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  1. "Raven" because it has a sword (in art)...and his og class was merc... so where does he get that axe from? (i know feh is already full of generic sword users but c'mon)
  2. B!Edelgard refuses my castle


  3. Just spent 550 f2p orbs and got 2 edelgard s... i just want to die right now, my dream of B!Edelgard+10 will have to wait
  4. Hi everyone! I've been using the site for info for a while and one day I woke up and I said: Why not sign up here? So here I am. My favourite Fire Emblem is Sacred Stones, since it was my first game in 2012 (kinda hard for me at the time now that I think) I also like other tons of rpg games and have experience in heroes since day 1, I hope I can share my experiences here
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