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  1. Fav Color: Red or Blue ( More Red ) Fav Game: I can't really choose one, but my top 12 are: EarthBound, 20XX, Sonic Adventure, FE Sacred Stones, Celeste, Mega Man 2, Sonic 3, Mother 3, Azure Striker Gunvolt, Persona 4, Castlevania Order of Ecclesia and Metroid Fusion. Fav anime: Jojo Golden Wind and Diamond is Unbreakble, Naruto Shippuden, My hero academia, Fullmetal Alchemist, I really like Yurii on Ice too, but it's no one of my favorites, also Boruto. Fav TV Show: Henry Danger ( After Season 3 lol ), Avatar the Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, Castlevania ( Seasons 1 and 2, still haven't watched the third one.) Regular Show, Gumball. Fav Youtuber: In USA: Jaiden Animations, Terminal Montage and Jello Apocalypse, In Brazil: Experiencia Flamino, Kane TV, Master Alucard and Colonia Contra Ataca. Fav Bands: Queen, Guns N' Roses, Kiss, ACDC, Daft Punk, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith. Fav Musicians: David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Ozzy Osbourne, Freddie Mercury, Rick Astley. I have a account in Castlevania Modding Boards using the same name, and i'm doing a mod for CV Portrait of Ruin with my friend StarWyvern, You guys can see the progress right here: Portrait of Bloodlines! It's Awesome! About me I'm a pro in Video Games and a Rookie in Fire Emblem, LET'S GOOOOO
  2. I understanded that some games have diferent ways of Support, like Path of Radiance and the WII one, Thanks Serenes Forest!👌 But i still don't understand the relationships in awakening... And the child and sibling thing just screwed up my brain... Is like, when the Support Duo reach level S they MARRY? is that optional? ( I know that this does not apply to all characters ) And they can have a CHILD? And some of them become Siblings?...i don't understand...
  3. Hey Guys! The FE Rookie is back with more questions! Now i wanna ask about the Support Conversations and Love Relationships, I'm still playing Sacred Stones but i'm already at Support Level B with Eirika and Seth, i know the support conversations return in other games, i just want to know if the metod of making they talk is diferent in other games like Binding Blade or Shadow Dragon DS, and what games do NOT have Support Conversations, like, the gamecube one has? the WII one? or ALL ( no exception ) have them? I know that in Awakening the Support C. are elevated to the next level 💘 how it works? is similar to the Support Converstions? and is diferent in other games after awakening? Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia was released after Awakening, and is a Remake of Gaiden, the original Gaiden do has the Relationships, this one does? questions like that.
  4. So i can't defeat the final boss with a level 20 Eirika?
  5. Just personal taste i guess, I don't like of units that uses horses, with the exception of cavaliers or paladins, I wouldn't like Neimi or Natasha on a Horse for example, but Seth or Franz i can't imagine them without horses!
  6. Let's say I want to keep Eirika and Ephraim the way they are, without promoting or anything, can I get to the end of the game well or will they be underleveled?
  7. Man... Eirika and Epraim's promotions are mandatory too?
  8. Okay, I arrived in chapter 9 and my Ross will receive a promotion, but I don't want him to receive a promotion, Ross is strong but thin as the mugshot shows, but the sprite is that muscular monster that doesn't make sense? am I going to have to settle for this?
  9. Thanks for all the info guys, but it won't will be necessary more replies, I already understood what to do, who wants to know just see my previous post on this thread.
  10. So i can play the normal USA version with no problem? And is the DLC necessary?
  11. And then guys, another question from a Fire Emblem novice, I saw that the Fire Emblem of 3DS suffer from heavy censorship in the American version, and I want to know if there is a translated version of the Japanese version, or if it is worth playing the censored version?
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