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  1. After receiving shin's patch of fe4 from a nice person of the serenes forest community I noticed that while it worked fine on my laptop(which i have very limited acesses to) it gave me a weird screen on the 3ds version. Shouldn't they work the same way but just be on a different platform. Why does it work on one and not the other? If there is any way to get it working on 3ds(Maybe by getting an older version) please let me know. (BTW I've also have tried retroarch,virtual console,twilight++ and coverting it to a cia all resulting in black screens so it working on snes9x pc version led me to believe the 3ds version might work too). This is a correctly patched file btw
  2. Good afternoon I was asking the serenes forest community if they had a copy of version 1.93 of shin's patch for fire emblem 4(genealogy of the holy war) 1.94 isn't working on any of my emulators and I personally don't like some of the changes made in 1.94
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