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  1. No way! I just finished book one, I'm still in shock with Lene and Lambert. Yeah, i know, but i discovered about the decline of the series, the letter, and the overall things that screwed up the series along the years, so i want to only follow the mangas.
  2. Hey dudes, this might be an random topic, but i tough it was so cool that i couldn't resist making this thread. 😄 So, i was reading "I'm In Love With The Villainess" And the name of the world that the characters live in, is called: Revolution (I know that is the video game, but still.) And that reminded me of the world of Remnant from RWBY. So i figured... "Wow! They took random words that have a good sonority and put in, and they fitted pretty well!" So this is the question i want to do here: Which "Random" words, would fit into fantasy worlds? I want to see your takes in! Plus, talking about RWBY, i want to start reanding the mangas, what should i know beforehand? There's an specific order? Which is the right or wrong? Which is worth it, which is not?
  3. Hey guys! I came to bother you guys a little more with my book. So, my book is narrated in the first person, and in other scenes (where the character is not present) it is narrated in the third person. And in the fourth chapter, the characters end up in a haunted forest, and end up getting separated. And I was thinking about the following: "Since they are separated, instead of narrating only the protagonist in the first person, I could narrate the vision of each character in the first person! And after this forest arc was over, the visions of the others would go back to being shown in the third person." But then I thought of the following... and if the reader is like, "Hey! Suddenly we see what the other characters think. Why didn't he do that from the beginning instead of using the third person in previous chapters? " I wanted this to be that unique thing in the chapter, because of the forest. That's why I came to ask for opinions, how would you readers react? Should i do it? Or not?
  4. Hey guys, my brother is an artist, a hell of an artist and currently, we don't have money to buy a digitizing table so he has to make the drawings on paper and then transfer them to the PC with a printer. But I wanted the scanned images to come out with better and smoother quality, so I came to ask if any artists here know the best PC scanning program. (One thing I'd like, but it's not mandatory, is that I'd like it to have a smoothing-in-line option)
  5. Okay, hear me out. Recently I became interested in the Kunio-Kun franchise, and decided to test the game: Downtown Special. (The name is bigger but I don't remember) That for those who don't know, it is one of the most INNOVATIVE AND SPECTACULAR NES games! Okay, seriously now, it's a Beat em Up, where you play as Kunio, a Japanese warrior who wants to find a cure for the curse that was placed on his master while dealing with his girlfriend's kidnapping. The game supports two players simultaneously, but if you play in singleplayer, kunio will still be accompanied by the second player, only it will be controlled by artificial intelligence. In the game menu you can change the settings to change the behavior of the AI. In the game, you must cross all of feudal Japan, looking for the minions and subordinates of the biggest *Gangster* (I couldn't find a better word) in Japan, until you reach him and defeat him. But your targets, are mobile, and will be walking around the map randomly, so you should go all over Japan after them. The game has cities with shops that can sell healing and food items and shops with armor and equippable weapons that boost your stats, (the best ones are found in secret shops) but that's not all! the subordinates you defeat can become your allies! some will offer themselves right away, for others you should have specific items in your inventory. the game also has a level up system, you can even move in the menu to determine the Growth Rate of the level ups. So in short, it's a beat em up, with shops, equips, an open world, recruitable enemies and brand new moves. A beat em up Rpg! Is there any other game like this? I would love to play, and I would also recommend everyone to play at least a little bit of Downtown Special.
  6. You know what? Ninethlain is right! Trying to fuse two random names is dumb, i know i like the name Ace, But I don't think it will happen, so you know what? Forget "Ace", just suggest me good Pseudonyms. In fact I did it ambiguously on purpose for the following reasons: 1- Not to give any spoilers. 2- To arouse people's curiosity, and I did it!
  7. If you guys have more suggestions, feel free to comment.
  8. Of the following names, which do you think would fit best as an author name? Ace Highwind? Shadow Ace? Ace Leonhart? Ace Lionheart? Or none sounds good? These names just came into my head and i thought in asking opinions.
  9. You managed to do just what I wanted! This is the type of suggestions that i want, Thanks! I think the puns that go into the Ridiculous category depend, some will sound ridiculous and some won't, so it depends. Scientific names don't catch me much attention, i think it's because i'm pretty dumb in the scientific area 😅. Mythological names call me a lot of attention because I really like Greek tales and stories, so many that Hades is one of my favorite games! Whether it's long or short depends on the name, I like short names because my memory isn't very good, but a name that's too short would be hard to recognize so a longer one would be good, what helps me memorize the longer ones is the sound. of them, the better the sound, the easier I'll decorate. The Badass/Rad names could sound ridiculous, but i think it depends too. A mix of everything is also appreciated, because i can choose the ones i like. Actually, it's just because I think it sounds cool, I've always liked the name of Ace Attorney and When I saw Ace from 30XX, I was like: " Man, that's awesome. I would like to have that name. i think it fits me." Plus: Suggesting names that would match my book would benefit me the most, as it is my biggest reason to change my name. My book is fiction and fantasy, and that includes: Mystic Stones, Superpowers and Ancient Knights in Modern Times. Of course, I don't intend to hide my entire identity behind a pseudonym, when I release my book, I'll go by my real name too, and the pseudonym will serve as a nickname.
  10. Just something i forgot to mention: It doesn't need to sound cool like "Yeah man, this is cool and RAD!" What i mean with cool was that i don't want something ridiculous, i just want something with a good sonority and that can be remembered, kinda like OPM's creator has the pseudonym: "ONE".
  11. My username is actually just a fusion of two names. It originated from mixing the name of my OC with my brother's OC, ( and 007 for some reason) but now i want to make something original and cool, that can also be used as a Pseudonym for my book. I want surname suggestions for: "Ace". ( Not "Space Ace"! You guys can be more original than this)
  12. Awesome! It will be my first time seeing it.
  13. You guessed it! I used the word "Book" in the post, but in my opinion, this would be perfect for Light-Novels, imagine a My Hero Academia novel with mugshots, drawn by Horikoshi himself!
  14. This is just a fun discussion thread, only to see what you guys think. I was scrolling through a P3P Walktrough on Iparchive.org, and i was quite surprised with this: Decided to experiment this on something, just to see what would look like with some book things, like quotation marks and etc. I choose a Trails in the Sky dialogue as an test, here it is: It turned out to be very interesting, (At least for me) and it got me wondering... Would you read a book, where the characters would have Mugshots/Dialogue Portraits whenever they speak? ( and each portrait would show a different expression based on the situation) Would you read that? what would be your opinion? how would you react? i want to hear everything! But remember, I'm just asking this for fun and to see how the audience's reaction would be, I'm not saying "I'm going to do this in my book" or something, I just want to see you guys give your honest opinions, but I also want to hear how you would react if someone were to do this in a real book.
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