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  1. A while ago I finished my first run-through of Eliwood’s mode and one part that I had significant trouble with was the dragon you faced after defeating Nergal. The reasons behind it were that Lyn did little damage and got one shot, Eliwood did some damage but got doubled, and my other units did little to no damage with the weapons they had. This meant that pretty much only Hector and Athos could do sufficient damage to the dragon without getting killed easily, but I did have to sacrifice a few units so that Hector wouldn’t get killed. Now I’m not sure entirely why but I think the reason is because I lacked supports (I only unlocked 2% of the overall supports during the run), most likely because I wasn’t too sure how supports functioned in the game and how to initiate them. So I’m wondering what other people’s experience fighting the final boss were like and whether they had the same issues that I had, was this common among other people’s run-throughs or was this just me being a scrub at the game? Thanks! (P.S. I am still quite new to the series having only completed 3 games so providing some tips I could use in later run throughs would be awesome)
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