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  1. Shannan was just a kid, Naivety in a mother counts as being a bad mother, letting your Baby being babysat by a uncapable person (or A kid) is a really bad trait for any mother out there. She leaves the castle not for Seliph's sake but for Sigurd's (and Ultimately, her own Sake due to her Lust For Sigurd), Manfroy just showed up and brainwashed her, She was expecting Reaching Sigurd in the castle easily but Manfroy Ruined her Date. She learnt about her marriage with sigurd at some point during the time skip but did nothing about it and just raised Julia and Julius happily with Arvis. Is stated by the old Forsetti guy than Deirdre was an Expert with Warping (Therefore Julius inherited her Skill with it, he didn't even needed for Warp Staff to get the job Done) She can reach Long distances easily with her Top Tier Warping Skills, so was her decision never making a visit to Seliph. Deirdre, Overall was a Coward Character and a very Unexperienced Mother, unable to confront her past or deal with the responsibility of parenting, she was unable to move from Teenager Love to Adulthood Married Life and that Sentenced Sigurd to a terrible Fate and Seliph Being Raised without his True Parents.
  2. Sigurd Got Killed. Deirdre was alive the whole time and she knew at some point than she Married Sigurd and Had a son with him, also Seliph was in mouth of everyone since all Judgral Sees Seliph as The Second Coming of the messiah Since Sigurd Died in the Battle (BBQ) of Belhalla , it was literally impossible for Deirdre to not recognize her Own Child, literally impossible, she just opted for Forget about her past and Embrace her Fake Life with the Murderer of her Husband, a poor Loser whos never could been able to Get laid with her if wasn't by Manfroy's Dark Magic and Plot Device Brainwashing, As father as Son, his father was a Loser too and got cheated by Deirdre's Mom. And she stayed with that kind of Scum, Deirdre surely must be a really nice girl, for sure.
  3. Not only did She abandoned him when he was just a Newborn , leaving him under Shannan's Care (he was just a kid back then) , disobeying Sigurd's Words, when he didn't even know how to take care of himself at that age just because she was so thirsty about Sigurd's Jeigan conqueror of castles Dick and she couldn't wait anymore for him, ditching Seliph like shit and forgetting all about of him just because her lust for Sigurd, not only that - But She never tried to Seek after him when is heavily implied that at some point she Learned about his marriage with Sigurd even tho she never regained back her memories She DID know about having another Son but she never tried to seek after him, Leaving Seliph Dread Alone under Oifey and Shannan's care with 0 Inherited Money from her or even Good Stats, heck, he wasn't even a Pure Blood Naga. The only time than Deirdre acted like a mother to Seliph was in the After Life being a Ghost, but that probably was Seliph Daydreaming about his parents and how he avenged them after all and fulfilled Sigurd's Dreams Deirdre got what she deserved for being such a bad mother and this is the root of Sigurd's tragedy and eventually Demise.
  4. Let's Be clear here Fire emblem Binding Blade: Lilina Supports: Roy Marcus Gwendolyn Oujay/Ogier Bors Cecilia Astore/Astolfo Barthe Gonzales (Axe Wielder, Dark Skinned, ugly, Bulky, Brigand, Brute, Berserker) Garret (Axe Wielder, Dark Skinned, Bald, Thug, Bulky, Brute, Berserker) Fire Emblem Blazing Sword Ninian Supports: Eliwood Florina Hawkeye (Axe Wielder, Dark Skinned, Bulky, Brute, Berserker) This can't be coincidence at all, why always has to be specifically the Bulkier of Bulkiest Dark Skinned and Brute Axeman/Berserker, that one Axe guy who's often is confused with being a beast the other available support option for the Main Lord's Love Interest, it is specifically more remarkable in Ninian's case Being Hawkeye the only Available Male-Female Support Option Aside of Eliwood, and let's not forget Lilina X Gonzales Supports which were much better Worked than Roy X Lilina Supports and this Only Applies to Elibe's Games, Let's take For example Ephraim's Most likely Canon Love Interest Tana's Supports: Eirika Ephraim Syrene Cormag Innes Marissa In order to be the same case for Fe8 Tana Should have Dozla as an Available Support Option, However, Dozla doesn't even Fits the same character archetype neither shares the same Physical attributes, and Before all of you Think about Myrrh, 1. Myrrh doesn't even weds Ephraim in the Epilogue, 2. Despite her age, Myrrh looks like a child and Ephraim Treats her like a Little Sister, there isn't any Romantic Interest at all.
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