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    I Like Video Games, Making Friends Hanging Out with Friends, My Fav Video Game Series’s Are Fire Emblem, Dragon Quest and Etrian Odyssey, That’s All Ima Put Here I Guess :’)
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  1. 1. and 2. Im sorry :’) And 3. ok! Thanks Edit: It’s Because I’m Still New to This Website :’)
  2. Any Help from anyone Is Greatful :’)
  3. Help I wanna Make a Fe GBA Portrait For Characters That I can Just Envision In My Mind, But I dunno how to do it on Android as that’s My Only Way of Doing Things, I need help Please, Someone tell me the Ways Of Fe GBA Portrait Making Skills
  4. Edit: This Message was an Accidental Message Plz ignore :’)
  5. I see... I Honestly Didn’t Think Anyone would Reply To My Topic Thanks for Replying 🙂
  6. I just want Anyone’s Opinion on it Since I’m New here :’)
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