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  1. I did end up giving up on it. I was able to do it with all the items but the survivors was just a no go. With transfers they don't survive if they attack neph or brom at all. I didn't really care about the BEXP as much as it was just annoying me I couldn't do it lol.
  2. Hello, this is my second FE game after Path of Radiance. Radiant Dawn has obviously been a lot more difficult but with some trial and error I have been able to more or less succeed at getting max BEXP on most if not all levels while getting items/characters etc. 2-1 has been a nightmare for me. No combination of my actions seem to be working out. I feel like I have tried everything to clear this one but the only way I can do it is to sacrifice either items, volunteer survival, or failing the 15 turn clear limit. Any tips on how this can even be accomplished? I tried looking on youtube but the only ones I saw people were completing in like 20+ turns while killing survivors. The only LTC one I saw he got a crit on the opening turn and completely ignored all the items for obvious reasons. Honestly, I'll give up on the volunteers surviving if it just seems impossible as they get killed anytime they attack Neph or Brom. I really just want to collect the items and beat the turn count somehow. I have transfer bonuses for both Neph and Brom in the major stats like Str, Spd, Def, etc. if that helps. Edit: this is on normal mode only as well
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