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  1. Thank you for the response on the intentional mistake question. My main issue with 7 and 8 isn't the long maps (since that is Vestaria in a nutshell), but the pacing of gameplay feels off. For Chapter 7, the majority of the action is mainly in the first 10 chapters and everything else dramatically slows down. For Chapter 8, the first half was very fun because I felt I had multiple approaches to complete it. I felt the complete opposite for the second half because I think there's really only one approach to it. I understand having to slowly chip away the opposition but in my opinion I feel that even with warp-rescue and Martha's level 10 skill, the gameplay devolves to turtling. Thank you for making Dracoseal. I plan on doing the updated chapters much later. I'm optimistic of future chapters due to the interesting ideas and the encouragement of warp-rescue.
  2. I've played Chapters 1-12 and I'm having a lot of fun playing. The only chapters I dislike are 7 and 8 but they're definitely playable. Chapter 12 is very frustrating but definitely the most fun I've had with Dracoseal. My question for the creator of the game is what intentional mistakes are you making when it comes to game balance?
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