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  1. Oh! you got me there. You REALLY got me there. I only mentioned One piece because is the longer ongoing series that I can think of, but I didnt really started to watch it yet so I didn't know it was actually like this how the show worked. But specially, you got me with this Naruto example. Usually when I think about this whole power of friendship deal I think about stuff like Fairy Tail, Steven Universe or Wander over Yonder (except that in the latter its suposed to be annoying, I hope) and stuff like that. Like, I don't know how to explain exactly WHEN it gets annoying, like when Marth and Eliwood talk about their friends and stuff is fine, or mostly in anime it also doesnt really bother me (Fairy tail aside). Like I don't mind if the theme of the story is friendship or if friendship plays an important role in it (like I talked about Harry potter before, or as another example, in FE Friendship is a very recurrent theme too, and it never bothered me), I think that, for me, the problem is when its done overly cheesy or corny, or too obvious, or too Deus Ex machina. But to be honest I think this is mostly done like this in kids shows, I just didnt think about it before I guess. But now that I read what you said, I went to TV tropes and checked out their page about The power of Friendship and, too be honest, way less stories than I remember do this is an annoying way, and way more do it in an amusing or interesting way. Well man, to be really honest, I think you (and TV tropes, but because of what you said) just convinced me about something that I never thought I would ever be convinced about: The Power of Friendship is not really an annoying trope most of the times, and its even kinda cool. I admit it. Now that I think of it, marjority of my hate for this trope comes from the shows I watched as a kid, where everything was resolved with the most obinoxious frienship magic laser/aura possible, painfully obvious speeches, and other cheesy tropes that were cheesily inserted there too to make everything even more cheesy, such as when the/every villain is an edgy guy that keeps saying "friends are weakness" and this kind of things so the hero have to lesson him on how wrong he is, or when the Main Character was supposed to be dead but then he is revived because his friends belive in him and the villain says "What?! Impossible! You should be dead!"(in this exact words) only to be lessed again about how wrong he is and how friendship can do everything, or the "brainwashing the random villain to our side because we have friends" speech ("please I know you're not evil, person I dont know, come with me and my friends that you also dont know and lets be friends"). I saw exactly this (sometimes all of this, combined) in kids movies, cartoons episodes or even whole shows about it, you name it, to the point where it got so old that simply thinking about this trope made me wanna throw up but now I realize that in the past few years I didnt even heard of it in anything I watched (because I dont watch this kind of stuff anymore), about friendship lasers and stuff, but the friendship theme continues to be always there (but now executed in a good way). One that comes to mind is Big Hero 6, where friendship to overcome mourning is a major theme and its done awesomely. I was saying in my other post that its not worth complaining about the Power of Friendship in My Little Pony and stuff but... I guess that this was kind of what I was doing since seeing this in (countless) kids shows years ago was my whole reason to hate the trope, I got so fed up of it that I never gave second tought about the matter, to be honest I only clicked in this post to see how would you justify appreciating this trope or even if this was some kind of clickbait because I thought it was somethng really hard to appreciate(also cuz I thought you were going to tell a story about how FE made you change your mind or something like this, so I was curious). And in the end you end up convincing me. Well, shame on me I guess, I was wrong. Not that I love the trope now, but I guess I started to appreciate it too
  2. Not that I don't belive what you're saying, about how you can be pushed forward by the feeling that someone trusts you and will be by your side through thick and thin. Like, when you make part of something, a team, a group of friends, a family, and you and have to do something for this group you will decide to not give up, and to work harder, for them too, it has more weight in giving up on something that affects someone you care about than giving up on something that only affects you, so you get this extra strenght/will to continue for them, also because of moral support of course. For me the problem is not the true behind the actual "power of friendship", but the trope and how it usually works in fiction. I mean, Its REALLY overused and, as the other guy said, most of the time its not used as "hey lets work together" or "I will make some extra effort to not let down the ones I care about, but I know that even if I fail now they will still be at my side because they care about me" or even about how loyalty is important. No. When the power of friendship trope is used is always: Oh, no! This random villain is destroying the world and if the heroes lose everything will be lost, but the autor of the story made him so OP that the main characters have no way to destroy him, so now either they use the random Mcguffin that apparently was created 1.000 yars ago just to destroy this specific villain but for some reason we never heard about it before in the story and now one of the characters took it out of their ass in the last 5 minutes, or we use the Deus Ex machina power of friendship, that is usually just some speech about "I know I'll win cuz I'm good and have friends, i don't have to do any effort nor anything because my friends belive in me" and then each of the main character's friends will project some kind of laser (some times in the colors of the rainbow) either killing the villain instantly or giving strenght to the MC kill the villain by himself (extra points if the MC do a "you don't have friends and what friendship is" speech to the villain before he dies). I mean, its so lazy to end a story or an arch like this, it literally screams "I didn't know what to do for this villain to get defeated and I was lazy to think for more than 10 minutes, so I did this". Also for some reason the villains never do it, they never have friends or rely on them, its just the heroes that have this power. If the story is ABOUT friendship or teamwork or whatever, or if its a children cartoon its fine (like, complaining that "My little pony the friendship is magic" is about the power of friendship is useless). Also if the character constantly thinks about how much strenght and help his friends give him and how he wouldnt be able to continue without them is also fine (Like Marth constantly saying he is grateful to his friends and they are his strenght), or also if its a silly show or if its played for comedy (like now I recall a "Regular Show" episode where Mordecai didnt want to take Rigby as his pair to a videogame tournament because rigby is awful at videogames and they would lose but then he changes his mind because they're friends and thats why they win the tournament, that episode was cool). But when the "power of friendship" is used in the final villain just because theres no other way to defeat him... I get pissed! You watched/read a whole crap of a story just to end with a Deus Ex Machina. Imagine if One piece ends like this after all the years of story we had, don't you think the fans will be pissed? wouldn't YOU be pissed too even if you kinda like the trope? I normally prefer when we know the characters are friends, give each other strenght and need each other, but they never have to manifest a rainbow laser of friendship (nor give speechs about friendship. unless is necessary, like if two friends fought and now made up or whatever). You know they need each other and have fierce loyalty without they having to scream "Oh yeah! friendship beats everything!" I'm going to give an example with Harry potter (the books), so basically the rest of this post is going to be spoilers about harry potter 1, 2, 3 and 4 (I didnt read the rest of the books yet), I spoiler tagged it anyway. Basically, if its not done in a lazy, corny or unecessary way. It can be cool (or at least it won't be annoying). Also sorry the long answer. 😛
  3. I like Balthus art. About Aelfric being unoriginal as fuck and getting Raudrrabbit+ well what can I say... Just of course he would. I just... I don't even expect much out of these GHB heroes anymore, I feel like since Sonia they've all been kinda bad (counting Sonia) True, they're not even trying. Its like they think that we care more about getting the map done in the easiest and faster way possible on earth than getting a powerful prize unit. I wish that they'll soon go back to giving us units like Nemesis, Petrine or even Solon. It doesnt sound like it will be that soon though. |:(
  4. Hi, I need some help with my new prototype for a F!Edelgard counter. I am tring to use Petrine to do this (she's the only unit I have that has a weapon effective against beasts) and I want to know if someone recomends any IV for her (or better go with none), any skills, or special skills, or you know... just any tips for this. And I also want to know if she can easily kill a F!Edelgard without being merged or with just a few merges (just so I don't have to spend my heroic grails unnecessarilly) and without dragon flowers of with just a few (again, just so I don't have to spend my dragon flowers unnecessarily), or if having her merges + with dragon flowers + with ally support (and any other thing that can increase her power) is the only safe way to try. Or is Petrine a bad idea to use against the Hegemon in general and I'll be screwed anyway no matter how I try with her and I'm losing my time with this?
  5. I think the seasonal banners are contributing to this 3 houses fatigue too. I mean, I know you were only talking about the New Heroes banners, but when one game dominates a seasonal banner, having all the characters being from that game only, is kinda annoying too, and this happened with 3 houses in this summer, so there were technically 4 3H solo banners (I don't think there were more 3 houses solo banners in the past months, right?)
  6. Yuri seems pretty cool having 3 mov.(as an infantry) + canto + foul play + Good Spd/Res. Constance is Ok. I don't feel anything particular about her. Cool she has canto I guess. Hapi is finally what we've all knew (and were praying) that was going to happen: A new beast slayer for saving us from the Hegemon. Actually for me, being a Fallen Edelgard counter would seem to be Hapi's very purpouse, if she had higher Def (or damage reduction) and Null follow up. I mean she deals magic damage, is effective against beasts, is a calvary with canto which means that she could easily hit n run on F!Edelgard (so she wouldnt be attacked on enemy phase unless the hegemon husk could reach her with the extra action), also giving her Luna, Astra, Ruptured sky, Iceberg or Glacies would make the job even easier, it sounded great. Problem is: 16 def is absolute CRAP and with this I don't think she can stand even one counterattack from F!Edelgard, and her (crappy) Spd being higher than F!Edelgard's is worth nothing without the Null followup unless she is untransformed/has less than 25% Hp. So I think I'll wait for the next beast slayer to see if its better, until there I'll stick with my Petrine. I'm pretty disapointed with Hapi because we don't get a beast slayer since what, Petra? And, specially now that we need it, we get one with an obinoxiously atrocious defense. Guess she can be a good dragon killer, but I'll skip. Then there's Muspell. He is great, awesome stats, I like domain of fire and his other skills (Dragon wall seems annoyingly unecessary, I love it), and having a second cavalry dragon is pretty useful (specially since his stats are Armor unit like, but he is a CAVALRY) So I'll probably only spark for red (chosing grey if red is not available in the summon section), and likely only using free summons (maybe)
  7. Also you can always give Yuri the sorcery blade skill (which even comes as an S skill so you don't have to waste his A slot), sure he will be a little more limited, having to be adjacent to mages during combat, but still.
  8. Yeah, I think so too, in the final dialogue... I like him too because of how ridiculous he is, it gives me a good laugh.
  9. Muspell desing's is... I can't say if its pretty bad or actually kinda good. He is the ultimate edgelord and, as some people already noted, he looks like a tropey anime fire villain guy, a highschool anime delinquent, or a BNHA character. For me he also looks like a generic Pókemon Fire Gyem leader, and his special art looks like a Rinmaru/mega anime creator OC made by a 10 year old real life edgelord who thinks that white eyes + some black fire = powerful and awesome. I mean, His design is obviously lazy, but I like to think that it was on purpouse, and if it was, then I like it because of how ridiculous he is. I also like how he is the exact opposite of Nifl both in character(She is emotionless to a fault, he is emotive to a fault) and as an unit (She's fast, he's slow,...), and how he reflects Surtr, also both in personality (bratty and edgy, "everything will burn but me cuz I said so, and war is beautiful and I'll burn everything, die your disgusting dog cuz I'm the king/God and I'm so powerful that even my mom obeys me!") and as an unit (great Def n Res, slow af). I'd like if he was a colorless breath (even if red sounds more obvious), Because then Nifl wouldn't have any advantage over him and they would have been really mirrored as units: two calvaries, none of them are above the other in the weapon triangle, one has higher BST but the other has 5 extra dragon flowers, one is a SPD/Atk unit, the other is a Def/Res unit (which would made me think that Muspell's PRF skill would disable the foe's follow up instead of giving him a guarantee follow up because then he would be more Def/Res oriented than Atk oriented, leaving Nifl be the Atk/Spd oriented between them, but since she already has color advantage against him I don't exactly know what to expect from this skill). To be honest, I think that regardless of what Muspell gets as his PRF skill, he will be a death oriented unit, I mean most people are expecting either a Follow up negation or a guarentee follow up, but imagine if it has a Sinmara like effect instead(to reflect Surtr)? or if it heals him (which would make him even bulkier and killing him even harder)? depending on this skill he can be broken as fuck, or just a great unit. Also
  10. I Think Julia has a fine amount of alts, for me the problem is not the NUMBER of alts per se but WHAT THEY ARE ABOUT. Like, Julia has 4 alts but they are her OG verion, Legendary (for obvious reasons), fallen (obvious reasons too) and one seasonal that makes sense (since is about the 12 crusaders). Or say, Edelgard, she has 5 alts, her OG version, Legendary, Brave, Spoiler alt (you know which one), and Fallen, all of them make sense too (The OG and legendary for obvious reasons, the brave because she was chosen so again obvious reasons, Spoiler cuz you know, and fallen is an alt that makes sense for her) she could even have one random seasonal and I wouldnt mind (which will probably be a summer alt since IS would love to make all of her dialogues be gags about how she can't swim). Or, you know Lucina, who has 6 alts, she has her OG version, masked Marth, Brave alt, Legendary, one seasonal (easter) and I think only the seasonal masked marth was kinda unecessary but is kinda justifiable since it was a duo, but all of her other alts make sense. Hector? 5 alts, OG version, Brave, Legendary, the problem are the 2 seasonals I think it would be more fair if it was just one, but he could even have an adult alt from his FE6 appearence and it would be fine, and if he had one less seasonal but his adult apearence instead it would still be 5 alts but it would be way more fair. I think the problem is when a character has too many unecessary seasonals. Because it kind of steals other characters's places, think about it: Tharja has 4 alts, which is less than the others I just said but 3 of them are seasonals! having her OG alt is obviously ok, the Plegian alt made sense too, but then she has 2 unecessary seasonals. Camilla too, she should have only her OG version, Adrift alt, and Brave, but besides those she has 4 more seasonals! Lyn should be fine having only her OG version, Legendary, Brave and one seasonal too, except that she has 4 seasonals instead of one. Tiki is also one of those characters that are alowed to have lots of alts, her OG version, OG kid version, Legendary version (maybe the OG kid version shouldnt exist and be just the L! alt, but ok its fine), and Fallen all make sense, and maybe a seasonal should be allowed too, but then she has 3 seasonals! Thats when it is unfair! also when one character has lots of alts in a short period of time is kinda annoying but not really unfair. Ok, maybe it would even be fair if these characters I had just said (Tharja, Camilla, Lyn, Tiki, whoever else has a lot of random seasonals) had just one more random seasonal besides "the seasonal that makes sense" (such as Plegian alt for Tharja, Fallen alt for Tiki, Adrift alt for Camilla and Azura), this way Tharja would have just one uncessary seasonal like Hector, but Camilla and Lyn would still have 3, and Tiki would have 2. You know, Ike has a fallen alt (one of those alts that makes sense) AND a seasonal (valentines) and it doesnt sounds like too much, or if Edelgard and Dimitri had a random seasonal each it would be ok too even if both of them have fallen alts too, as long as they don't have more than one of these. I think its only fair to have like 2 random seasonals if its a character like Dorothea, that doesn't have her OG version yet. So nah, I don't think Julia has too many alts yet, OG version obviously doesn't count, Legendary doesn't really count too since she is not taking it away from anyone (she might be delaying other more deserved legendaries, but not really taking it away), Fallen is an alt that makes sense for her too so I don't consider it as taking it away from anyone, and now she gets a second seasonal that makes sense (even if she might be taking this one away, its just her second seasonal and the first wasnt a random one, also if it wasnt her now it would probably be Deirdre since IS would want someone with major Naga blood in this festival). So its not too much yet, but I think she has reached her fair llimit now, unless she gets a brave alt (because brave alts obviously dont count, specially now that we have to log in with the Nintendo account to vote, people choose them so obviously the popular waifus and lords with dozen alts are going to win instead of obscure characters) Also, alter egos are fine (such as masked Marth for Lucina, Zeke for Camus, Spoiler for Edelgard, Eyvel for Brigid) Oh, sorry, this answer was WAY longger than I expected
  11. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it wouldnt. Everyone knows that unless the other heroes of the banner were stellar or if the healer dancer was kinda meh, most players would want to give a try in this unit, so IS wouldnt be so stupid to give us this for free. Also TT units usually have inheritable weapons don't they? So a TT staff would have a pretty bad staff instead of a PRF.
  12. They did this because the Ninja festival was the "Gather together some of the most popular of the ninja like characters from every FE (Navarre, Lyn, Zihark, probably they were hitting that in an actual FE Laevatein would be one of this swordmasters like units too,...)(I dont know about Hana, but if she isnt one of these then its just because she is from Hoshido) and give the guys badass clothes and the girls ninja fanservice clothes, also fast as fuck units with brave weapons", and I'm pretty sure they only did the Plegian festival because Plegia is the Land of Fanservice so they could put characters from lots of games there and give them Plegian clothes. Now IS probably thought that there shouldnt be any motive to put other game units in this 12 crusaders festival since there is almost no way to do fanservice out of this (any kind of fanservice), it sure feels like a waste, but they probably only did this to have a solo Jugdral banner again, otherwise this festival wouldnt exist anyway. To be honest I don't really mind solo game/world banner (like most of the valentines banners, the hottubs banner, the kids banner, lots of New year and summer banners were separated by game too even if sometimes we have more than one per year, we had christmas banners like this too, that dreamland fates banner...), it happens a lot, and sometimes is even some kind of a "tradition" for a game to own a specific banner (like 3 houses always has a solo banner for summer, the new year banners are mostly Hoshido and OCs, the soiree/dancer banner was for Jugdral (apparently breaking the cycle this year?)) so since IS probably didnt want to do other solo dancers banner now so they did something else for Jugdral this year so they wouldnt be left without any banner this year, I also heard people saying that they did it just to have an harmonic now so they can save the duo hero for the next seasonal banner (correct me if I'm wrong but I think it will be the halloween festival?) Guess people can start to expect the heron cup again, if IS still decide to do a dancer banner later this year. but I have to admit I really like the 3 houses idea with Hanneman, Lindhardt and Rhea/Sety harmonic, now I really wish it wasn't solo Jugdral too, or at least we could have had a new character this time. The good thing is, if people like this banner and it sells well, IS will probably do it again next year but with characters from other games because of fanart fanservice (probably the same motive they did the Plegian festival and Pirate festival, they knew people would want to see characters from other games using plegian/pirate clothes so they did it, now they made up this 12 crusaders festival do see if they can do the same again) About the brave costume options for this characters, yeah I don't think we will see them too soon but there will always be other options anyway, I mean IS could do a brave alt for Gatekeeper, for a fucking character that dont even have a name! So we don't have to worry about that. Or maybe they did this weird costumes with crowns and hats exactly because they don't look like the 12 crusaders's actual clothes so they can save their attires for future brave alts. Who knows, maybe in some 10 years Lewyn will win and we can see it Yeah, I was really excited about having a Healer Dancer hero. I still hope we will have it someday. I didn't reconize her too.
  13. That sounds nice, having a PRF assist skill that can both heal and refresh would be pretty broken. Specially if it had aditional effects (like Gray Waves, or the Álfar's dances) but it probably won't. But wouldnt such a unit (that can both heal and dance) have a pretty low BST? I know dancers have lower BST than other units by deafult, and I think healers have too?(correct me if I'm wrong, Im not exactly sure about the healers) So one that can do both would be pretty affected by it I guess. Which makes me think that, having low BST, it would be a pretty frail unit, or rather an unit that has very apparent flaws. either with average/Good Res, average attack and extremelly crappy Def, or with extremelly crappy Def and Res and average/good Atk (and maybe average/good Spd). If it is the latter then it wouldnt work as a dual phase unit but rather as a player phase that is awesome at assisting and good at killing but gets KO'd very easily (and we wouldnt be able to increase the Atk/Spd and decrease the already crappy Def/Res since Staff units can't have Life and death). Whether it would be an unit that is only useful for assist or for both assist and attacking would highly depend on the effects of the staff.
  14. I was reading a thread in GameFAQs about these new heroes and I saw an interesting post: " I suppose it's worth noting that, if it's Nanna and she's not in the Harmonic (I guess they could do Nanna/Lewyn harmonic, but I'm not really sure why they would bother there, since the two are fairly unrelated, Lewyn is male and those don't get Harmonics, and they're using different weapons so it seems unlikely anyway), I'm guessing that Mareeta will get the Harmonic lead with someone. It'll definitely be a waifu in the lead, and I'm not super sure that anyone else in Thracia is popular enough to justify it." I couldn't agree more with this. And if the Harmonic is not Mareeta then it will probably be a character from another game I guess (probably from FE4 since it wouldnt make sense for character from any other game to be in a festival about the 12 crusaders) Someone else said there that they were waiting to see who was going to be the next yuri crack ship (talking about the harmonic). Surprinsingly I haven't noticed that so far EVERY harmonic is with 2 females (except for Xander with Veronica). FEH Female and waifus Bias is worse than we knew. Also lots of people there are saying that at first they thought that the figure in the left was Ranulf. I'll admit that I thought so too, but after looking closer I knew that it couldnt be him.
  15. Yeah, I agree that the one in the right is most likely Nanna. The one in the left for me looks like Lewyn I guess? I mean, he has a scarf with that Ring/Hoop attached to the end (I know Lewyn only has this Ring/Hoop in the end of his scarf in his FEH art so maybe saying this isnt too significative, specially considering that lots of dancers have stuff similar to this too), the hair kind of looks like his (is wavy, the size of the bangs, the rest of the hair reaching about the middle/end of the neck), he seems to have some kind of decorative plume in the head like Lewyn, he uses a tome. Also the silhouette seems to be wearing a crown, so if it is Lewyn, he could be using it as a mean of celebrating that he is descendant of one of the crusaders and heir to one of their lands. I mean, if someone is going to use a crown in a festival that celebrates the 12 crusaders, it is probably going to be their own fully blooded descendats I think. Edit: Also, I forgot to say that, since Lewyn is bard (or better, he was disguised as a bard, but he can play instruments anyway) then maybe he can Play instead of Dance to refresh, like Nils.
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