of the 1st gen characters that survived, and that among these was Azelle), as far as I've read (I went to read about it because I found it ridiculous that Arvis would kill Azelle in the battle of Valhalla) Turns out that there was a whole idea about how Azelle was supposed to have runned away during the battle of Valhalla and then some years later he wanted to meet up with Arvis to talk, but when he went there he was surprised by Manfroy, who turned him into stone and let him like that for some years (and then he's found by the second gen characters) or something like this. The thing is, I'm not sure if this was something that was actually supposed to have happened on the game but didn't due to lack of time/space, or if it was simply an idea that Kaga had (he posted lots of ideas and details about backstories, lore and hypothetic scenarios on his blog, lots of this stuff is translated here on Serenes Forest, the thing is that in one of those posts he apparently said that each player has his own story and that the stories that he has on his head are just a few of these stories and are not to be treated as absolute truths (see the final line of this article: https://serenesforest.net/general/designers-notes/holy-war/playing-guide/), anyway idk if this specific scenario with Azelle was actually something that was really supposed to be on the game or if it's just one of those "not exactly canon" ideas, but in any case as far as I know, he was canonically supposed to have survived, whether it was this specific scenario where he turns into stone or not). Also- this is probably gonna sound like I'm scolding you but I'm really not (so I'm sorry if it sounds condenscending)- I don't think that having Sigurd die is a waste of time at all, it adds a lot to the story as it shows us more about how the war affects future generations (since now we have people like Seliph, Shannan, Oifrey, Julia, Julius, Leif, Altena, the kids of gen 1 characters, villains like Ishtar or Johan and Johalva, etc, being forced to learn how to deal with a war that is not theirs to fight because the people who started it are almost all dead, instead of having pacific lives) and we can genuinely feel the grief of losing these characters that are actually important to us instead of it being as it usually is (like when Ayra says "my dad and brother are dead" we feel bad FOR HER but we didn't actually care enough about her brother and dad for it to genuinely affect US; also we can genuinely feel the anger that the child unit characters must be feeling because we're forced to feel it too, when they tell us what happened to Arvis and Deirdre mother we find it sad and feel sorry for them but we don't feel that rage of having someone we like being robbed from US, it's way worse when you learn what happened to Tailtiu than hearing about Cigyun). I completely get it not liking to consume stories that don't give a happy ending to the good guys (each one of us should use escapism as we please, no judgement), specially when it looks like it's gonna have a happy ending but then it doesn't exactly do, but still the way they did it here is absolutely not a waste of time. In any case, don't worry, that doesn't happen like that in other FE games, I mean, yeah we have deaths and sometimes some ragefully vague or sad character endings, but never the main characters, with maybe one exception (that ISN'T AS TRAGIC AS SIGURD'S FATE AT ALL and I'll spoiler tag, and maybe you'd rather wait and see if other people would think this would count before spoiling yourself) (the spoiler is from FE6 and FE7):
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