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  1. How does one do it? I am trying to import Morgan from FE13 as a playable character in FE14. I have never done any model edits in FE before, I can only create custom supports and portraits. Also, can I import the files from FE13 to FE14? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you for your reply, eclipse. I will try to do what you said and I will report back. Before that, I need to tell you that if I use Moonling's FEAT fork, it decompresses the file as «txt.lz» instead of a «bin.lz». How can I fix this? (I have BLZ77 btw)
  3. I am trying to follow this guide here, and when I am trying to do supports with Corrin, it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? Also, I have found some inconsistencies with the supports I am trying to make. Take a look at this picture of a vanilla conversation with Shiro and Male MU: Compare it with this, a custom support with Male MU and Kotaro: Could it be the reason my supports aren't showing up for Corrin? Because any other characters work. I have the EU special edition and edited the support options with Paragon (occasionally, the tool the guide told me to) btw.
  4. Yes, I am. I don't think so, but I cannot be sure because I don't have Windows 7.
  5. Hello, I was going to create custom supports for FE: Fates, but each time I try to compress GameData.bin into GameData.bin.lz, but each time I drop the GameData.bin file into FEAT, it does nothing. I tried Batch LZ77, but I don't have .NET 3.5 (This is another person's computer). Also, I cannot turn the .txt support file into a .bin.lz in FEAT. It just gives the same result. Also, when I put the custom supports into the "@U" folder (I have the European Special Edition), the supports don't show up. Here's my folder structure: SD/luma/titles/[titleid]/gamedata/m/@U I've heard that you need to hex edit on @UnassumingVenusaur's website, but I cannot open it (I don't want my family to think stuff)
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