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  1. Hi! I've been playing the Lil Manster translation, and am loving it so far. I'm at the beginning of Chapter 4. Out of curiosity, I recently got a Japanese 3DS, and I noticed that there is a big community for making English patches for Japanese games on the 3DS. I saw that they have Thracia in the virtual console on the Japanese eshop, so I can buy the game legitimately. Has anyone considered putting the Lil Manster translation in a CIA somehow to be patched onto the 3DS virtual console version? I am kind of a novice, so I don't know how it works, but I have successfully applied some English patches to other games (like Great Ace Attorney). Sorry if this is discussed elsewhere, I did a search but didn't find anything. Thank you to all who worked on this translation and project!
  2. Do the Mirror Stance A skill and Mirror Stance sacred seal stack? I'm still having a hard time telling what stacks and what doesn't. If not, what Sacred Seal would you recommend for my Enemy Phase Res Tank Julia? Here are her other skills: Naga [special] Reposition Iceberg Mirror Stance Quick Riposte Atk Smoke Thank you!
  3. I pulled on the Dagr banner, trying to get Bramimond because I have no dark LH, but also on green orbs because Dagr seemed cool. I didn't get any 5* pulls until pull #35, and then this happened.
  4. I have a few follow up questions, if you don't mind answering. I totally forgot that Julia is available as a Resplendant Hero. I was taking a break when they added her. If I was to nab her now, would you give her a similar build to what you are doing with Ced here? A lot of people in my original thread were suggesting Ares, who I can +10, so I started building him too, but since I still don't have a good grasp on the different skills that work for different phase types, would you mind discussing how he would work? It seems like he can be a good enemy phase unit, but I'm not sure. I basically gave him the Distant Vantage build from game8. Are there any good alternatives to Spurn for Larcei? It looks like it only comes from the Kris units, and I have one female, but I don't want to lose her. You mentioned synergy, but I don't understand what you mean by Candy Cane and Sturdy Stance both having "Guard." I didn't see that word in either description. I don't really know how to tell what stacks and what doesn't. I've seen builds described that list Savage Blow both as C skill and seal on that site. Are those stacking? Thank you for your time!
  5. So there is hope! I wonder if they need help testing it. I'll have to look into it more.
  6. Thank you for the thoughtful post! I started putting some skills on my units last night, but I am looking forward to going through your notes here and adding them to my spreadsheet! It looks like I have a lot to learn.
  7. So I was able to put my ROM on a flash cart and connect to wireless using this method. I was able to select "Shop Online" and connect to the shop to purchase items for units, like in the Shadow Dragon, but when I tried to select "Download," which is where I assume one gets the bonus content maps, it gives me error code 31020 "Download failed." I did some searching online, and this seems to be a error that a lot of people get for several games. I see that Kaeru has a Discord server, so I might go in there and ask. I'm guessing there is just nothing to download from the replacement server, so of course it says download failed.
  8. Thank you for the advice! I love Lewyn and especially Erinys, but I think I'm just going to do second generation for this team, and they are the old folks!
  9. Aw, I don't have any Surtrs, so that one is out for me.
  10. Doesn't using Iote's Shield nullify the arrow weakness? Perhaps I don't understand it well.
  11. Hi everyone. I'm relatively new, and I've only played the game off and on since it was released, so I have some decent units, but haven't gone in depth with many of them. I noticed a lot of people here make themed teams, which I think is really cool, and I wanted to do something similar. I just finished Holy War a couple of days ago, so I'm feeling slightly obsessed with it (going through the novelization now). I thought it would be fun to put together a team of second generation Holy War kids. I'm looking for advice and feedback, since it seems like there are some very experienced players here. Here is what I think I want to go with, trying to go for balance: Here you can see all of the units I have from Holy War, and I will also show here my combat manuals, for reference: So, as you can see, the other options would be Lene, Julia (Legendary or Fallen), Leif (Legendary), Ares, and Seliph. There is also Julius in the Heroic Grails section. The reason I went with the four I did was partially based on (1) I like those characters the most, (2) I wanted to try to use "normal" units without relying on legendary or fallen, and (3) balanced party composition (movement, weapon type, and color). With the exception of Larcei, I think I could easily +10 all four of them (maybe Seliph would be a substitute if I want to +10 all four units). I guess the first question is, would you select a different party comp based on what I have available, and why? Second question is, if I stick with these four, what recommendations do you have for builds? I've mostly been relying on game8.co for guides on how I should build my characters, but I want to really get things nailed down before I start using and farming resources. For Larcei, there is a Galeforce build. I'm not super experienced, but I know a lot of people use Galeforce and that it is strong. It looks like I can get it by promoting Cordelia to 5*? That build also suggests Fury 4 and Atk/Spd Oath 3, but I'm not sure I can get them, since I'm not necessarily willing to sacrifice my Fallen Ike. For Ced they have a spiral build, but again I'd have to sacrifice a couple of my 5* units, which I am hesitant to do. Perhaps I shouldn't be? I'd have to sacrifice my Keaton (or Lewyn) for Special Spiral 3, and Edelgard for Rouse Atk/Def 3. I don't use either of them too much, and I have Legendary Edelgard already. For Altena there is a DC Shield build, so I suppose she would be my tank. I'd have to sacrifice my Hector for Distant Counter, which is fine (I never use that unit because I have his Brave version). For Quick Riposte 3 I have a 3* Subaki that I can promote, and I can get Atk Smoke 3 from Kaze. Last would be Nanna. I was debating whether I wanted to have a healer or a dancer in the last slot (Lene would be the dancer). If I go with Nanna, which I assume would be more fun and challenging, there is a Savage Wrath build. I would have to sacrifice my Hinoka for Atk/Spd Bond 3 and Genny for Wrathful Staff 3. Savage Blow 3 should be easy since I have so many Bantu manuals. I guess that is it. Any flaws in my logic? It will take a lot of effort to make this team, so I would appreciate feedback from anyone who is willing. Thank you!
  12. Thank you very much! I was quite confused. Yes, I do remember seeing that recently. Also, thank you for the welcome, Jerk!
  13. By "save" skills are people referring to Sing and Dance? I didn't realize it was so frowned upon. I guess I've been playing in my own world all this time and had no idea.
  14. Thank you so much! Also, I love your video, how you introduced the characters. Sometimes I switch over to Japanese, but my reading comprehension is just not there yet, so I have to switch back most of the time. Is it ok if I follow you? I'm not sure what the protocol is on these forums yet. 🙂
  15. Oh, I just have to put End Turn for myself, because I have the options set to not end automatically if there is still a Duo/Harmony skill unused. Not sure if that was in response to me.
  16. Great work! That is fun to watch. I haven't played consistently over the years to have a lot of strong units, but lately been trying harder to get some good teams set up.
  17. Hi! I've never done this before, so sorry if I'm stepping on someone's toes. I was able to clear the Abyssal of this new fight this morning, and wanted to show off. Here is a video and my notes: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/968797581 Lyn kill Sword Fighter Dorothea dance for Lyn Lyn move right one and kill Green Mage Lyn use Duo Skill Lyn kill Bow Flier Shamir reposition Hector up Hector Left End Turn Dorothea down and right one Shamir kill Green Fafnir Lyn kill Red Mage End Turn Shamir move down and left one to attack Lance Knight Hector kill Lance Knight Lyn kill Red Mage Dorothea dance for Lyn Lyn kill Blue Mage End Turn Lyn kill Lance Fighter Hector kill Green Thief Dorothea dance for Lyn Shamir kill Blue Cavalier Lyn stay in place and kill Troubadour Dorothea use Harmonized Skill Shamir reposition Lyn down Shamir move left and up one to attack Dagr Lyn attack Dagr Dorothea dance for Shamir Shamir move up two and kill Dagr
  18. I cleared her Abyssal this morning 😄 If people want me to put down the moves I did, can show, but of course would be specific to my units. I'm kinda new here, do people post stuff like that?
  19. Did you promote Dew first? I read that it was good to promote him first in this scenario, so i actually took the time to do it before end of Chapter 5. I'm not sure why, maybe because can pass down better equipment? Not sure if being promoted affects anything else.
  20. Same on the substitutes. I did Lewyn/Erinys, which is interesting, seeing how the kids interact with him. I'm not sure if/how that happens with a different father.
  21. Yea, I was able to get Patty promoted by the end of Chapter 10, so I'm excited to send her out as a full-fledged rogue in the endgame. If I ever play it again in the future, I'll try different parent combos.
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