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  1. make her a wyvern lord through beruka friendship. Her strength is so stellar than you can probably forgo trample and it really helps her defense.
  2. Nyx!Midori as Socerer Enjoy those vengeance procs. You could also do Wyvern Lord Niles via S rank Camilla
  3. Oh that's great! Instead of using Elise!Ophelia though I wanted to test the waters and go with a Life and Death Sorcerer Leo build...
  4. You are so right about me going to have to make calculations for every turn! However it won't be too bad though. I've found that Forrest inherits pretty respectable HP from Leo though. Also thanks for your support and kind words! I'll definitely be sure to keep you updated!
  5. Oh yeah, I know it's going to be hard managing supports. I tend to save most of my paralogues for chpater 18-19 however so hopefully that will save me.
  6. ALSO Serenesforest says Leo has fast supports with the Avatar so it shouldn't take long to get Forrest at all.
  7. Those two calculators you linked are actually the ones I've been using, but thanks anyway. Also this this build is supposed to work for enemy phase, hence quick riposte, fierce counter and vantage. I also think that while you're right about part of Ophelia's appeal being crits, it's definitely not what makes her as good as she is, what with all of her best mothers giving her terrible skill. I think most people agree that what makes Ophelia good is her high magic, high speed, easy access to damage stacking skills, and then her crit chance. Forrest has an even higher individual magic growth than Elise!Ophelia as long as he has Corrin as a mom. Furthermore if you can get him into the Dark Mage class before promotion he may actually have a chance of eclipsing her in magic. I'll have to check later. I can too see where you're coming from with the sealing expenses and what not, but this game honestly gives more friendship seals than needed, and it's not like you have anyone else to spend them on aside from Leo, Selena, and maybe Xander or Camilla? and better yet I could wait until after he gets elbow room to seal him into a dark mage so I won't really have to seal back. I also just might pass down quick ripostle myself from friendship with Selena... Also Siegbert and Forrest could always do attack stance shenanigans to get supports. What do you think?
  8. I just got done with Conquest Lunatic (which was a rollercoaster to say the least), during which I found out the wonders of Corrin!Ophelia, sol ninjas and skill stacking in general. Shoutout to zoran on youtube for that. Now I’m planning for a second play through of Conquest Lunatic and I wanted some opinions on a build I had in mind for Forrest which was inspired how amazing my Ophelia was. I realize Forrest probably won’t be able to compare to the holiness that is Ophelia but i’m honestly just doing this for fun. Firstly I planned for his mother to be +Magic -Strength Corrin. According to this fates calculator I use, his individual growth rates will be as such: 50hp/25str/57.5mag/27.5skl/42.5spd/35lck/27.5def/42.5res It seems he’ll struggle quite a bit with hitting the right side of a barn, but hopefully those luck growths from Troubadour and Strategist will help that. As for inheritance I wanted to have Leo pass down vantage from A+ with Odin, and I’m open to suggestions for Corrin. As for skills, so far I wanted Elbow Room from A+ with Siegbert, , Quick Riposte from S with Soleil, Malefic Aura, and maybe heartseeker with inheritance from Corrin for the last two. Along with his personal Fierce Counter I believe this setup will make him an absolute monster against male enemies during ep. I’d like some thoughts on what I could do to improve it though, or if you even believe this setup will work.
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