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  1. Don't worry, pal. Most people never did any of this, if you keep trying you can though, also there are plenty of other stuff you can do, stuff that is not on the list yet (and some that maybe will never be because there are just so many things you can do in FE that there is no way to list here everything that is particularly hard and awesome), like those guys saying they have beaten some of games a crap ton of times. There must be something (and if there isn't then there probaly will be) that you are proud of yourself for doing in FE and know most people didn't (and if it wans't in FE then in other game or in other stuff? idk) To be fair I didn't do any of the things in the list, maybe beating a game actually using its worst unit? dk if that counts, I mean, I used Sophya in FE6 but shes actually pretty good, kinda like Ray but slower and with less defence, but with more resistance and a little more magic, its not even that hard to train her, I only struggled in one chapter (it wasnt the hard mode though). I guess I would be able to brag more if I had used Wendy but... yeah, this will never happen. The thing I'm most proud of myself (yet) FE related (maybe not counting Heroes) is to post here a list with a lot of secret scenes and conversations in FE7 that weirdly most people don't know, it took me some weeks of "research" to initialy post it but I keep updating it until now, IDK, I feel like I did something useful for this comunity? Yeah, now I'm doing a similar one but about FE6, its almost done. Besides I dont have much to brag about too, maybe most people don't.
  2. Well, looks like I got it wrong with Est, it was Shania after all... (the guess was close though) In the end the new units were Catria getting her 5th alt, Shannia, Thea, Zealot, Juno and Saul. Looks like we got a womanizer this year indeed (like someone was saying before) Honestly they are not the characters I wanted to see the most, but yeah I'm cool with them... I'm kinda proud that I got some guesses right (about the game, the popular waifu that actually was Catria, a little less popular character than I though it was going to be but anyway... and in the end about a pegasus knight). And while their dresses kinda look like awakening's, at least there is some notable diferences and the whole feathers seem more justifiable on them (pegause they are pegasus knights) than they would in almos any other non awakening character. So yeah, for me last year's was better but I guess this one is fine too Are you happy with the results?
  3. Good news! (kinda of) We just got a image with the silhouette of two of the new brides! They are wearing kinda of asimilar dress so I say that maybe they are the harmonic hero (so they use matching dresses) (a lesbian couple maybe?) or that the game will go back with the Awakening dresses and everyone will have the same kind of dress again... (or maybe they are just from the same location, IDK) One of the brides have very short hair and her dress has some kind of feathers?(specially near the shoulders), while the feathers could be thematic and represent where she is from (like last years's dresses) it could be just another generic FE awakening dress, or just a random dress with random feathers, so based on this I couldn't give too much guesses, but by the hair it could be Est, Tanya, Vaida (probably not, I don't think she is anyone's waifu nor a very popular character), Marcia, Ena, Laura, Kjelle, Rinkah, Scarlet,maybe setsuna (I think her hair is less volumous but you know, depending on the artist...) or Leonie? Idk any girl with really short hair goes, depending on the artist it could even be someone that doesn't have a hair that is THAT short in the actual game she came from. Maybe it is Est? she is fairly popular and the feathers could represent something like, you know... white whings, pegasus wings... you get it. But its just a guess, there arent many popular short haired girls (with really short hair) in FE so there aren't many options anyway. The other girl is harder to guess, she has long hair and a side ponytail (and aparently a chin length side swept bangs), with a lace in her hair hair and another in her waist, weird longish sleeves and some kind of frill in the skirt of the dress and also something that looks like a collar? she seems more thematic than the other bride but it will be way harder to guess, her hair reminds me of Edelgard's alternative hairstyle, but I really don't think it's her. Who knows... Actually I'm kinda lazy to look for which FE girls wear a side ponytail right now, just in case they decide to not change the hairstyle . What do you think about the two brides? who they might be? EDIT: Actually, maybe it its not a side ponytail in the second bride, it could be just a regular ponytail in the case her face is in a 3/4 view. Well, this made it even hard to guess...
  4. I agree with this, but he will probaly get a new weapon instead, just like Bramimond got the Void tome instead of Apocalipse for some reason, and there wanst even any unit using his tome, now imagine Forblaze that is possessed by more than unit in FEH. IS will definitively give him a new tome. Also Athos really should be the new Mythic hero, I don't know why he isn't on the game yet. Others that I would like to see: Eitri (but we are probaly not going to get her yet, its too soon), Freyr, Roland (if Bramimond made it to this game then why not Roland? this will probaly never happen but anyway...), Ashera, Ashunera, but specially Athos. Anyway for me it's almost certain that its going to be Nótt.
  5. You might have noticed that the story of FEH so far is about the characters going to the 9 Realms of norse mythology (with the exception of book 1), in each book (from book 2 onwards) they tell about 2 worlds that contrast each other: - In book 2 it was Nifl and Muspel (based on Niflheim and Muspelheim, the realms of ice and fire) - In book 3 it was Hel (based on Helheim the world of the dead and possibly the world of living counted as Midgard, the land of humans) - In book 4 it was Ljósálfheimr and Dokkalfheim (based in Jjósalfheimr and Svartalfheim, the lands of light elfs and dark elfs, respectively, actually I've seen some people not counting Svartalfheim as one of the 9 realms or saying it is the same as Nidavellir) - In book 5 it is Nidavellir and Jotunnheimr (the realms of dwarves and giants, respectively) Then we are left with Asgard (the realms of gods), Vanaheim (other realm of other gods) and maybe Midgard (the world of humans, but maybe it counted as the world of the living in book 3 to contrast Hel), So this mean that is would be only one book left? (that should cover a Asgard and Vanaheim story, or a Asgard and Midgard story if they decide to make Vanaheim a part of Asgard) Will IS come up with another storyline after this or will they end the main story and leave us only with the paralogues as new content? Well, there is no way to predict this, but we know what book VI will probably be about (Asgard and Vahaheim or Asgard and Midgard), and then we will be left without realms to talk about, so in the case book 6 is the last one then it is probably going to be about a war, a greater conflict or something like this (and I suspect that if IS decide to end the main story after this then we will probably get a Legendary Alfonse, and maybe Sharena and Kiran too after the end) (Also how much you want to bet that Alfonse's mother will die before we get his legendary alt? lords are always orphans, 99% of the time) I would be really happy if there was an epilogue chapter/book in the end of the story, in the case this is really the end (actually, I think that every book should have had an epilogue chapter but anyway...). In the case book 6 really is about Asgard/vanaheim/Midgard then I think it will be about the gods of Asgard randomly attacking Askr (as always, it is always someone randomly attacking Askr), then they have to fight against them (maybe with the help of the gods of Vanaheim?). Obviously Thórr will be one of the main enemies. Also in one one of the Paralogues, it is seen that she recruited Líf and Thrasir to help her and in the end of book IV So I think we can expect to see them again, but now on Thórr's side, as major enemies (maybe some kind of boss run in the end?). I really hope that they don't ditch or retcon this whole Thórr storyline because everything seems to make sense this way. At least for me. Also, regardless of book 6 being the last one or not, I hope they reveal soon what is the Fire Emblem of the game, it is almost certain that it will be some random McGuffin from Embla (hence the name of the kingdom). I just hope it isn't just like any of the random McGuffins of the other books, because this "the main villain of the book can't take damage, except with this random thing that can kill him immediately" thing is getting old, ending the story for good with another thing like this would be infuriating. Other thing that I hope they don't ditch are the other storylines that they started: 1) Embla's "cursed blood": Unfortunately it seems like this storyline was either forgotten or retconed but I hope not, the cringiest it was to see Veronica and Bruno randomly threteaning to kill Alfonse and his friends, it was also a cool idea. Also if they drop this storyline then Bruno would be left without a purpouse and I think almost everyone ships him with Alfonse likes him. 2) Thórr, Líf, Thrasir and 3) Fjorm's coughing: This one is a very subtle one, so chances of being forgotten are higher but probalby no one is going to be pissed because of this. But I would like to see where it goes, does Fjorm has some kind of grave sickness? a curse or something like this? It would be cool to see it to the end. (Ok, maybe they already ended this storyline in forging bonds but I don't think so, if I'm wrong please correct me because I don't follow them all) 4) The OC's that joined the order of heroes: I've seen some hate about IS ignoring almost completely the OCs of previous chapters after the chapter ends. I'm happy that lately they are giving the previous OCs some atention, like putting Fjorm, Eir and Peony constantly in the forjing bonds but aside of this they don't get much, I think that they should have joined the main characters's party but yeah... you know, as long as they are not completely forgotten I think its (kinda) fine. At least Peony made an appearence in the new chapter of book V (it would be really sad if IS ditched her, after everything she and Sharena went through in book IV) 5) this one is not about a storyline, just a reminder that almost everyone want the next free book hero to be male, and I hope they to it someday, so if the next book is to be the last, it will be the last opportunity. Let's cross our fingers. 6) there are probaly others that I'm forgetting? Also if book VI is the last then is kiran going back home? I think he/she is going to chose to stay in Askr otherwise the game would have to definitively end, and we know this will not happen. But what if we get a book 7? Maybe IS will start to make up new kingdoms after they use all the 9, or they will start to use realms from other mythologies (actually I think I remember Alfonse or other character saying that there were only 9 realms, but they could retcon that) I just hope that if they decide to not add more realms then they don't make the story about child units (unless we have some canon pairings, but I don't think this will happen in only 1 book), but having the characters some 10 or 20 years older would be cool, with Alfonse being the king of Askr and Bruno's boyfriend... Ok I don't know what else to say, in the case I think of something more I'll just edit this. But somedays ago I though of so many theories about the future of this game (not fanfiction, actual theories about what I think that is likely to happen). Other thing is that ir seems that they are kinda of ship teasing Alfonse and Veronica? Maybe it's just me, but I got that impression after the Valentines banner, i don't really ship them but if done correctly IDGAF if they end up together or not. Let's see if this is going somewhere. Generally this is what I think that is going to happen in FEH main story, I really think book VI will be the last unless book 7 is some kind of epilogue (so it will be even harder to get orbs after the story ends) or we get some big change in the story after this point. Do you have any teory about the possible future storylines, about the Fire Emblem of the game or about what will happen after (or during) book 6?
  6. Hi again, I like having discussions about the possible heroes of future banners and also to see which characters other people want to see in the game, so I started to do this kind of thread here before new banners.This time I want to know who would you like to see in the next mythic banner (that, according to the pattern, should be in about 10 days) and who do you think the hero will be. In the case you haven't notice yet, the mythic heroes are being released every two months (lately it's been almost ever in odd months), between days 25 and 30, so it's about time to discuss who will and who should be the new hero. Who I think the mythic hero will be: Until now they were all OCs, Gods, Dragons or Legendary heroes (not in the FEH sense) that are not among the cast of main characters (like Bramimond and Altina), So It's probably going to be something similar, I don't have much guesses on who will it be but I think it might be some OC, probably Ótr or Fáfnir since we have fought both of them now. Also I have a feeling that Athos will be in this banner someday,maybe not this month but who knows. Who I want the new mythic hero to be: I would really like to see Eitri, but I think it's too soon for her to be an unit yet, we didn't even get to fight against her yet and I think IS would rather reveal her abilities in the story as an enemy than in a mythic banner, but at least we know that she will be playable someday since every OC is turned into an unit at some point (except Freyr because no one cares about him). Actually I think I would like to see Freyr in the game too, it would be cool, but probably will never happen, I think I'm the only person who is kinda interested in the possibility? It would be cool to see Thórr too, but I think we will have to wait some months (or years) to get her, she is not even in the main story yet, now imagine as an unit... But the ones I want the most are Athos and Roland, I really don't know why Athos isn't in the game yet, even Bramimond is! Also, if Bramimond is then why couldn't Roland be too, right? (but he probaly will never be, I hope I'm wrong) Athos is the one I want the most though, and I think that maybe he could get the spot this time? Well, I hope so... So who do you think that the next Mythic hero should be? and who do you think that he will be instead? Also, do you have any guesses on who will be the other characters featured in the mythic banner?
  7. Also, a FE6 remake needs more paired endings, I can't be the only one who thinks this
  8. Do know when someone says exactly what you think but before you even realize that you have thought that?
  9. Actually, maybe it's just me, but I think that this is a very real possibility. FE7 is one of the games that got more characters in the bridal banners, also I have the feeling that IS would love to put Eliwood and Hector there to watch the world burn over ship wars between them and Lyn, also putting Florina would be the same as throwing firewood on the fire (besides she being a pretty popular character). Aside from this, it would make sense putting Eliwood because Ninian already had a bridal alt, but then 2 out of the 3 lords of FE7 would have a bridal banner and so they would probably have to give Hector his bridal alt too (maybe not this year though). Not so sure about the likebility of Nils getting a bridal alt himself, But he could be in the cutscene of the story this year? IDK, but I would like if he got one. I think that Rath is the less likely to have this alt, even if it was for causing ship wars, IDK I just don't think most people care that much about him... But I imagine his design being sick (Like, what would a sacaean-like groom be like?)
  10. I didn't thoough that Mae x Boey was that popular, but seeing some comments here makes me thing I'm not the only one that want them in this banner. Honestly, I think it would be cooler if they were in the valentines banner because we already had Alm and Celica there, but I don't want to wait almost an year for the next one so the bridal banner would be more than great. They really need an alt It would be awesome if we got some event before the bridal one, with some random harmonic duo, so we could get duo Mae and Boey, I would love to see their duo conversation. Anyway, this probaly won't happen but whatever. I still think that instead of this we will get some popular waifu (like Azura, Camilla, Corrin, Lucina, etc), a dragon loli girl (because weirdly there aren't any dragon bride yet) or a bunch of 3 houses characters. But I still have hope that only a portion of the banner will be of this characters so we can get Mae and Boey (or someone else that doesn't include the ones I listed)
  11. Yeah, I also like the concept of having a non romantic Harmonic Hero in the bridal event, it could be family members or Lord/Lady and Retainer (like we Soiree Ishtar and Reinhardt). Hector and Lilina would be cool, since he "knows"(had that dream in FE7) that she is going to marry Roy so there could be a story from there (or maybe not, since this storyline was already used in one of the Valentine's banners and Hector and Lilina already had a Duo hero version for them in one Halloween, maybe this time Lilina can actually be thinking of confessing her feelings to Roy instead of showing her devotion to Hector) It would be cool too if they did a storyline involving Ninian,Eliwood and Nils, so there could be a groom alt for Eliwood but Nils could be his normal version and appear in the cutscene only (like Leanne and Naesala last year) (and Ninian would also be cutscene only but could appear as her bride alt) I would like to see Lewyn and Erinys too, or maybe a storyline about Ishtar alone and sad about Julius?
  12. I think this is a great idea too, the story seems great. I would like to see characters from other games, I just think that if they decide to go more for waifuing and less for couples or ship teasing this year then is not very likable to happen (unfortunately) As I was saying, I think that last year it became less of a waifu thing with more couples and a more equal Male-Female ratio, I hope it continues this way though
  13. If the pattern is Duohero-HarmonicDuo-DuoHero-HaronicDuo-DuoHero... then shouldn't it be a Duo hero now? I might be forgetting someone but as far as I remember the last we got was Myrrh and Nah, with no Duo hero after.
  14. That would be pretty cool. Unfortunately I think IS won't do it since the story of each side story are never (or almost never) connected, but it would be a great step if for some motive they decided to connect it with last year's As much as I would like to see characters from other games, I think that there is a great chance of repeating the game sagain. You see, with the exception of Fjorm, Marth and Caeda, every Bride and Groom were from FE7 (Lyn, Ninian, Pent, Louise) , Fates (Charlotte, Oboro, Hinata), Awakening (Cordelia, Tharja) or Tellius series (Sanaki, Sigrun, Tanith, Nailah, Rafiel, Micaiah, Sothe). Probably because these are the ones where people have the most popular ships or waifus. If they change the game, I think they are going with 3 houses, since its the most popular now (with tons of shipping and waifus/husbandos). Actually, I suspect they created the bridal festival banner with the sole purpouse of doing a "waifu version" of the most popular waifus (I mean, there are way more female units on this event than male units), rarely adding a guy that is part of a canon couple (like Marth and Pent) so it won't feel just "the banner with tons of girls in white dresses", only last year toning down the waifuing a bit and going for more popular couples and ships instead of just girls (and somehow managed to make bridal Micaiah both a waifu and a ship teasing unit, with the whole "Mentioning-that-Sothe-is-my-non-blood-brother-every-two-seconds"). I don't think there is such a thing like a popular bridal festival/holiday in Japan, is it? because if there isn't then waifuing and ship teasing was the motive of creating this event in FEH, but we all love it anyway Thats why I don't think they are going for games like FE5 or FE 1 and 2 (I suspect IS only put Marth and Caeda because they wanted a canon couple like Pent and Louise so they went with the first FE main character and his wife), because there aren't many characters in these games being called waifu and getting tons of hype over them. But I would love if they did about other characters too
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